Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov

Head of Mobile Development
Andrew Makarov is the Head of Mobile Development and an Augmented Reality Solution Architect. He's got more than 8 years of software development experience. His expertise includes building innovative mobile apps with the integration of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Andrew is an active speaker at tech conferences like MobileTechCon and PHP Conference. He is an active contributor to the DEV Community. Articles by Andrew are regularly published on ClutchTechDayThe ManifestVR VoiceAR PostIndependent RetailerIndependent RetailerDZoneIoT For All,  Smart Insights.

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Andrew took part at the following events

Berlin, Germany (Jun 03-07, 2019)
Santa Clara, USA (May 30, 2018)