Oleg Lola

Founder & CEO

Natalia Ostroverkha

Chief Operating Officer

MobiDev helps visionaries create new software products with ease and joy. So they can focus on what really matters: their business and clients.

Nikolay Semikin

Chief Technology Officer

Olena Ganchyna

Head of Business

Alexandra Ilinska

Head of Sales and Account Management

Visionaries burn with the desire to change the world around them. They see the industry’s future and create new value. Those product ideas and concepts are shaping the future.

Oleksii Tsymbal

Chief Innovation Officer

Nick Shamrai

Head of Delivery

Marcel Madjanta

Deputy Head of Research & Development

To create a game-changing product, there’s a need for a strong team. People, who will be on the same page to help ideas grow. We believe that it’s vitally important to support the visionaries’ fire.

Andrew Makarov

Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader

Anna Karnaukh

Delivery Manager

Serhii Ivanov

Head of Resource Management / QA Group Leader

The team should give a feeling of lightness when everything is simple and clear. Nothing should block the progress – this is the renewable source of energy and project vitality.

Kate Zahorovska

UI/UX Design Group Leader

Yurii Luchaninov

JavaScript Group Leader

Yevhen Kuzminov

Ruby Team Leader/Solution Architect

It is our mission to take care of 1000s of secondary, yet still important details. We believe that Visionaries should not be grounded by a necessity to dive into technology and the routine of management.

Anton Lohvynenko

Solution Architect

Rustam Irzaev

.NET Team Leader

Serhii Koba

Ruby Group Leader

MobiDev dives into the client’s business case and emerges with viable options. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it” is always one of the options. Investing 30% of MobiDev’s R&D efforts into researching new technologies makes us a competent partner.

Alex Vasilchenko

AI Group Leader

Liubov Zatolokina

AI Team Leader

Helen Khailova-Horash

Senior Solutions Manager

Xenia Potiakova

Head of Business Development

Kerry Anisimova

Senior European Business Development Manager

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