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The retail industry is evolving. Keeping up with consumers requires creative and innovative software development. With deep experience in innovative technologies such as AI, AR and IoT, MobiDev provides software development teams that address these challenges.

We combine industry best practices with the latest technology trends to help our clients beat the competition, better meet consumers’ expectations and boost sales.


Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

MobiDev has vast expertise in developing and modernizing POS systems for various types of businesses.We can add innovative AI functionality to your product while also ensuring seamless compatibility across a wide range of hardware devices.

ERP Software

Our company's project portfolio includes complex multifunctional ERP systems. MobiDev developers know how to build a flexible, yet reliable solution that can be easily customized to the needs of your end users.

Virtual Try-On Solutions

Whether you're looking for virtual try-on solutions for makeup, clothing, accessories, or other products, our AR and AI engineers can tackle the task. With expertise in developing custom models when existing frameworks fall short, we can build the perfect solution for your business.

Demand/Sales Forecasting

By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, we can develop a tailored solution that accurately predicts sales and demand. With an average accuracy level of 95.96% for positions with enough data, we ensure that you extract maximum value from your data-driven insights.

Chatbot Development

We excel in developing both rule-based and AI-powered chatbots for retail businesses. Whether you want your shopping assistant to answer customer inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, or more, MobiDev engineers will find the best tech solution to meet your needs.

Recommendation Engines

Improve user experience with a machine-learning recommendation engine for your site or app based on keywords, user activity, and more. Our engineers can also integrate ready-made GPT models that won't require a lot of data collection to create an effective solution.

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