Secure Communication For Enterprises

Client and Business Goals:

Secure Group is an international company focused on digital security. Secure Group provides military-grade secure communication with its proprietary software and complex hardware.

Product Description:

Secure Phone is a device with a custom operating system designed for encrypted communication and data storage.

Applied Technologies:

  • Secure Phone: Mobile Device Management, GSON, AOSP, RXJava, RXAndroid, SQLite
  • Secure Apps (Chat & Email): Java, message and object encryption protocols, real-time transport protocol, customized libraries
  • Back End: Symfony, PHP, MySQL, Docker, Docker Compose, Elastic, Composer
  • UI/UX design, Codeception-based testing, Agile management framework
Secure Phone is a device with a custom operating system designed for encrypted communication and data storage
Custom operating system development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Secure Phone & OS
  • Secure communications
  • Managing the ecosystem
  • Form a startup idea into a solid enterprise
Secure Phone and Secure Apps (Chat & Email)
Secure Phone and Secure Apps (Chat & Email)

Secure Phone & OS

  • The mobile device needed to run an Android-based operating system. It also needed to include secure custom libraries, a modified app framework, remote control, recovery, partition validation, and end-to-end encryption that ensured a high level of layered security.
Secure Phone and Secure Apps (Chat & Email)

Secure Communications

  • Secure Chat is a communication app that enables encrypted text messaging and file exchange. Nothing gets logged, and no data is stored on the server. Users are verified via the OTR protocol.
  • Secure Email is a PGP-based mailing app. Emails are not decrypted using this app. All data, including encryption keys used for messages, are stored in the apps encrypted database.

Managing the Ecosystem

  • There’s also a command center for every corporate ecosystem. By providing flexible remote device management, server setups, account policies, restrictions, and pre-configurations, it grants a convenient control over devices.

From a Startup Idea to a Solid Enterprise

  • Back in 2011, the client invited MobiDev to help with Blackberry application development. The next big thing for both of our teams was to create a fully secured customized OS. We’re still working together and are proud of all the growth and success we’ve seen to date.
Zero Attack Surface Attack Surface
Triple Password Protection
End-to-End Encryption
Flexible remote device management

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