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IoT & B2B productsIoT & B2B products

SmartTab – a leading cloud-based venue management system. It involves quick and easy real-time interaction with touchscreen-based POS terminals, collection of data from system components and automated deployment of updates. Combining such innovations as the Internet of Things and industry expertise helps our clients to transform technologies into business value.

IoT for Smart homeIoT for smart home

CUJO – a consumer Internet of Things product. It is a smart firewall built to protect home networks. It has both iOS and Android software applications that establish interaction with the device, being as stylish and easy in use as the device itself. Time to market was of extreme value to our client. We established intensive MVP development and transformed processes on the iterative basis after the release.

Custom hardware integrationCustom hardware integration

Our expertise includes software for connected cars. Active Suspension Control is complementary software developed by MobiDev for a hardware provider. It allows to control the suspension of a car, on which a special device is installed. The two-way connection between the software and the device is established via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Device management & OS customizationDevice management & OS customization

Secure Phone – a customized Android-based solution to provide complex data security services, installed on a specific set of corporate devices. Data security and performance reliability is extremely important for corporate users, so the development emphasized quality control and was based on deep understanding of low-level OS processes.

Wearable IoT for Health & FitnessWearable IoT for health & fitness

We created a healthcare industry solution based on cross-platform technologies. When the need for involvement of wearables arrived, native apps were not an option for the client. We found a solution so as not to alter the existing tech stack; we created plugins that enabled all the required features—mainly data exchange and synchronization—between the main body of the system, iOS and Android wearables. Moreover, the solution was HIPAA-compliant.

IoT consultingIoT consulting

A construction works corporation required our consulting about integration of IoT solutions. The goal was to add unique competitive edges to the existing equipment. We suggested tech solutions to analyze data and deliver real-time notifications, optimize usage of high-cost equipment, and above all, monitor deterioration and decrease accident risks drastically. After the stage of analysis and consulting, the product underwent the MVP stage and proceeded to ongoing evolution and delivery.

MobiDev IoT coverage

MobiDev IoT coverage

Processes and technologies for your IoT project

The project team starts working on your IoT product with technical and functional consulting to clarify requirements and estimations. At this stage we need to get a clear vision of the project goals.

Deep technical immersion helps to find optimal approaches and reduce support expenses and time to market of your IoT product. Technology stack and architectural solutions have to correspond with your business goals.

Flexibility and iterative approach to planning and development work both for creation of your MVP and collaboration with your in-house team. Your dedicated team can be easily scaled, technology- and team-wise.

The team can promptly shift its focus and resources to your urgent business tasks. We keep you up with the dynamic market of the Internet of Things. Meanwhile you can concentrate on your business growth.

Automated testing and deployment is widely used for B2B systems that must remain failsafe and work seamlessly 24/7. Your end users have high expectations, and we are here to help you meet them.

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