ARCore Indoor Navigation Demo

ARCore-based Indoor Navigation: Video Demo

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Indoor navigation based on Augmented Reality is yet another use case that puts innovation to daily practice. While mapping services like those of Apple and Google perfectly cover outdoor navigation in cities, routing inside larger buildings—e.g. offices, malls, and airports—remains a relevant problem.

This demo showcases a possible solution, which does not involve disturbing other people and asking them for directions. All it takes is to scan a special information plate, located at an entrance to the required building, select a destination, and get the correct route shown with arrows in augmented reality. Check the video to see how it works.

This particular case involves Android OS and ARCore, its primary augmented reality app development platform. It scans the info plate with Augmented Images; thus the location of the user is pinpointed. After that, ARCore constructs the optimal route to the destination specified by the user and displays it. For iOS, the same algorithm can be implemented with a similar platform called ARKit—you may check our ARKit-based demo that deals with on-campus navigation.

As you could see in the video, similar indoor navigation tools can be created for a diversity of places where there’s a need to optimize the flow and increase staff productivity, e.g. shopping malls, large offices, factories, hospitals, and airports.

This idea could be developed further with any additional functionality that the employees or visitors of a specific building might require, such as access restriction or provision of information by means of AR.

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ARCore Indoor Navigation Demo

ARCore-based Indoor Navigation: Video Demo

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