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Digitalization of Swiss Tourism Using Microsoft Services

Client and Business Goals: is an IT initiative supported by the government of Switzerland. It is designed to popularize and digitalize local tourism and make it easily accessible. developed and is responsible for the platform concept and its strategy, which MobiDev implements in a highly professional manner.

Product Description: is a SaaS platform that uses API integration to aggregate and standardize data – information and offers – from large and small service providers, and share it across the network. As a result, tourists can see a unified picture of local travel spots and destinations in partner apps that are using the API.

Applied Technologies:

  • .NET, C#
  • Microsoft Azure: Azure DevOps, Functions, Cosmos DB, Blob Storage, App Insights, Cognitive Search, App Configuration, Key Vault, CDN, AD B2C, Event Grid
  • REST-API, Token-based Authentication
  • Angular, TypeScript
  • GDPR-compliance
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Project Highlights:

  • Ecosystem approach with “API as a service”
  • Data standardization and classification to create a single system 
  • Making the most of Microsoft Azure cloud services

Ecosystem Approach with "API as a Service”

The platform uses REST architecture. It aggregates multiple data and turns it into structured information about tourist spots and activities, displayed in a common format and can be displayed in the frontend of the tourist service providers. The API creates key value for the users, providing them an asset for building their digital presence with the essential data at hand. With the large tourist management systems providing information on one side, and local service providers on the other, the needs of a business are all covered via the connection established with the API. 

Data Standardization and Classification to Create a Single System

The concept for this platform is based on the ecosystem approach and its scalability. New companies are constantly being added. Dedicated algorithms keep the aggregated information precise and unified. To achieve data standardization, the concept relies on approved data structure definitions. Processing multiple data coming from different sources is possible by using storage queues. This allows the database load to be balanced and distributed.

Making the Most of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure stack brought seamless integration between the essential parts of the platform: 

    • Azure Functions to build the API and process the data. 
    • Cosmos DB  for consistency with real-time reads and writes, and independently scaling storage.
    • Azure Storage Blob Service for data back-up and data changes tracking and Azure Storage Tables for business logs.
    • Azure DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.
    • Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Maps Weather Services to use the AI capabilities for indexing, creating advanced data search features.
    • App Configuration to configure the system, and Azure Key Vault to keep the configuration data secure.
API ecosystem approach
Data Standardization
Azure-based infrastructure

Thanks to the cooperation with MobiDev, we were able to meet our high demands for a backend service quality platform for Swiss tourism. MobiDev convinced us with their excellent software development skills, their solution-oriented and imaginative contributions, and very reliable and high-quality services.

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