Mobile Marketplace App Development

Client and Business Goals: 

A client from the United Kingdom addressed us with an idea of creating a product for a specific niche — an online marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved baby and children’s items. 


Pitapat is a UK-focused online marketplace that allows finding local bargains within iOS and Android mobile ​applications and a landing page.

Applied Technologies:

Objective-C, MapKit framework, UIKit framework, Branch Deep Links, Facebook SDK, Afnetworking2, EKMapper, Sphinx, Redis, MariaDB, PHP

UK-focused online marketplace
Online marketplace app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • iOS​ application and landing page
  • Made by parents
  • Further evolvement
iOS and Android mobile ​applications development
iOS and Android mobile ​applications development

iOS​ Application and Landing Page

  • We started with app design; step by step our wireframes gained new details and the screen flow was created. When the main functional requirements were described, we launched backend development. Slightly later we began to develop the iOS application.
iOS and Android mobile ​applications development

Made by Parents

  • Pitapat was created by two parents who understand what is important when buying and selling pre-loved kids stuff. The application has a number of features: Login and registration, anonymous mode; Board of adverts and advert management: create, edit, search, filter; Wishlists; Requests to purchase items and feedback about purchases; In-app notifications and chats; Sharing with deep links.

Further Evolvement

  • The successful launch of Pitapat covered the target audience in the UK—with further expansion to new markets in mind. Besides the​ iOS ​app, even more potential users have been covered with the advent of the ​Android version.
Made by Parents For Parents
iOS & Android Applications
10 000+ Installs
An online marketplace landing page development

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