ARKit-based Indoor Navigation Demo

Augmented Reality For Corporate Campus Navigation: Video Demo

Augmented Reality development companies continuously reveal new potential use cases for practical purposes. Our today’s demo is the second one to elaborate on the concept of indoor navigation on campus, this time with the help of Apple’s ARKit. First and foremost, this may be of interest to modern companies with large premises and hundreds of employees, who need a convenient tool to find the shortcut to the room where an urgent meeting is about to begin.

How do they find it? Well, they just scan a special marker located in the required building, select their destination, and get the route on their smartphone screen — simple as that. Check the video to see how it works!

How is it implemented? First off, we divide large buildings into specific areas, whose plans are stored on the back end together with the coordinates of the abovementioned markers (a.k.a. Reference Images) and a full list of destinations. As GPS or beacons get approximate coordinates, the app receives AR markers to determine user location in a more precise way. Then, as the user selects their destination, the app calculates and displays the route in augmented reality. As the user walks on towards the destination, the app gets further markers for new areas and updates the precise user location. That’s how it’s impossible to get lost, however large or complex the campus is.

Full Research Article On AR Indoor Navigation

Just like it works for iOS with ARKit, it will work for Android with ARCore. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this demo or relating to other spheres of Augmented Reality development. Our team is always ready to help you and apply modern technologies in your own business solutions.

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Full Research Article On AR Indoor Navigation

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