Alexandra Ilinska

Alexandra Ilinska

Development & Delivery Advisor
I adore change, considering it the essential pathway to professional growth. Whether it is within MobiDev, our business department, or sales management team, it is stunning to see how changes boost personal development and expertise evolvement.

I'm truly captivated by individuals who wield the power of creation. To me, genuine creators not only conceive remarkable ideas but also breathe life into them. In fact, this description can be applied to most, if not all, of our clients.

In the past 1.5 years, Germany has emerged as a geographic nucleus of my professional interest. Unexpectedly, I've fallen under the enchantment of Berlin's psychedelic aura, its crazy pace, and the variety of options with regard to where to go and what to experience there. This year has brought the resolution of queries surrounding Germany's stance on Ukraine, providing newfound clarity.

Beyond the realm of work, I find solace in the art of collecting puzzles, an activity that resembles a meditative practice. This process shares parallels with presale management, where the ability to envision the final product is indispensable, even as the path to realization remains steady and meticulous.

Currently, I consider myself as a Development & Delivery Advisor where ‘advisor’ is backed by years of experience which provided me with the desired level of professionalism. When it comes to software development, my guiding principle is simple: you tell me "what", I tell you "how".

So let’s meet in person in Berlin, or set up a call to discuss “how” MobiDev can turn your idea into a reliable product. Just drop me a line at or DM on LinkedIn.