Modern retail is evolving. The lines between physical and digital are blurring, and shoppers are more empowered than ever.
Keeping up with consumers requires creative and innovative software development.

  • Delight your customer

    Custom software solutions for Retail

    Immersive shopping
    Omnichannel strategy

  • Turn data into revenue

    Data Science and Machine Learning solutions for Retail

    Demand forecasting
    Reduction of costs
    Data-driven decisions

  • Streamline your operations

    Enterprise software solutions for Retail

    Distributed ecosystems
    Supply chain management
    POS systems

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  • Hear from a retail product owner

    Richard Stack CEO Comcash Inc.

    [Together with MobiDev], we're able to work on a 24-hour development cycle, and we release software repeatedly faster than any of our competitors — and there is no overtime. We could never create what we have with MobiDev in my office in California. The tech market is just too competitive these days.

    If you are interested in developing a world-class product and working with a great group of friendly co-workers everyday, I wholeheartedly recommend MobiDev.

  • Modern approaches to POS application development

    Alex Vasilchenko Lead Solution Architect

    Whether you're looking to create a robust POS that supports cross-terminal sync and offline mode or are exploring technologies such as AI, gamification, and blockchain, MobiDev can help you strategize and build the software you need.

    We understand that developing POS systems can be challenging from both a UI/UX and technical perspective. Features have to be placed on a smallest supported screen, be it a desktop or mobile device. We also know that speed is critical — each extra tab on a touchscreen means longer checkout times, so we develop software to be as intuitive as possible.

    Point of Sale application development services
  • Development of blockchain-based solutions for retail

    Serge Koba Lead Solution Architect

    Blockchain entered the spheres of retail and logistics with an emphasis on security and auditability. Its possible application varies from replacement of paper assets with digital ones to connection of business processes and disparate services.

    As for the choice of proper technologies, it depends on their production readiness, stability, good documentation, support for private blockchain networks, provision of easy business logic updates and minimization of operating costs.

  • Success story: 40% increase in productivity, thanks to a robust venue management system + POS

    SmartTab is a venue management system that comprises 2 iOS applications, desktop POS applications for touchscreen-based terminals, complex cloud-based architecture, and a system of continuous integration. It was adopted by more than 120 chains of clubs, bars, and restaurants, increased employee productivity by 48%, and established effective 24/7 operations.

  • Success story: ERP suite produces accurate forecasting and relevant insights to 80+ chains

    Comcash is a retail suite that includes ERP software, desktop and mobile point of sale applications, accounting and inventory management software, an administration portal, and an eShop. A major highlight of this project is applied Data Science: specific models make weekly demand predictions, targeted discounts, and offer relevant accompanying products to drive additional revenue. The suite was adopted by more than 80 retail chains over 3.5 years.

  • Success story: solution for premium car subscription service

    Revolve is a product company that addressed us with development of a flexible solution for car enthusiasts, offering cars from premium brands in South Florida. On the internal side, the solution had to arrange a simple and effective process of service management. It comprises a NativeScript-based mobile app that allows clients to browse and request cars, and an admin panel, created with PHP and Yii 2, to manage requests and track car availability.

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