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Augmented Reality Demo Collection by MobiDev

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Augmented Reality repeatedly proves its viability for practical use across a number of areas—from effective customer support in shared AR spaces to indoor navigation to inventive means of raising brand awareness.

Our team, as always, is at the forefront, continuously mastering AR development. Here’s our take on the practical side of Augmented Reality: all of our video demos gathered for you in a single post. These ideas can be further developed by our team in your own software projects.

Augmented Reality Development Guide For Business Owners

Below you will find our Augmented Reality video demos for the following uses:

Demo #1: AR for indoor navigation

Wouldn’t it be great if people had handy apps that would help them find the optimal routes in shopping malls, large offices, factories, hospitals, and airports? Here’s a demo that shows how we can solve this problem via Augmented Reality.

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Demo #2: Remote assistance via shared AR & WebRTC

How do you make tech support way easier and faster? Take a real-time call and enhance it with the ability to visually pinpoint, “how exactly that wire should be connected to make it work.” Check our demo to see how it’s made possible with shared Augmented Reality and peer-to-peer WebRTC connection.

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Demo #3: Virtual user manual

What can be easier than just pointing your smartphone camera at an electronic device to see what it consists of and how it works? That’s a virtual manual for you. While it can deal with the complexities of factory machinery, vehicle dashboards, and medical equipment, we decided to pick a simpler example for our demo—a coffee machine. Check it out!

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Demo #4: Augmented reality for marketing and brand promotion

Augmented Reality can deliver your products and services directly to your customers in an engaging and interactive way, involving any kind of branding content. Our demo, for example, represents an augmented business card that allows to make a phone call or write an email, shows links to social accounts, and even works as a screen for a video pitch.

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Demo #5: AR-based corporate campus navigation

Indoor navigation is an issue for modern companies with large campuses and hundreds or thousands of employees. However, it’s solved with a convenient tool that helps to find the shortcut to the room where an urgent meeting is about to begin. Like in our previous indoor navigation case, AR becomes a viable solution. Check this demo to see how it works!

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Demo #6: Microsoft HoloLens demo for product presentation

Our experience goes beyond mobile AR; the ever evolving headsets show a promising future as well. Here’s our demo that showcases the capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens for product presentation and educational purposes.

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Thanks for making it this far! If you have any further questions, just contact us, and the response won’t keep you waiting. Our expertise in all spheres of software development is always at your service.

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