Olena Ganchyna

Olena Ganchyna

Head of Business
I’m sure that attitude is what makes the biggest difference. It changes just about everything in what a person does - and how they do it.

My choice - to enjoy everything what I happen to do: starting from dancing at large rock festivals or presenting MobiDev at even larger tech and business events - to reviewing and adjusting the contract documentation or working with my team members as a coach.

Have to admit, I’m a service-addict. I know exactly how we as a company bring value to our customers, and our team improves those ways. Constantly. In the nutshell, we handle all the tiny things that could drag our clients’ attention from the area that is the most important to them - the development of their business. We do this from the very start of our communication before the contracts are signed, and we keep doing this by supporting the product we developed.

If you wish to share how our service should be improved - please, book a call with me. Would be extremely happy to chat! Schedule a meeting

Olena took part at the following events

Lisbon, Portugal (Nov 13-16, 2023)
Las Vegas, USA (Mar 27-29, 2023)
Lisbon, Portugal (Nov 01-04, 2022)
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