FinTech, AXIS and OurCrowd 2020 in Israel

February 19, 2020

MobiDev visited 3 events in Israel this February. And here’s what we noticed:

FinTech comprised innovations in the financial area. The main attention was paid to data security and reliability. Enterprises were mostly interested in machine learning capabilities for banking.

AXIS was full of visionaries impressing visitors with “wow-effect” ideas. The most applied technologies were augmented and virtual reality, data science, and machine learning.

OurCrowd was visited by a large number of healthcare and automotive business representatives. They were mostly interested in building complex software systems integrated with the latest hardware technologies.

In general, we got a positive impression from all 3 events. It was the second time we sponsored OurCrowd, and we were happy to see the increasing number of experts from different fields every year.

The Best Upwork Agency Award

February 18, 2020

MobiDev won the third award as Upwork’s Best Agency in Ukraine within the Web, Mobile & Software Development spheres.

“The Best of the Year” is not just about the past years’ earnings, but the criteria include, among others, the number of jobs, efficient client communication, and feedback. MobiDev has kept the leading position as “The Best Agency in Ukraine on Upwork” for many years by delivering great work to their clients, which is confirmed by clients through the amazing feedback that they gave. This is where MobiDev took the lead and earned its impeccable reputation.”

Katerina Bozhkova, Business Development Partner at Upwork

Exhibiting at IoT Tech Expo in Amsterdam

June 23, 2019

MobiDev exhibited in Europe’s leading Tech Expo Conference in Amsterdam the second time. This year the conference was focused on IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI & Big Data and Blockchain.

We noticed that, compared to last year’s Tech Expo, companies pay more attention to Cyber Security and AI technologies, and less to Blockchain. As for IoT, there is still a lack of standardization and best practices. Therefore some attempts to structure the IoT: last year it was Microsoft with Azure IoT. And this year guys from Semtech were sharing the experience with LoRa.

MobiDev Experts at the Conference for Machine Learning Innovation

June 20, 2019

Sergey Maximenko, the Lead Software Engineer at MobiDev, gave a talk at the Machine Learning Conference in Munich on the trending topic in the IT world today – “Face Anti-Spoofing Solution powered by Deep Learning”.

The Winner in Race Nation Competition

June 07, 2019

A team of five MobiDev heroes – Dmitriy Savinskiy, Anastasiya Hamaiunova, Artem Kravchenko, Volodymyr Vysotskyi and Dmitriy Tolmachov – won the first place in the Race Nation competition. That was a hard challenge to run a 3+ km road full of obstacles, but our professionals, who got used to overcome even harder difficulties, dealt with this task in a heartbeat. The result was 4:26:45 – the best among the fourteen participating teams. We are proud of our champions.

Well done, guys!

Head of MobiDev Mobile Department at Webinale Conference

June 06, 2019

Andrew Makarov took part in Webinale conference in Berlin with the “Building a mobile indoor navigation solution powered by Augmented Reality” talk.

He showcased the approach to building mobile indoor navigation solutions using Apple ARKit. Check the article based on Andrews keynotes here.

Hi-Tech & Electronics: Israel Largest Exhibition

May 30, 2019

The MobiDev team exhibited the largest New-Tech Exhibition in Israel. Among popular areas were Robotics & Automation, Automotive Technology, Industry Smart Factory, Machine Learning & Data Science. “This year the event was focused on the hardware: robotics, modeling, microwaves, and industrial design innovations. Also, we were pleasantly surprised that companies are looking to bring Data Science and Machine Learning to different businesses.” Tatyana Nizheholtseva, Partnership Manager at MobiDev.

PRO Design Conference by MobiDev Design Experts

May 26, 2019

This year our UI/UX team has run the third-time design conference.

Comparing to previous design conferences, experts were focused more on the two most popular topics: AR/MR interfaces and Business Analysis tools for UI/UX designers. However, the “No InterfaceApproach and Faults to Avoid in App Design were also not less trending.

We certainly continue to monitor trends and apply the best practices, which we will glad to share the next time.

TechDay New York

May 03, 2019

Our Chief Commercial Officer – Oleksii Ostroverkhyi – gave an interview at TechDay New York. Interviewers were interested in our secret to leveraging outsourcing changes and benefits. Nancy Van Brunt, Senior Director of Freelancer Agency & Agency Success at Upwork, congratulated our company on getting “The Best Upwork Agency” award, that inspired us for sure.

This year there were many more products in the IoT area. The most interesting were:

  • “The Panic Bluetooth Button” to send instant SOS messages through a smartphone or tablet.
  • Mobile app that creates interactive presentations. It does not need any special equipment to perform, just a smartphone and audience to interact with.
  • Software for the production of “smart faucet” for beer and soft drinks.

To sum up, this NY TechDay Conference became one of the most memorable events we ever visited. And we are looking forward to exhibiting next TechDay in London.

Workshop for Project Managers

April 21, 2019

Ganna Ivanicheva and Anna Karnaukh, MobiDev PM gurus, ran the mastery workshop for managers.They shared the best ways to optimize activities through PM frameworks and figuring out project weaknesses.

Only by practice did participants build personal PM frameworks, do a joint audit and analyze project issues.

After the workshop, each participant had non-standard practical tools to use.

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