Case Study: SuChef, Healthy Cookbook

May 29, 2015 377 Views
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Case Study: SuChef, Healthy Cookbook

SuChef was created for people who don't have to be experienced cooks - that's why the target audience is everyone who loves cooking and everyone who loves tasty and healthy food - the latter criteria is the key. The app is monetized through in-app payments for over 25 additional recipe filters according to diets or food allergies. Users don't have to surf through countless recipes in cookbooks. They just filter out what they don't need and here they are, able to find delicious and healthy meals easily. What's more, they want to cook a meal of what they currently have in the fridge - and here is SuChef, the perfect helper.

How did we start it? The Client already had an app on the App Store; they required to fix several bugs and add several features. However, the application had not been updated for a long time and predictably gathered quite a few bugs. What's more, it had a design that was at odds with usability, and we'd already had iOS 7 by then. Minor tweaks would not solve the problem, and we offered a deep modernization of the app.


Our task was making an attractive and fully functional application that is stable in work and easy in further maintenance.


  • • A user may create an account (via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail). This enables the feature of synchronization of favorite recipes and ingredients across devices.
  • • Over 200,000 recipes to choose from.
  • • Filtering out the unwanted recipes by selecting ingredients, country, type of meal, and preferences as for cooking time.
  • • Free filters: Kids-Friendly, Low Gluten, Arthritic, Vegetarian, and Diabetic.
  • • Checking the missing ingredients and making a shopping list.
  • • An in-built barcode scanner.
  • • Voice search.
  • • Additional dietary preferences and food allergy filters are available through in-app purchases: for example, Nut-Free, High Protein, Paleo, Low Calorie, Low Cholesterol, and more – this makes the app a great helper at fitness-related purposes, such as diet planning, losing weight, and of course, healthy nutrition.
  • • In-app contact with support.


  • • Flurry, PinterestSDK, CoreLocation, Accelerate framework, Assets Library, MessageUI framework, CoreText, CoreTelephony, CoreData, StoreKit, MobileCoreServices, CFNetwork, AudioToolbox, QuartzCore, CoreVideo, CoreMedia, AVFoundation, Security fw, System Configuration fw, Twitter, Accounts, Social, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, AFNetworking, Magical Record, SpeechKit
  • • Backend: Sphinx, MySQL, PHP


We provided the app with a powerful back end that contained the logic of search according to criteria set by the user, work with Favorite recipes and shopping lists.

The app used to cost $1.99 from the beginning, yet in further releases it became free with the abovementioned in-app purchases; both ways it's cheaper for end users than paper cookbooks. What's more, it's beautiful, has all the filters one might need, and recipes in a number of languages. The Client was fully satisfied with the results and the easy collaboration process; after all the works SuChef multiplied its number of users by several times.

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