IoT Application Development for Smart Home Firewall Device

Client and Business Goals:

CUJO (CUJO AI now) is the global leader in using Artificial Intelligence in the security and privacy of connected devices. We were contacted to develop mobile applications for users to manage CUJO devices with both simplicity and the user experience in mind.

Product Description:

The goal was to develop an application for iOS and Android that would help the user control a CUJO device and allow them to monitor the security of the network.

Applied Technologies:

  • Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS, Freshdesk, Twilio video calls, Twilio SMS service, custom UI and animations, charts, push notifications
  • In-app interactions, interactions with webview, Instabug, and
IoT application development for smart home firewall device
Smart home firewall app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Iterative MVP development
  • Ongoing beta testing and product evolution
  • Winning awards at CES 2018
IoT app development for smart home firewall device CUJO
IoT app development for smart home firewall device CUJO

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  • Our main focus was the implementation and successful delivery of iOS and Android apps that would interact with the CUJO device. The project started with the UI/UX design stage through design sketches. As this was the first product on the market, we focused on building an MVP product. The process was built through a series of two-week sprints. We combined several best practices from Scrum and Kanban, each depending on the current project stage.
IoT app development for smart home firewall device CUJO

Ongoing Beta Testing and Product Evolution

  • Over the span of the project, we received continuous feedback from CUJO users. For example, beta testers suggested a feature for disabling the glowing eyes of the CUJO device. This idea did not require much time and was quickly implemented. Eventually we went beyond the basic functionality, staying within the budget and scheduling requirements.

Winning Awards at CES 2018

  • It’s always a pleasure to be involved in product development, especially when there’s room to be innovative. That’s even more true when working with a professional in-house team and a visionary client.
  • It’s great to know that the product we were involved in making was in the spotlight at a major tech conference. The product we were working on was awarded the “Best IoT Security Integration” title at CES 2018.
iOS and Android apps development for interaction with the CUJO device

"I want to thank you all for creating this wonderful app, and I wish to stay focused on making it even better! A really big thank you!"

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