Online Workplace Development for Hail Damage Repair Professionals

Client and Business Goals:

Sublink is an independent offshoot of a vehicle repair business that has been in the US market for 19 years. The company came up with an idea to create a subscription-based marketplace that would unite service providers.

Product Description:

The client needed to create a web portal and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The main goal was to build a platform to connect mechanics and clients while considering the specifics related to the hail damage repair niche.

Applied Technologies:

  • Web: Node.js, Redis, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Docker Engine, PostgreSQL, AWS, Express.js, Sequelize, Socket.IO, Nginx, Swagger-jsdoc, Element UI
  • iOS: Swift, Generamba, HydraAsync, R.swift, XCTest, VIPER architecture
Online workplace for hail damage repair professionals
Online workplace app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Extensive business analysis and documentation for product evolution
  • Node.js stack to meet strict deadlines before the season starts
  • Real-time communications between contractors and vehicle owners
How to develop online workplace similar to Upwork
How to develop online workplace similar to Upwork

Extensive business analysis and documentation for product evolution

  • The initial focus was on completing a business analysis and the overall UI/UX design that utilized screen flows and visualized the logic. During the development stage, everything was kept extremely focused on the end goal since it was predetermined.
  • The first version included basic features that laid the foundation for future growth. This included a scalable architecture that also contained detailed documentation as well. A good example of this was the QA documentation that details sets of prioritized regression tests for each platform, as well as sets of cases for happy path flow and smoke testing.
How to develop online workplace similar to Upwork

Node.js Stack to Hit the Market Before the High Season

  • The launch was scheduled prior to November. This was the season when demand for hail damage repair services typically reaches its peak. Additionally, we needed enough time to test this rather complex system comprehensively. Options like PHP were left out in favor of Node.js. This helped us meet both the functional requirements and deadlines.

Real-Time Communications Between Contractors and Vehicle Owners

  • One of our main goals was facilitating effective interactions between contractors and vehicle owners. The cornerstone of this process was a real-time chat that we implemented in native iOS and Android apps using Socket.IO.
1 Year To Deliver a Complex Product
Real-time Cross-Platform Communications
90% Lower Stress With Competent Project Management
Node.js-based back end; Nuxt.js-based front end; native apps for iOS and Android

Natalia is by far the best project manager we have ever worked with. Her communication and quality of work reduced stress levels by 90% on our end. She owned our project like it was her brainchild and protected its integrity like she was a stakeholder. Awesome job! Can't wait for the next opportunity that brings us together.


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