Andrii Melnyk
Head of Legal

As the Head of Legal at our esteemed company, I am dedicated to crafting documents and legal outputs that are not only legally sound and effective, but also clear and accessible to non-legal minds. Gone are the days of convoluted legalese and lengthy pages of dense text. A skilled attorney should be able to produce documents and legal opinions that require no further interpretation, minimizing the need for additional legal consultation.

While I’m passionate about swiftly diving into project development, I recognize the paramount importance of the legal stage. Our team diligently ensures that legal matters don’t hinder or delay projects, while simultaneously guaranteeing thorough research and proper documentation – a cornerstone for enduring and successful collaborations.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we stand on their side. While we may not provide direct legal advice, we’re always ready to share insights and conclusions to guide you on essential aspects to discuss with your legal team.

Beyond the legal realm, I balance my professional life with the joy of raising my son, an appreciation for rock music, and a keen interest in the latest technologies.

Reach out to our dynamic legal team, where passion meets precision, to ensure your legal journey is both smooth and comprehensive. Let’s navigate the legal landscape together.

Articles written by Andrii Melnyk:

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