Mobile App Development for Mental Care

Client and Business goals:

A California-based entrepreneur, who has always had the belief that technology must serve people. While most hardware and medical software aim to help people to keep their physical health, the client’s ideas concerned psychological and mental health, and his company already had several products united by this idea.


Mood Cow is a mental care tool for primary care physicians and their patients, people who often find themselves under stress and are in need of quick and convenient assisted self-help. The app helps them evaluate current psychological conditions daily, and track them over time. There is a set of simple and effective well-systematized techniques that track nutrition, water consumption, physical exercise, as well as positive and negative influences on psychological health.

Applied technologies:

JavaScript, Cordova, Chart.js Library, UI/UX design, Quality assurance & project management.

Tool For Primary Care Physicians & Patients
Mobile App for Healthcare Highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Scientific background of the app
  • Fixed price software development model
Medical Mobile App Screens
Medical Mobile App Screens

Scientific Background of The App

  • The client’s scientific degree was the perfect prerequisite to designing simple and intuitive UI for people who are under psychological pressure and stress.
  • As a Patient, a user can take a quick test where they indicate their current mood, then pick a negative factor that might have caused bad mood, then pick whatever has had a positive influence.
  • Since the data has to be relevant, the patient ‘captures the mood’ on a daily basis. At the end of the month, the data is aggregated, and then the app factors in mood dynamics which are easily tracked—according to the last 20 entries—and then this information is provided to the doctor for analysis.
Medical Mobile App Screens

Fixed Price Software Development Model

The client provided us with comprehensive and perfectly clear specifications that allowed us to apply a fixed price software development model to this project. First we created the landing page, and we used its visual style as the basis for cross-platform mobile app development.

Mobile App for Mental Health

Thank you for all the hard work you put in for Mood Cow. You committed to work to deliver a product that satisfies me. I sincerely thank you for everything you did for me, from prompt and thoughtful communication, detailed plans and work, thoughtful budgeting to accommodate my personal financial constraints, to overall respect and considerations for me. I am pleased and honored to work with you, and I am looking forward to continuing working with you.

Satoru Isaka

Product Owner

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