Alex Vasilchenko
Solution Architect

I’ve been fond of computers since early childhood. I wrote my first BASIC program at 6 years old by modifying an example from a book on my friend’s ZX Spectrum because I didn’t have a computer at that time.

I became determined to start a career in software development when I was in high school. At university, I studied applied mathematics and computer science with a focus on computer vision. After I got my master’s degree I joined MobiDev as a backend developer in 2010. I worked on multiple projects and eventually switched to a project management role, but later returned to engineering because it is my true passion. During my career, I learned multiple programming languages, including PHP, Golang, and Python, and accepted team/tech leader roles. I completed projects in many industries including taxi services, retail, cloud computing optimization, medical insurance, and many others. I have experience in DevOps and setting up sustainable long-term development processes with CI/CD for multiple teams.

At a later point in my career, I returned to my university computer vision roots and started revisiting math and statistics, because I always loved them. I completed courses in Data Science, Statistics, and Deep Learning, and was mentored by colleagues from the MobiDev Labs Department. I was learning and completing training projects in parallel with ongoing projects and eventually, I joined MobiDev Labs. I worked on multiple projects, mainly focused on Computer Vision, and gained experience in Data Science and NLP through a medical insurance-related project. I became the Labs Group Leader, utilizing both my management and engineering skills to assist MobiDev Labs with projects and internal research.

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