Kate Zahorovska
UI/UX Design Group Leader

It seems like I’ve been a designer and optimizer since birth: arranging notebooks by the colors of the rainbow, and organizing textbooks by the alphabet. Even my favorite toys were organized into various building sets and I arranged my coloring books. I’ve always enjoyed creating, optimizing, decorating, and adding comfort to my surroundings.

Thus my journey began at an art children’s school and continued at Kharkiv Pedagogical University, specializing in decorative and applied arts, as well as various UX design courses. Over more than 10 years in the profession, I’ve come to understand that I’m an idealist and strive to make everything I create comfortable and pleasant to use: from hand-painted coffee tables to design department workflows.

I believe that my profession can push humanity to the stars, so I put my heart and mind into every project and try to design for years ahead, as they say – with a conscience.

I’m the head of the UI/UX design department, so feel free to contact me to make your software user-friendly and visually appealing.

Articles written by Kate Zahorovska:

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