Ruby on Rails Legacy Platform Upgrade

Client and Business Goals:

WFCCA offers credit reporting and collection services to Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of floor covering products. In order to enhance and sustain the credit information of its members’ clientele, WFCCA organizes regular meetings and grants all members access to its portal. MobiDev was tasked with upgrading the WFCCA portal legacy code to newer version and complex bug fixing.

Product Description:

The WFCCA web portal enables all association members to carry out their operational tasks by providing diversified access to credit data. However, the Ruby on Rails technology stack and Heroku service being used became outdated and required an update of the legacy code to newer versions.

Applied Technologies:

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Heroku, regression testing


Project Highlights:

  • Completed the platform upgrade within 3 months
  • Extensive testing and bug fixing
  • Composed detailed project documentation

Ruby on Rails Legacy App Modernization: Upgrade or Rebuild?


Completed the platform upgrade within 3 months

We have successfully upgraded the system from Ruby 2.5.8, Ruby on Rails, and Heroku 18 Stack, resulting in a stable work environment. The entire process of updating the legacy code and resolving bugs was finished in less than three months.


Extensive testing and bug fixing

In addition to updating the legacy code, we also conducted quality assurance and addressed any bugs that were found. Regression testing was chosen as the optimal approach to ensure that existing software continues to function correctly after the upgrade. Legacy code is complex and interdependent, and even small changes can cause unintended consequences or introduce new bugs. While testing the system update, we also discovered and fixed unrelated bugs, ranging from minor issues to more significant problems affecting the application’s logic.

Composed detailed project documentation

Our QA expert created a list of UAT (user acceptance testing) cases to streamline the bug-fixing process and reduce the amount of time required. This document outlined the testing process, detailing which areas needed to be tested and what the expected results should be.

In addition to the UAT cases compiled by the QA expert, our business analyst generated detailed functional requirements that outlined the intended behavior and functionality of the WFCCA portal. These requirements provide a comprehensive foundation for testing the current version of the portal, as well as for future improvements and upgrades. The functional requirements ensure that all aspects of the portal are thoroughly tested and that any issues are identified and resolved before the updates are released to users.

Regression testing as an optimal testing approach
3 months to complete the platform upgrade
Detailed documentation supporting legacy upgrade

We are a non-profit society that was in need of a website update. When we reached out to MobiDev they were very patient with us as we do not have a technical team and they took the time to walk us through the process and explain what was going to happen. That was very reassuring. Their communication throughout the entire process was excellent. We were provided regular updates so at no time did we feel that we did not know what was going on. They were extremely Professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you again for an excellent job.

Lindsay Clarkson

WFCCA Representative

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