Rustam Irzaev
.NET Team Leader

In both my work routine and daily life, I adhere to a fundamental principle: every task and idea can have multiple solutions. This strategy fosters vital creativity, aiding me in mastering the desired skills.

I got into programming at the age of 13 and it hooked me. Now, after more than 20 years, I continue to discover something new 🙂

I work on all these things related to building complex architectures and distributed systems, in particular those built on .NET and Azure. Along with that, I’m well-versed in Unity and React. And last but not least, I use JavaScript and Python, which I consider crucial for transforming any business idea into a fully-fledged application.

I’m totally into 3D printing. In fact, I own a 3D print farm, and this is not just a passing interest, I take it very seriously. I work with Blender (3D), Autodesk Fusion 360 (CAD), and dabble a bit in KiCad (EDA). I also have experience with CNC as well as microcontroller programming.

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