Android Fitness App Development With Video Streaming

Client and Business Goals:

NewMoove had a library of over 400 fitness courses comprised of HD videos created by professional coaches that ranged from yoga and pilates to special breathing techniques and problem zone training.


The NewMoove app was supposed to create for users a personalized fitness experience on the Android platform.

Applied Technologies:

Newest Android SDK components, Video streaming (HLS), Custom views, Facebook integration, Canvas drawing, Local storage

The application features 400 fitness HD video courses
Android-based fitness app development project highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Fixed cost development 4 weeks prior to the deadline
  • HLS protocol for mobile media streaming
Newest Android SDK components
Newest Android SDK components

Fixed Cost Development 4 Weeks Prior to Deadline

  • This project is a successful example of fixed cost software development that appeals to many clients even if it is used only for relieving them of financial risks. Yet there must be clear expectations and vision of the product to start a fixed cost project. NewMoove already had an iOS application and our task was to make a product with the same features set and general design for Android 4.0 and later versions.
  • The back end API was provided by the Client, and we couldn’t have had a clearer example of what we had to do. Everything was so clear in this project that we were able to release the app after 10 weeks, which was 4 weeks earlier than estimated.


Newest Android SDK components

HLS Protocol for Mobile Media Streaming

  • The app comprised a set of features that allow users to work out without leaving home. Users are able to find courses, form individual training programs, get video guidance and track their results.
  • HLS streaming was used for this product because it is capable of breaking up MP4 video content into shorter, 10-second clips that can be delivered to users easily. This method of content delivery is compatible with many devices and many types of firewalls. As an added benefit, HLS compatibility is the most up to date method for streaming to tablets and other mobile devices.


10 Weeks Development
450+ Courses Available
5,000+ Downloads
HLS protocol for mobile media streaming

In MobiDev we have found a partner who can support us very well on the topic of Android and who has proven to be a very good technology partner for our project.

The development process was very detailed and very transparent, we always have a good overview of the status of the project.

Ulrich Bartholmös

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