Developing A Solution For Mobile Device Management

Building a Custom Android Mobile Device Management System: Product Owner’s Guide

May 27, 2024

Georgii Myrgorod, PHP Team Leader at MobiDev

Smartphones, tablets, and other corporate devices, can create breaches in your network and compromise data security if not managed properly. This is a problem with variability of devices, operating systems, OS versions, and applications sources allowed for your staff that needs a single point of control.  Android Mobile Management or MDM software is a practical c...More >

How to Build a Facial Recognition System for Your App

Guide to Face Detection and Recognition Software Development

May 27, 2024

Stanislav Kutnyk, AI Engineer at MobiDev

Automated face recognition quickly moved from the category of interesting novelties to a must-have feature in various business applications. If you are looking for a way to integrate this technology into your app, this article will explain the sequence of steps needed to do so.  Relying on MobiDev’s practical experience in AI app development, which the company ha...More >

How to develop a custom AI-driven system for paperwork automation

Intelligent Document Processing: How to Use AI for Data Management

May 25, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

Document processing remains a burdensome task even in highly digitized environments because text-related data always comes in various formats that are difficult to organize. Utilizing AI can mitigate some of these challenges and facilitate the establishment of a data management process. In my role leading the AI department at MobiDev, I have come across many case...More >

How to Build One App for Both Android and iOS Platforms

How to Build One App for Both Android and iOS Platforms

May 22, 2024

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

When business and product owners start to think about building apps for both Android and iOS, their priorities usually include the following: achieving faster time to market, reducing development costs, having a smaller team to create an app for both Android and iOS, the possibility of developing a reusable codebase for scalability and additional versatility. And...More >

Human resources technology trends

5 HR Technology Trends in 2024: Innovative Solutions and Product Ideas

May 12, 2024

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Team Leader at MobiDev

Human resources trends are equally substantive to you whether you require digitalization of your HR department or are considering your next startup related to human resource software products. Having created software solutions since 2009, MobiDev experts are always up to date with the latest developments in the industries in which we operate, including the human ...More >

.Net MAUI Mobile App Development: How to BuildCross-Platform Apps or Migrate from Xamarin

.NET MAUI Mobile App Development: How to Build Cross-Platform Apps or Migrate from Xamarin

May 10, 2024

Roman Prokofiev, .NET Developer at MobiDev

As a senior .NET engineer with 12+ years of experience in the software development area, I’m really excited about the opportunities the .NET framework provides to businesses. Having already created powerful tools for building web and desktop applications, in 2022, Microsoft took a new step to improve its cross-platform capabilities with .NET MAUI.  If your compan...More >

Ruby On Rails App Update: The Product Owner’s Complete Guide

Ruby On Rails App Update: The Product Owner’s Complete Guide [2024]

May 08, 2024

Serhii Koba, Ruby Group Leader at MobiDev

If you have an outdated Ruby on Rails (ROR) application, that doesn’t mean you need to rebuild it from scratch if you want to update it. Older versions of the framework can certainly cause various issues related to performance, user experience, maintainability, insufficient infrastructure costs, and security as the main concern. However, in our long experience up...More >

machine learning text recognition

Optical Character Recognition Technology for Business Owners

April 30, 2024

Anastasiia Molodoria, AI Team Leader at MobiDev

With the growing interest in OCR and Machine Learning, more and more business owners are looking for ways to apply this killing combination to optimize their business processes, and if you are one of them, this article is for you. Having created software solutions since 2009, MobiDev has extensive experience in OCR and ML projects solving a broad range of various...More >

Overview of cutting edge approaches to sports product development

TOP 7 Sports Technology Trends and Innovations to Adopt in Sports Apps in 2024

April 26, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

Sports tech industry is a home for innovative and cutting edge approaches to increase athlete performance, prevent injuries, engage audiences, and improve overall experience from professional sports events. MobiDev is taking its part in developing innovative technology for the sports industry, as we’ve been working with professional sports organizations since 201...More >

Make your fitness product stand out in the saturated market with the help of the latest technologies

TOP 5 Technology Trends Pushing Fitness & Wellness Apps Forward in 2024

April 26, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

Fitness technology, unlike professional sports, is all about taking care of yourself and being healthy. Automations brought by technology in fitness continue to drive forward personalized training programs, virtual coaching, VR experience and various analytical capabilities. As MobiDev got its first fitness project back in 2015, we’ve been enriching our expertise...More >

ABAC: Flexible Approach To Access Control In Enterprise Software

How to Choose the Right Access Control Security Model: ACL vs RBAC vs ABAC

April 25, 2024

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

Having extensive expertise in software development on long-term projects, we, at MobiDev, know that creating a security strategy for your software product is  crucial. You cannot ignore access control as an important part of the secure user authorization process. Neglecting this aspect and opting for an access control model that fails to align with your needs can...More >

Augmented Reality Applications Testing

Augmented Reality Applications Testing 101: A Practical Guide

April 24, 2024

Alexander Treschev, QA Team Leader at MobiDev

Alexander Treschev, QA Team Leader at MobiDev

When product owners work on an AR application creation, they should be aware that quality assurance plays a crucial role in the product’s success. Poor AR software quality leads to poor user experience, and this, in turn, to unavoidable cost losses.  Having extensive experience in augmented reality applications testing on long-term projects, I’ll explain wh...More >

React Native App Development Guide

React Native App Development Guide: Challenges and Best Practices

April 16, 2024

Volodymyr Vysotskyi, Flutter/JS Developer at MobiDev

Since 2009, MobiDev has built a large number of cross-platform products as a part of the company mission to meet client’s needs through our consulting and engineering services. With over seven years of personal experience in cross-platform application development and proficiency in major frameworks, I firmly believe that the key to creating a successful pro...More >

Fitness Application Development Guide: Best Practices and Case Studies

Fitness Application Development Guide: Best Practices and Case Studies

April 15, 2024

Roman Markov - Android Ios Expert at MobiDev

Roman Markov, Native/Flutter Team Leader at MobiDev

The first fitness application built by MobiDev dates back to 2015. Since then, we have been involved in developing dozens of fitness-focused apps, maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients averaging five years in length. Based on this experience, we’ve put together a guide for business leaders interested in building fitness software products. If y...More >

POS software development guide

POS Software Development Guide: From Idea to Implementation

April 09, 2024

Mykhailo Bukhalo

Mykhailo Bukhalo, Delivery Manager at MobiDev

When building a POS system as a product to meet your customer’s unique business requirements, you may need technical guidance from an experienced domain expert to succeed. Having worked for more than ten years at MobiDev, I have been involved in the development of effective POS products that started small and are now thriving in the market. Based on the exp...More >

Flutter App Development Guide

Flutter App Development Guide: Challenges, Best Practices, and Case Studies

March 26, 2024

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

Over the 12+ years of my software development career, I’ve worked with various cross-platform frameworks and have come to understand that each technology has specifics that you need to be familiar with to launch a product successfully.  As soon as Flutter was introduced in 2017, we at MobiDev immediately started working with it, addressing the needs of our ...More >

Comparison of Cross Platform Frameworks

Comparison of the Best Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

March 25, 2024

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

During the research phase of selecting a tech solution for a cross-platform project, decision-makers may encounter additional confusion, given the numerous frameworks on the market. In 12+ years in the software development industry, I have worked with all major cross-platform frameworks, and one of my main tasks at MobiDev is to help our clients align their busin...More >

How to Use AI in the Sports, Fitness & Wellness Apps

7 Practical Ways to Integrate AI into the Sports, Fitness & Wellness Apps

March 11, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

As Michael Jordan once said: talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. As you can see from the photo below, the MobiDev team is not a stranger to sports, and sometimes we win at competitions. But more often, it’s a different kind of sports competition we beat through the use of AI (artificial intelligence).   ...More >

Machine Learning Trends to Impact Business in 2021-2022

TOP 12 Machine Learning Technology Trends To Impact Business in 2024

February 23, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

As an AI Group leader at MobiDev with over 13 years of experience in software development, I’m still fascinated by the technological advancements in this field. However, with the ability to apply innovations in practice to solve specific business needs, our team can easily distinguish between truly beneficial innovations and those that still need to be deve...More >

Bringing Your POS Software to the Next Level with AI

Bringing Your POS Software to the Next Level with AI

February 22, 2024

Anastasiia Molodoria, AI Team Leader at MobiDev

In 2014, MobiDev became involved in a small modernization project of a Point of Sale system for our US-based client, SmartTab. What started as a simple transfer of code base to a newer platform, grew into a leading POS system with top-notch functionality, ML-based demand forecasting and a recommendation engine. The result of a more than 10-year partnership with a...More >

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