Flutter-Based Cross-Platform Fitness Application Development

Client and Business Goals:

The MD Gym was part of MobiDev Flutter research. It started in early 2018 as Flutter was released earlier. The app features were designed to test the framework and to create the best version of the platform.

Project Description:

MD Gym is a mobile assistant for sportspeople that replaces the traditional means of organizing workout and tracking progress.

Applied Technologies:

Flutter, SQLite, UI/UX design and prototyping, push notifications, native plugins, manual testing, Agile management framework.

MD Gym, mobile assistant for sportspeople
Flutter application development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Created a modular scheme to leave space for changes and updates in the future
  • Used Flutter to reduce development time by 30%
  • Sped up the development process with one-click compilation
Flutter allowed to reduce development time by 30%
Flutter allowed to reduce development time by 30%

Modular Scheme of the Product Leaves Space for Changes and Updates in the Future

  • MD Gym started with a business analysis that included marketing research, analysis of competitors, identification of needs, and formation of behavior scenarios. This knowledge helped us to create a roadmap for all activities through our main product features.
  • The next step was to form and visualize a functional prototype. It was tested by real users. A subsequent survey allowed us to check our initial assumptions regarding use scenarios and gain a better understanding of individual user needs. Here is the clickable MD Gym prototype for you to check out.
Flutter allowed to reduce development time by 30%

Flutter Reduced Development Time by 30% and Gave Us the Freedom of Custom UI Design

  • Our next step was to find a flexible technological basis for the future product that allowed developers to achieve maximum productivity and eliminated rewriting everything from scratch in the case of changes in design and overall workflow. Flutter, one of the most promising cross-platform frameworks for mobile development, allowed us to build iOS and Android apps from a single codebase with full-native performance.
  • Flutter allowed us to save up to 30% on development time in comparison to similar cross-platform technologies and native development options.

Speeding Up the Development Process with One-Click Compilation

  • Flutter application development has a simplified process of lightning-quick compilation. It takes less than one second between making changes in the code before the changes are reflected in the app itself.
  • The inherent flexibility of this technology helps implementation and debugging proceed at an even faster pace—right up to the successful release.
30% Reduced Development Time
One-Click Code Compilation
Stable Version Release
Flutter allows for 1 second compilation

The single-threaded data that flows in a Flutter app allows us to use RX in the architecture, which makes the product more transparent and flexible. A unidirectional data flow with predefined responsibilities for each component—Action, BloC, and View—allows us to implement changes and conduct troubleshooting more effectively. All these features offer more flexibility than those of any other similar technology.

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