Kyrylo Khlopko
iOS Team Leader

I have a passion for creation, which shapes my perspective on programming and IT. The ability to craft remarkable things in a world of advancing technology has always captivated me, starting from my exploration of web development in childhood, leading to my focus on mobile development. Beyond that, I continuously delve into learning about app architecture and constructing durable solutions, a key aspect of my programming journey.

Learning is a perpetual endeavor for me; I don’t confine myself to a single professional field. Rather, many things encompass all my interests. I believe concepts are transferable, and seemingly unrelated topics can spark innovative ideas. This broad approach also provides a comprehensive view of the tasks at hand, drawing from a diverse pool of knowledge.

To maintain balance, I prioritize staying active. I dedicated around four years to CrossFit, relishing the teamwork aspect of training. I also indulge in mountain biking and constructed a bike tailored to my needs a few years ago. Running is another passion of mine. I’ve completed several half-marathons and now aim to focus my training efforts on a full marathon.

Articles written by Kyrylo Khlopko:

Apple Vision Pro App Development

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