Complex mobile development services and turnkey delivery for your
business needs: from custom mobile applications to integrated solutions

With 8 years of experience and over 320 software products delivered to enterprises and startups, we summarize the most efficient
approaches and high-end technologies to make your software works and bring added value.

Mobile development trends for
enterprises and emerging companies

Complex software solutions
as a new business reality

The business goals of today are no longer achieved with simple creation of a mobile app. It is rather about integration with existing software and hardware or creation of a complex solution from scratch. This business reality revolves around state-of-the-art technologies and platforms, cloud services and hardware. As Data Science advances, more and more business value is brought by gathering and analysis of user data and user behavior. Integrated solutions allow to build and modify business models based on real data for maximum effectiveness. A good example of integrated solutions are IoT projects, where users have an opportunity to control real-life objects via mobile apps.

This is why we go beyond mobile development services to creation of integrated software systems. Therefore we help our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

Innovative technologies to bring
sustainable growth

Businesses grow together with their products and services. The need for scalability, ongoing relevance, and reduction of maintenance costs is satisfied with appropriate technologies and architectural solutions for mobile applications. There are several general approaches to application development that depend on the project and business goals. Client-server structure is classic. Serverless architecture refers to the latest cloud and third-party services. Microservices provide flexibility and easy scalability. Blockchain gains adoption in specific cases. For every project, our mobile development experts suggest implementation options and form an optimal solution to the business goals of our clients.

From a client to a business partner

This is the story of Alan Winters, an entrepreneur who became a business partner of MobiDev following
the successful development and launch of his own cross-platform mobile product StayGo. Watch the video
to see what it is like to work with us.

Alan Winters Partner and Owner of StayGo

MobiDev stood out from all of the competitors that I researched. It was the only company that didn't just take my original idea and said, "We will do it." MobiDev came back with multiple options, in fact, recommended an option that was simpler than our original idea. We knew right away that MobiDev is the kind of company that would elevate our ideas. We were never confused as to where the project stood.

We'd go to bed at night—and we knew MobiDev had their "marching orders"—and when we woke up in the morning, the product, the development we expected to see was there for our evaluation. MobiDev treats your product like it’s their product.

Take a look at video testimonials, kindly provided by our clients and partners.

Processes and communication to save
your time and money

This is the core value for most businesses. They need to plan and rely on agreements. Over 70% of our mobile development projects assume close communication with product owners and their in-house teams. We enhance it by adjusting our activities to our clients’ business processes, tools and environments. Our project management covers an average 75% of time required to tackle daily project routine. The remaining 25% involves product owners to direct and monitor progress, receive tangible results and provide further feedback. Transparency of application development and regular product delivery work to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Augmented Reality for
business-driven mobile development

Companies like Boeing and Airbus utilize Augmented Reality as a part of services brought to their users. A huge audience gets access to these technologies, which can be turned into business value. This is where we come into play, mastering such tools as Apple’s ARKit and Unity for provision of mobile development services.

Top fashion brands and retailers implement computer vision as a part of their existing mobile applications. It is a new technology era of data processing and analysis, where mobile apps and platforms evolve continuously. MobiDev helps you to grow your streams of revenue by entering this era.

APIs and 3rd-party integrations
to increase efficiency

According to our statistics, over 90% of mobile products involve integrations. API is the most common way to integrate a mobile application. Wise use of 3rd-party components and services, especially for an MVP, can increase budget efficiency and development speed. This approach can be combined with automated testing and continuous integration of the product. The world becomes more and more mobile and integrated – that’s a fact. Still every project has its own business goals, so we take tech solutions and make it all fit perfectly.

Enterprise-level reliability and
3 times more efficient budget distribution

This value is brought by software development outsourcing. It allows to achieve more instead of spending the said budget on hiring and assembling an in-house team. Outsourcing is a common solution for startups that need early market entry within a smaller budget and a fixed-price approach. As for established businesses, they value flexibility and reliability of dedicated teams without the need to search and hire in-house employees.

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  • Success story: creating a complex B2B software based on mobility principles

    SmartTab, a venue management system that includes 2 iOS applications, software for touchscreen-based POS terminals, complex cloud-based architecture, automated testing and deployment of updates.

    It has brought mobility to more than 120 chains of clubs, bars, and restaurants in San Francisco. It has increased employee productivity and established 24/7 operations. The returns on the venue owners’ investments came in faster than predicted. Every software product is a solution to a certain business area. And we created one that brought SmartTab to success.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

  • Success story: IoT & mobility for connected cars

    Active Suspension Control is an Internet of Things project carried out by MobiDev. Mobile apps are used to configure hardware devices installed on cars via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). That said, a driver can use an app to
    control the suspension level of a car with a single tap.

    Following specific UX patterns, we created a user-friendly interface to help drivers easily navigate through the application and manage all settings. That’s as easy and enjoyable as starting up a powerful car. Another point was the reliability of the application: safety standards are a must for IoT software projects, including the sphere of connected cars.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

  • Success story: mobile software for a US-based healthcare services provider

    Over the last 6 years we've been providing ongoing software development services for one of Top-15 Nationally Ranked Hospital companies in the US. Years ago, we created a single system that has been under continuous evolution ever since. Among other products, it packs a cross-platform mobile application, which is committed to putting patients in full control over their health, together with financial security and easiness of interaction with medical staff.

    Additionally, the system is used by the hospital to decrease internal operation costs and provide patients with an all-time high level of service. As a result of productive cooperation, this software suite occupied a place among finalists as an innovative regional consumer product. The company itself is one of the nation's fastest-growing healthcare providers.

    Check our portfolio and case studies for more success stories.

Speaking at MobileTechCon, Munich, Germany

This specific keynote is about building and launching an application for smartphones within a short
timespan and budget constraints. It touches upon the issue of defining the project scope and making
estimations for implementation. In other words, it is an essential guide for startups that want to test the
market. It helps to understand the primary specifics of the mobile development process.

Andrey Makarov Technical Evaluation Expert and iOS Team Leader at MobiDev

Our mobile development expert Andrey Makarov presented the approach and our expertise at MobileTechCon in Germany in 2017.

Even enterprise software—such as large-scale ERP systems—are often started with design and implementation of a Minimum Viable Product. It represents a so-called "Version 1.0" that must be successfully rolled out within constraints dictated both by the market and the product owner's business. The guide covers approaches to estimation, preparation of product requirements, optimization of implementation, possible risks and ways to avoid them.

Avid readers may check company's blog posts for further insights.

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