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SaaS Platform for Winery Industry
in Europe

Client and Business Goals:

Back in 2019, serial entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts Marco and Thomas launched a new joint business to operate in the international winery market. The business is aimed to connect customers directly with local wineries, simplify the purchase process, and avoid middlemen’s surcharges.

Product Description:

The platform helps wineries to sell their products on the international market. It automates price calculation and order documentation creation, in accordance with taxation policies and delivery charges of the chosen country.

Applied Technologies:

NodeJs, NestJs, PostgreSQL, Redis, ReactJS, AWS, ipdata integration, Cloudinary integration for storing images, UPS API integration, Stripe 3D payments integration, DropInBlog integration, manual testing, Agile management framework


Project Highlights:

  • EU tax legislation compliance
  • Comprehensive business analysis to meet strict deadlines
  • Providing a complex solution both for online and offline shopping

EU tax legislation compliance

One of the main tech challenges was automatic price generation in accordance with the particular country tax policy and extra charges. We have provided a solution that takes into account the customs charges & delivery expenses and calculates the relevant final price for each of 9 countries of delivery. All tax & shipping documentation is created automatically in the seller’s account.


Comprehensive business analysis to meet strict deadlines

Rapid 1st phase release was the client’s strategic goal. Initially, a ready-made solution was planned to be used. However, business analysis has shown that some key features can not be covered by a third-party constructor. Based on the BA documentation we’ve managed to adapt the tech stack promptly and save time during the development process. As a result, the MVP 1st stage took 1.5 months.

Providing a complex solution both for online and offline shopping

In addition to the international marketplace, we have also created a solution that each winery can use for offline shopping. Sales Point Scan&Shop turns wine sellers’ tablets into the catalog with checkout for their shops. Winery visitors can make the order right in the winery shop, and receive it upon coming back home.

9 countries available for delivery
3 years of extensive cooperation with MobiDev
1,500 wineries joined the platform
Node.js-based marketplace structure

We needed in 2019 to transform a brilliant idea to an early viable product we could bring to market. As a young startup, we did not have the resources to set up an in-house backend and frontend team. MobiDev was a great match for us - and still is. As we mature our startup we keep working with MobiDev, enjoying the flexibility of being able to deploy sprint development as needed. The tech has proved lean, resilient, and scalable. A big thanks to all MobiDev’ers in our team!

Marco Angermeier and Thomas Winther

Marco Angermeier and Thomas Winther

Platform сo-founders

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