SmartTab is a San Francisco-based company and a provider of premium venue management and POS software to high volume bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Back in 2014, the journey started with an investigation on how to build a POS printer driver. From there, the team scaled up to 30+ people. Even today, the man responsible for the very first run is still part of the crew.

We’re proud to be a core development team and to support our client with a reliable product and fresh ideas.


SmartTab is an extremely complex software solution that performs heavy processes from multiple different hardware and software touch points in close to real-time (within milliseconds) as it gets. Our clients demand high performance and we stand firmly as the most robust and reliable software product in our space. The skilled and competent engineers provided by MobiDev have consistently delivered on my expectations.

I cannot recommend MobiDev enough. I went from 5 engineers to over 20 of them. We have a reputation of having the best tech when compared to companies like Square, Micros (owned by Oracle), and Aloha (owned by NCR). These are all multi-billion dollar companies. And thanks to my team at MobiDev, I’m standing on stable ground in making these very bold claims.

Daniel Baron

CEO & Founder of SmartTab

Denise Shiffman established GroupWell with the purpose to help people find a path to recover from their behavioral health condition through evidence-based treatment, connection, support, and validation. GroupWell provides group therapy – treatment for both mental and social health and a modality of behavioral healthcare proven as effective as individual therapy.


This started out as a small, demo project that blossomed into a full-scale application due to the dedication, commitment, and teamwork from MobiDev. The team is smart, capable, and very strong communicators. They find a way around every technical challenge we face. I don’t think of them as outsourced, but instead as my team.

Denise Shiffman

Founder and CEO at GroupWell

BarTrack is a hospitality technology company that aims to revolutionize the hospitality industry, specifically focusing on draft beverage programs – the result being an innovative IoT solution for automating inventory management, increasing keg yields, and helping owners make more informed data-driven business decisions. Over the years, Brett Danielson and his team have raised several rounds of investments and extended the product to provide venues with a fully integrated platform for managing their draft beverage programs – that is where the starting point for cooperation with MobiDev began.

CASE STUDY logo is an IT initiative supported by the government of Switzerland. It is designed to popularize and digitalize local tourism and make it easily accessible. developed and is responsible for the platform concept and its strategy, which MobiDev implements in a highly professional manner.


Thanks to the cooperation with MobiDev, we were able to meet our high demands for a backend service quality platform for Swiss tourism. MobiDev convinced us with their excellent software development skills, their solution-oriented and imaginative contributions, and very reliable and high-quality services.

Jon Erni

CEO of

Landscape Management Network Inc. (LMN), is the leading business management software provider in the landscape industry. Their goal is to provide simple, but powerful SaaS solutions that help landscape contractors manage and build profitable businesses.

Since 2019, MobiDev has actively assisted LMN in creating several products combined into a full-fledged system for landscape professionals.


CERS (Creative Europe Reporting Software) is a product company managing services for cultural organizations. They hired us to develop a SaaS solution that allows cultural corporation projects to account for their financial expenses and report them to the EU.

Meeting strict deadlines was the ultimate goal, so we used Ruby/Ruby on Rails for this Fintech product to write the entire logic more quickly and make the code more stable.


Highly professional collaboration for the development of a very specific software solution. The reactions received by our users show that MobiDev did an excellent job here.

Roger Christmann and Thomas Kulke

Founder & CEO; Founder

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA of America) connects thousands of golf experts since its foundation in 1916. PGA is responsible for setting up the standards, growing new professional golf players, and popularizing golf in our modern society.

MobiDev was engaged in creating multiple interconnected products that turn into the ecosystem of training processes optimization.

Comcash Inc. is a US-based B2B product company with 20 years of experience in the retail sphere. They have been partnering with us for development and ongoing deployment of an innovative and reliable ERP software suite for retail and restaurant businesses.

Back in 2013, MobiDev was invited by Richard Stack, the CEO, to build a full retail ERP system from scratch. Since then, we’re proud to be part of the core development team and continue to be part of the product’s constant evolution.

Our focus is on handling all the routine development tasks so our client can concentrate on strategic decisions and business growth. Our diligent teams keep Comcash running 24/7.


Verizon Media is a global telecommunications, digital media and technology company that includes such brands as Yahoo, TechCrunch and AOL.

MobiDev joined them to bring Augmented reality expertise to products, using ARCore, MLKit and Android SDK tools. The challenge was to take into account all possible scenarios, as we were a part of a bigger product build. The solution had to be not only tech savvy, but also easy to integrate with an existing ecosystem.

WineJump logo

Back in 2019, serial entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts Marco and Thomas launched a new joint business to operate in the international winery market. WineJump connects customers directly with local wineries, simplifies the purchase process, and excludes the risk of middlemen’s surcharges.

MobiDev was responsible for providing a few software products both for online and offline shopping. In particular, in addition to the international marketplace we have created Sales Point Scan&Shop that turns wine sellers’ tablets into the catalog with checkout for their shops. Winery visitors can make the order right in the winery shop, and receive it upon coming back home.

We needed in 2019 to transform a brilliant idea to an early viable product we could bring to market. As a young startup, we did not have the resources to set up an in-house backend and frontend team. MobiDev was a great match for us – and still is. As we mature our startup we keep working with MobiDev, enjoying the flexibility of being able to deploy sprint development as needed. The tech has proved lean, resilient, and scalable. A big thanks to all MobiDev’ers in our team!

Marco Angermeier and Thomas Winther

WineJump сo-founders

Secure Group is an international company focused on digital security. They provide military-grade secure communication through their proprietary software and complex hardware.

Back in 2011, the client invited MobiDev to help with their Blackberry application development. The next big thing for both of our teams was to create a fully secured customized OS. We’re still working together and are proud of all the growth and success we’ve seen to date.


Just Energy has spent over 20 years supplying natural gas and electricity across North America and Europe. The company serves over 1.6 million private and commercial customers with energy solutions.

MobiDev was involved in the development of several software products since 2016. All of the products we worked on aimed to bring comfort and efficiency to end-users and optimize company-client relations.

SMS group is a global, leading partner for the metals industry. The company provides plant construction and mechanical engineering services. It offers plants and machinery solutions for metallurgy, casting, rolling and pipe making services.

We first met with the client at a tech show in Munich. The key competence that industry giant executives were looking for was the ability to explore and bring new technologies into the “startup spirit”.

Quality Bridge Inc. is a company that has provided quality improvement consulting in staffing, recruiting, and technology areas since 1995. Targeting enterprises and working with major pharmaceutical players, Quality Bridge launched its own software solution as a part of their digital transformation.

And MobiDev was the one to deliver the product. We took ownership over the technical part. We were to provide solid investigations and options to choose the best way to go.

It took less than six months to go live with the first product version. And now it’s constantly evolving, getting new features and slight changes.


The idea required an expert team that would help me make it tangible, form a technical solution for a mobile application and outlines a scope of work to match our budget considerations. MobiDev excelled at that with impressive precision and attention to detail. Now my app is a convincing starting point created with due quality and speed, and I’m eager to finally launch it this month.

Joseph Schenk

CEO at Quality Bridge

CUJO AI is the global leader in using Artificial Intelligence in the security and privacy of connected devices. We were contacted to design mobile applications for users to manage CUJO devices with both simplicity and the user experience in mind.


I want to thank you all for creating this wonderful app, and I wish to stay focused on making it even better! A really big thank you!


From the Product Owner

Sublink is an independent offshoot of a vehicle repair business that has been in the US market for 19 years. The company came up with an idea to create a subscription-based marketplace that would unite service providers.


The product took approximately one year to build — from business analysis to implementation. It went live just in time for the Mobile Tech Expo in January 2018 where it was successfully showcased by the clients. To quote them, Sublink received an “undeniably positive response from both attendees and other exhibitors.

Natalia Shlapak, Project Manager, MobiDev

Natalia is by far the best project manager we have ever worked with. Her communication and quality of work reduced stress levels by 90% on our end. She owned our project like it was her brainchild and protected its integrity like she was a stakeholder. Awesome job! Can’t wait for the next opportunity that brings us together.

Kenneth, Product Owner

Provade, a Smart ERP Solutions Inc. is a unique organization in the Enterprise Business Applications space providing innovative, cost-effective and configurable solutions and services for common business problems since 2004. The headquarters is in the US, Wisconsin.

We were joined to deliver iOS and Android applications so the client could provide it as a part of his SaaS offering to enterprise clients.

RedRoute is a voice technology company that creates voice interaction products for call center automation.

That’s what RedRoute is now. And Back then, we joined the team to work on another idea of theirs – a solution for ordering a taxi in college towns. This was the project, where plenty of GPS navigation and map customization were involved.

MobiDev took our development needs, they brainstormed with us. They come up with the concepts that helped our business features that are today instrumental to how we run our business. they always met every single deadline and whatever we have staffing needs, they were always there with people on their team ready to provide.

Samuel Krut & Brian Schiff
Founders of RedRoute, Inc.


Revolve is a South Florida-based luxury vehicle subscription service that provides car lovers with access to the most sought-after, new vehicles on the market today.

We needed to create a NativeScript-based mobile application with a website and admin panel to manage the business.


I met their founder at a startup conference in Florida. The MobiDev team members had a booth and were talking about some of their capabilities, so I started to chat with some of them.

MobiDev is flexible and able to scale up and down dynamically. At times, we’ve had heavy development pushes where we needed to get a lot done quickly, and they always adapted to those needs. We’ve also had times where we would go into maintenance mode. They’re always responsive to our questions, even when about something the team isn’t actively working on at the time.
Project management is one of the areas MobiDev excels in. Their communication is excellent. In general, they over-deliver on timelines and costs. MobiDev consistently exceeds our expectations.

[Client’s review for]

Asoka Veeravagu

CEO, Revolve

CiberSQL is a US based consulting company established in 2005 in Pittsburgh. The company is focused on helping enterprises to transform in the current era of technology.

MobiDev has been working with CiberSQL since 2010 on multiple products, mostly in the area of JavaScript development and cross-platform solutions. It is not our processes or complex approach that clients value the most. We always dig into an issue and come up with the solution no matter what. That’s why we’ve been partners for over a decade and into the future.

GrowthHackers is an online community & tools for marketers and growth professionals who use modern methods and analytics for business development. The client was in need to boost product development and modernize the existing ecosystem.

GrowthHackers comprised two major software products that we worked on:
• GrowthHackers Community communication platform with plenty of fellow contributors like guests from NASA and Twitter.
• GrowthHackers Projects – software to help teams achieve their growth objectives and “to support fast-paced growth teams in a rapidly changing environment.”


Looking for an awesome offshore development team? Check out I have been working with them for years.

Sean Ellis


OkadaBooks is an online publishing platform designed for writers and readers.

Africa’s leading digital content provider of over 27,000 original books, and 300,000+ registered readers. MobiDev was a part of its journey from almost the beginning. It’s always inspiring when working on award-winning products and helping to change the world.


Since we started working with MobiDev we actually reached the full capacity of what’s whole okadabooks idea could be. The design aspect was great, the project management and communications was efficient. They worked with us even thought we were working with them between three different time zones.

Okechukwu Ofili

CEO Okadabooks

Metrotables is a dynamic pricing service that saves time and money, and helps restaurants increase their bottom line through supply and demand pricing.

Susana Huber

CEO and Co-founder

It has been a great experience working with MobiDev, they are a talented, creative and professional team. Communication was excellent and they always found great solutions to every challenge we faced throughout our project. It felt like having our own “in-house” IT department, only better given the size of their team and their strong technical skills. We will engage them again soon for the second stage of our project. You can’t go wrong choosing them as your development partner.


Started in 2000, is a popular eBook retailer with a reputation for innovation, integrity and independence.

Back to 2013, MobiDev was chosen to deliver mobile (iOS and Android) apps as a core part of the ecosystem. We’re proud that iOS app eBook reader is keeping AppStore top charts for years. It’s been over 7 years, we have been working together and looking forward to doing our best for the client’s future success.

StayGo is a group of cutting-edge professors and relationship scientists that created an entertaining approach for evaluating relationships.

Back in 2015, Alan Winters entrusted MobiDev to design StayGo, his new startup idea. This was the beginning of a long and successful cooperation. From the very start, our role was not just to do the development. We were also suggesting options and ideas on the technology side.  Things like, how to start and how to evolve the product. And Alan was dedicated to driving the business.


MobiDev is a software development company that consistently exceeds your expectations. MobiDev always treats your product like it’s their product. Plus, when we agree to do something, the work is always done on time and on budget.

Alan Winters

Partner and Owner

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