A year of war behind: MobiDev shares key updates of 2022

February 24, 2023

This day a year ago changed the life of every MobiDev teammate, and every Ukrainian. This year was full of losses, fear, sorrow, and tears. But despite everything, it was full of hope, support, and empathy as well.

Every day we thank our defenders for this new day of life in independent and unconquered Ukraine.

And today it’s time to look back at what happened to our team, how we faced the war, and what we achieved during this year:

  • Evacuated 120+ families of our teammates to safe places
  • Opened the R&D office in Poland
  • Provided 100% service delivery for our clients and delay-free project teams’ work
  • Got 37 new contracts and launched a European business development team
  • Created “Dopomoga Poruch (Help is Nearby)”, the platform for volunteers and people who need help
  • Volunteered and donated to the Army. Joint efforts of MobiDev and our teammates resulted in 18 000 000 UAH donations for purchasing reconnaissance and combat drones, as well as vehicles
  • Arranged 16 meetings with psychologists and experts
  • Organized 20 webinars with MobiDev experts, and the “IT May” workshop series

All this was possible thanks to our teammates, our clients, and all the Ukrainians who keep the spirit of invincibility in their hearts. And today we’d like to thank you all.

And as always, we keep fighting, supporting each other, volunteering, and donating to help bring victory and peace to every Ukrainian family! Slava Ukraini!



February 07, 2023

This MobiDev quarterly report shows the highlights of Q4, 2022 in numbers.

The fourth quarter of 2022 was busy for MobiDev teams with visiting industry expos worldwide.

The main areas of our performance can be overviewed through:

  • Team dynamics
  • Projects delivery
  • Business indicators
  • Other significant events

Follow the link to check the report in detail


Ihor Shalimov at the AI Summit New York: MLOps – A Way to Combat AI Bias

December 01, 2022

December 7-8 Ihor Shalimov, and Anna Karnaukh are joining the AI Summit New York! Two days of great networking and exploring industry insights!

Along with that, Ihor Shalimov will share his vision on the topic “MLOps – A Way to Combat AI Bias” on the AI Summit New York stage

Learn more: https://newyork.theaisummit.com/

JOIN US ON THE TECHDAY WEBINAR “AI, AR & Blockchain: what’s possible besides the hype”

October 28, 2022

Feeling overwhelmed by the AI, AR & Blockchain Hype? Then let’s break through the hype and learn about feasible AI, AR & Blockchain business cases. Join us on November 1st to meet three top engineers who will immerse you into the three main innovative tech areas and show how these technologies can be applied in your business.

When: November 1, 1 pm EDT


Key Business Indicators Q3 2022


October 24, 2022

The third quarter of 2022 was full of events for MobiDev teams, developing the company’s main focus on gaining a worldwide presence.

The main areas of our performance can be overviewed through:

  • Team dynamics
  • Projects delivery
  • Business indicators
  • Other significant events

Follow the link to check the report in detail

MobiDev is celebrating the Independence Day of Ukraine

MobiDev is celebrating the Independence Day of Ukraine

August 24, 2022

Today we’re celebrating a great holiday that has a special place in the hearts of all Ukrainians – Independence Day of Ukraine. The past six months of the russian invasion have shown how strong and cohesive our nation is. We all keep fighting, supporting each other, and bringing closer the moment when our beautiful Ukraine will bring back peace to her borders. Slava Ukraini!

MobiDev shares Q2/2022 Сompany Report

MobiDev shares Q2/2022 Сompany Report

July 15, 2022

MobiDev is publishing a report representing highlights of the second quarter, 2022! In this report, we are overviewing the main areas of our performance through:

  •      Team dynamics
  •      Projects delivery
  •      Business indicators
  •      Other significant events

Follow the link to read & download the full Mobidev Q2 / 2022 Сompany Report.

Join us on the TechDay webinar "Launching an AI startup: Business and Technical Perspectives"

Join us on the TechDay webinar “Launching an AI startup: Business and Technical Perspectives”

July 13, 2022

Despite the incredibly growing popularity of AI-driven app development, it’s still not a 100% straightforward area. Our experts Alexandra Ilinska and Yevhen Krasnokutsky will share their vision of the topic from both a technical and a business perspective. Join the free webinar organized by TechDay to explore the key pitfalls of launching a successful AI startup.

When: July 19, 1pm EDT


UPD: webinar record is now available! Follow the link to watch the full video.


MobiDev launches the platform for volunteers

MobiDev launches the platform for volunteers

July 08, 2022

From the very first days of the war, we have been actively supporting the army and volunteering. The desire to help Ukrainians brought our Design team leader Kate Zagorovskaya to the idea of the platform Dopomoga Poruch (Help is Nearby). And the MobiDev team has helped her to turn this idea to life. The platform is mainly designed for people who want to help, but can not volunteer on a full-time basis. Here, you simply check the map with help requests nearby your location and pick up the relevant ones. We believe that any help is priceless, and hope that Dopomoga Poruch will become a useful tool for both those who are seeking help and ready to provide it.

MobiDev publishes Q1/2022 Сompany Report

MobiDev publishes Q1/2022 Сompany Report

May 27, 2022

MobiDev is excited to share a quarterly report representing highlights of Q1, 2022 in numbers! Here we have analyzed the results in the key areas of our performance:

  • Team stability and hiring results
  • Current projects delivery
  • Business indicators
  • Other events that influence company performance

Follow the link to read & download the full Mobidev Q1 / 2022 Сompany Report.


MobiDev opens the new development center in Lodz

MobiDev opens the new development center in Lodz

April 20, 2022

We’re expanding our location list! This time we’d like to announce the opening of our new development center in the heart of Łódź, Poland! And we’d be glad to meet you in person here, so just drop us a line, and we’ll set up the time to discuss your project in a warm cozy atmosphere.

Webinar DataHour: What is Booming Today in AI and How to be Ahead of the Curve

Join us on Webinar DataHour: What is Booming Today in AI and How to be Ahead of the Curve

March 17, 2022

AI is rapidly becoming a part of our lives in different areas and helps businesses become more effective. Our Data Science expert Anastasiia Molodoria will share her vision on the most prospective AI directions in the modern world, and advise on the main steps for AI implementation. Join the free webinar organized by Analytics Vidhya to get up-to-date insights.

When: 29 March 2022, 7:00-8:00 PM IST


UPD: webinar record is now available! Follow the link to watch the full video.

MobiDev partners with one of the biggest technical universities in Ukraine

MobiDev partners with one of the biggest technical universities in Ukraine

February 10, 2022

Our team constantly aims to boost our contribution to the development of the technological community in Ukraine. In particular, the new Ruby course offered at the Innovation Campus program turned out to be the starting point for a partnership between MobiDev and the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.

The partnership was outlined in a memorandum signed by MobiDev president Oleksii Ostroverkhyi and the NTU “KhPI” president Yevgen Sokol.

MobiDev receives the Gold Award from Kharkiv IT Cluster

MobiDev receives the Gold Award from Kharkiv IT Cluster

January 04, 2022

MobiDev team is honored to accept the Gold Reward presented by Kharkiv IT Cluster for successful partnership and contribution to IT Ecosystem development.

As a member of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, we had an opportunity to take part in several large-scale projects for IT professionals in 2021. We are inspired to keep the tendency and work on new prospective projects in the future.

MobiDev joins Kharkiv IT Cluster

MobiDev joins Kharkiv IT Cluster

July 26, 2021

MobiDev has become a member of IT Cluster, a Kharkiv-based NGO that unites the leading IT companies, local authorities, and higher education institutions to introduce comprehensive changes into the IT ecosystem of the city.

For the MobiDev team, this membership opens new opportunities and provides a platform for communication and networking at the local level.


MobiDev Recognized as a Top iOS App Development Company in the USA

July 22, 2021

We’ve been listed among the best iOS app developers in the USA by Selected Firms. Selected Firms is an established B2B research and ranking portal for IT companies that have been helping businesses to connect with the right IT service providers.

The ranking consists of 57  software development companies, with MobiDev ranking in the Top-3! We are honored to receive this recognition and keep moving forward, helping our clients develop high-quality software worldwide.


MobiDev Among Best Web Developers in Atlanta

April 30, 2021

MobiDev was recognized as one of the Top Web Developers of 2021. The ranking is provided by Expertise.com. The main selection criteria include experience, professionalism, reputation, and availability.

“Our goal is to connect people with the best experts. We scored Atlanta Web Developers on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best.” – this is how Expertise.com explains their choice.

We are delighted to be placed among the local industry leaders and appreciate the trust expressed by Expertise.com.

MobiDev top ML company

MobiDev Recognized as Top Machine Learning Company in 2021

March 24, 2021

MobiDev was named one of the top Machine Learning companies by SuperbCompanies. The rating includes numerous rankings of agencies that are created on the ground of consistent research assessing such important criteria as companies’ reputation, portfolio, expertise, experience, and customer feedback. 

SuperbCompanies is a famous research portal that provides ratings of IT companies and serves as one of the reference points for choosing a service agency on the Internet. 

We appreciate the recognition of MobiDev Machine Learning expertise. Daily we keep on helping companies discover the power of machine learning to align it with their business goals. And we keep it simple!


March 16, 2021

The webinar scheduled for the 3rd of March was held successfully. We want to share with you valuable information related to impressions of the event that were shared with us by participants.

Darina Khanina from Axis Innovation mentioned that the content of the webinar was relevant and super-interesting. She was impressed with the presentations made by Liudmyla Taranenko and Alexandra Ilinskaya. Live discussion between the MobiDev speakers, Amazon specialist and an investor from Cardumen Capital was amazing – despite the limit of time.

Speakers from MobiDev also shared their impressions of the event. Our colleagues liked the webinar topic because it’s crucial to understand the potential of AI. Such an understanding will allow us to use AI power to achieve astonishing goals. Due to their opinion, it was a great pleasure to be at the same table with top-notch experts who share their vision, even though this table was virtual. It’s essential to cooperate with people from different companies to ensure we are on the right path.      

We’re proud of Liudmyla Taranenko and Alexandra Ilinskaya, who demonstrated a high level of expertise during their speeches! Follow the link to view the webinar.   

Clutch.co Named MobiDev #1 of Top B2B Firms in Machine Learning in 2021

March 04, 2021

Due to Clutch Announces 2021, MobiDev is recognized as number one in the Machine Learning list of Top B2B Artificial Intelligence Firms. Besides this achievement, MobiDev also occupied places in other ratings connected to AI. For example, in ratings of top Chatbot Developers and Natural Language Processing Companies.     

Clutch highlights industry leaders in the global B2B market. The evaluation methodology for identifying top firms in the Artificial Intelligence Space is based on expertise and ability to deliver. We appreciate the recognition of our services and approaches, which, by the way, is not the first time.

“I am very grateful for this award presented by Clutch. The biggest honor goes to the team who supported the company to attain its overwhelming success for the past few years,” – said Oleg Lola, Chief Executive Officer of MobiDev.

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