Machine Learning Forecasting for Enhancing Business Intelligence

Machine Learning Forecasting for Enhancing Business Intelligence

September 21, 2022

Anastasiia Vynychenko AI MobiDev

Anastasiia Molodoria, AI/ML Team Leader at MobiDev

Business forecasting is imperative for making balanced financial and operational decisions. Its impact across industries has grown in recent years due to the way companies build data-driven strategies and rely on data. But let’s find out what is needed for efficient forecasting and why machine learning models have all the prerequisites for enhancing business inte...More >

augmented reality app development guide

How to Create an Augmented Reality App: Technology Guide 2022

September 20, 2022

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development at MobiDev

Augmented reality’s use and development have trended up over the past several years. This follows investments in mobile hardware capability, interest in immersive virtual experiences with the metaverse, and rising industry competition. Due to these variables, the augmented reality market is set to reach a value of $502 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 62.7%,...More >

Using Edge Biometrics for Better AI Security System Development

Using Edge Biometrics For Better AI Security System Development

August 18, 2022

Dmitriy Kisil, AI engineer at MobiDev

Dmitriy Kisil, AI Engineer at MobiDev

Workspace security can be a fiddly money drain, especially for corporations that deal with sensitive information, or run multiple offices with thousands of employees. Electronic keys are one of the standard options for how security systems can be automated, but in reality there are tons of downsides like lost, forgotten, or faked keys.  Biometrics have shown soli...More >

top machine learning algorithms

5 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms For Business Applications

August 18, 2022

Anastasiia Vynychenko AI MobiDev

Anastasiia Molodoria, AI/ML Team Leader at MobiDev

Businesses, from market giants like Amazon and Netflix to a small retail store somewhere in the heart of Ohio, strive to grow and improve their efficiency. Incorporating AI and Machine Learning into operational activity is one of the ways to achieve this. But due to the diversity of ML, it’s hard to choose the right method and clearly understand what benefits it ...More >

Dopomoga Poruch banner

MobiDev Launches a New Platform for Ukrainian Volunteers

August 09, 2022

Ekaterina Zagorovskaya - Senior UI/UX Designer at MobiDev

Kate Zagorovskaya, Design Team Leader at MobiDev

Since the very first days of the war, our MobiDev team has been actively supporting the army and volunteering. And the volunteering experience brought our Design team leader, Kate Zagorovskaya to the idea of the platform Dopomoga Poruch (Help is Nearby). Together with her colleagues, she has turned her idea into reality. Let’s look back to the process of the plat...More >

Augmented reality trends

12 Augmented Reality Trends of 2023: New Milestones in Immersive Technology

August 02, 2022

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development at MobiDev

Innovative technologies transform science fiction into reality, and AR is undoubtedly one of them. Holograms, like in the Star Wars and the Marvel movies, now surround us in the real world, bringing a new immersive experience, and it’s more than just entertainment. Today, augmented reality is an effective business tool. Across a number of different industri...More >

How AI Helps in Whole Slide Images Analysis for Cancer Detection

How AI Helps in Whole Slide Image Analysis for Cancer Detection

July 19, 2022

Anton Kantsemal

Anton Kantsemal, AI Engineer at MobiDev

For many years one of the main means of cancer diagnosis was biopsy. A doctor would take a sample of the tissue in question, and a pathologist, among other tests, would make a thorough examination of it under the microscope. They would look for the affected cells, or for some other signs of developing disease. That being said, this process is and was quite tediou...More >

Healthcare Technology Trends and Digital Innovations in 2022

Healthcare Technology Trends and Digital Innovations in 2022

July 08, 2022

Oleksii Tsymbal

Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Innovation Officer at MobiDev

Over the last decade, technologies have been driving healthcare industry through various innovations in how we find, prevent, and cure diseases. This shouldn’t have happened without the massive growth of AI-driven technologies and digitization of healthcare workflows, as a response to more savage global conditions, as well as the rising demand on accessible...More >

AR in Retail, Marketing, and Sales

Augmented Reality in Marketing and Sales: Practical Yet Innovative

July 06, 2022

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development at MobiDev

Image credit: Unsplash Augmented reality’s tremendous potential spans a variety of industries. The applications available through AR can improve customer satisfaction and drive sales. AR can lead conversions, help shoppers in stores and help customers shop online. When customers are connected to products they buy in an authentic, tactile, and visual way, they can...More >

Unsupervised defect detection

Defect Detection in Manufacturing With Unsupervised Learning

July 01, 2022

Viktoriia Akhremenko

Viktoriia Akhremenko, AI Engineer at MobiDev

As the American Society of Quality reports, many organizations have quality-related costs of up to 40% of their total production revenue. A large part of this cost comes from inefficiency of manual inspection, which is the most common way to provide quality control in manufacturing.  The application of artificial intelligence for quality control automation presen...More >

Top Fintech Trends for Product Owners to Trace

Top Fintech Trends of 2022: The Power of Technology to Transform Finance

June 28, 2022

Maksim Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev

As one of the most disruptive industries, fintech has significantly changed the way we interact with financial companies over the past decade and hasn’t stopped there. Each year brings us new innovations designed to meet growing customer expectations. That’s why it’s important for business owners and executives to understand where we are now and where...More >

Scale Software Product Development at Fast Growing Tech Startups

How to Scale Software Product Development at Fast Growing Tech Startups

June 23, 2022

Anton Logvinenko

Anton Logvinenko, Web Team Leader at MobiDev

The correct choice of infrastructure for a tech-based startup may help to cope with unpredictable user base growth, volatile demand, and server load. In other words, it’s crucial for scaling. And you should take a hard look at such infrastructure options as Firebase, Lambda on PHP, Kubernetes, and Docker Swarm to understand how to scale a software product correct...More >

Dementia diagnostics AI

Applying AI for Early Dementia Diagnosis and Prediction

June 15, 2022

Dmitriy Kalashnikov, AI Engineer at MobiDev

MobiDev would like to acknowledge and give its warmest thanks to the DementiaBank which made this work possible by providing the data set. Mental illnesses and diseases that cause mental symptoms are somewhat difficult to diagnose due to the uneven nature of such symptoms. One such condition is dementia. While it’s impossible to cure dementia caused by degenerati...More >

metaverse technology for business

Metaverse App Development Guide for Business Leaders

June 13, 2022

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Team Leader, PhD at MobiDev

What once began as a revolution of communication in the form of text, images, and two-dimensional formatting is now evolving into new dimensions. The metaverse has been with us in one form or another for some time, but the progression of critical technologies has vastly pushed the envelope of how we define and use the web. As a business owner looking to remain co...More >

How To Leverage New Web Development Technologies in 2021

TOP 10 Web Development Trends: How to Stay Ahead in 2022

May 22, 2022

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yuriy Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

Due to the pandemic, 1000s of businesses went online to avoid closure and remain competitive on the market. This transition strengthened the contest between companies and tech solutions that include programming languages and frameworks. So, running a web project has become more difficult. CTOs and Product Owners can feel FOMO (fear of missing out), considering th...More >

Explainability in AI

Using Explainable AI in Decision-Making Applications

May 10, 2022

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Team Leader, PhD at MobiDev

There is no instruction to a decision making process. However, important decisions are usually made by analyzing tons of data to find the optimal way to solve a problem. That’s where we truly rely on logic and deduction. That’s why surgeons dig into anamnesis, or businesses gather key persons to see a bigger picture before making a turn.  Relying on AI decision m...More >

machine learning and digital marketing

How Machine Learning Improves Marketing Strategies

May 05, 2022

Julia Ramyalg, Senior Marketing and Technology Analyst at MobiDev

Julia Ramyalg, Marketing Team Lead at MobiDev

Did you know that an average marketer spends about 16 hours a week on repetitive tasks, according to a HubSpot survey? The most time-consuming activities are content creation and collection, organizing, and analyzing marketing data from different sources. In this article, we’ll talk about how to delegate some marketing tasks to machines that can learn.  ...More >

AI Biometrics Authentication for Enterprise Security

AI Biometric Authentication for Enterprise Security

April 24, 2022

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Team Leader, PhD at MobiDev

Biometric authentication technology has been an important industry trend for years, especially in 2021 due to the latest AI innovations available on the market. According to IBM, 20% of breaches are caused by compromised credentials. Worse, it can take an average of 287 days to identify and respond to a data breach. AI based security is increasing in usage and wi...More >

no code platform development

Technologies Behind No-code & Low-code Solutions and How to Build Your Own

April 21, 2022

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yuriy Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

No/Low-code platforms have become a trendy topic recently. But there is almost no information on what it takes to create your own solution of this kind. Therefore, we will focus on the development approaches, architecture of low and no-code platforms, and decomposition. Let’s find out how no-code platforms are built. For starters, we will define low/no-code devel...More >

How to perform 3D human pose estimation in AI fitness coach apps

Human Pose Estimation Technology Capabilities and Use Cases in 2022

April 21, 2022

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Engineer

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Engineer at MobiDev

Human Pose Estimation is a computer vision-based technology that identifies and classifies specific points on the human body. These points represent our limbs and joints to calculate the angle of flexion, and estimate, well, human pose.  While it sounds awkward, knowing the right angle of a joint in a specific exercise is the basis of work for physiotherapists, f...More >