Cross-Platform App for
Relationship Evaluation & Compatibility

Client and Business goals: 

The group of  US relationship scientists, psychology professors, and media professionals was aiming to create a software product showing the strengths and weaknesses of human relationships, and suggesting improvements for better interactions. 


StayGo is a cross-platform app. Combining social feedback with scientific methods, it evaluates users’ romantic relationships and predicts their possible future.

Applied technologies:

Hybrid app development:

  • JavaScript, PhoneGap (Cordova)
  • Custom animations (drag-and-drop, infinity scroll, charts, diagrams) and mobile app design

Web app development:

  • MySQL, Nginx
  • Amazon S3
  • AppsFlyer & Facebook SDKs
  • Google Geocoding
  • Push Notifications
  • Custom server-based maths
  • Automated API tests
Cross-platform app combining social feedback with scientific methods
Cross-platform app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • The scientifically accurate score for the relationship’s future prediction
  • Relationships ups and downs tracker
  • Anonymous feedback from your family and friends
JavaScript, PhoneGap (Cordova) for cross-platform app development
JavaScript, PhoneGap (Cordova) for cross-platform app development

The Scientifically Accurate Score for a Relationship’s Future Prediction

  • StayGo Score – the server-side system interprets user answers through mathematical methods and notions of behavioral psychology. Then the app outputs the score in 20 different categories. As a result, a user is able to predict the chances of his/her happy relationships.
JavaScript, PhoneGap (Cordova) for cross-platform app development

Relationships Ups and Downs Tracker

  • StayGo Tracker – the ups and downs tracker, visualizing relationship charts through the JavaScript-based app design.

Anonymous Feedback From Your Family and Friends

  • StayGo Peeps – the system based on the processing of users’ contact book. By gathering email addresses from the users’ contact book, the app enables emails with a link to anonymous questionnaires.
The server-side system interprets user answers through mathematical methods and notions of behavioral psychology

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Partner and Owner of StayGo Application

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