SaaS Platform For Education & Mentoring

Client and Business goals:

US-based education company was aimed to create a solution for connecting applicants with mentoring students.


A SaaS platform with admin panel, comprising the React-based website and iOS application. The platform targets the US market.

Applied technologies:

  • React, Swift, PHP, Yii 2, MySQL, AWS/S3, Nginx, Nchan, Algolia, APNS, Twilio, Mailgun
  • Payment integration (Alipay and Stripe)
  • Analytics integration (Flurry, Mixpanel, FB, Branch)
  • Signup APIs (Facebook, Google+)
  • Manual testing, API autotests (Python)
  • Continuous integration (Fabric, Jenkins, Ansible)
  • UI/UX design
  • Agile management framework
React-based website and iOS application development
Microservices-based web application development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • New architecture for an already existing product
  • Self-sufficient platforms targeted at different markets
  • Decrease of server load and product performance optimization
The web application architecture was rewritten from scratch
The web application architecture was rewritten from scratch

New architecture for an already existing product

  • Having an existing platform, the clients reached out to us with the request to update it and optimize its performance. The product architecture was rewritten from scratch.
The web application architecture was rewritten from scratch

Self-sufficient platforms targeted different markets

  • Originally the platform was targeted at the US market. After some time, Asian high schoolers needed a separate platform to connect with US-based mentors.
  • By cloning the platform and using a different API and database, we set up a totally self-sufficient new product.

Decrease of server load and performance optimization

  • Having a large user base, the important task was to make the product reliable and stable. It was clear that we should decrease server load and optimize product performance so as to maintain a large user base at a high level.
  • Our initial Ansible-based deployment was evolved into a continuous integration system. Additionally involving Fabric and Jenkins, it was boosted with API autotests.
15,000+ STUDENTS
Decrease server load and optimize application performance

We've always appreciated MobiDev for all the invaluable consulting, for the communication and reporting set up conveniently for us. They never feel like a remote team. They are immediately available for our requests. They are a reliable team that can build complex software from scratch, deliver it strictly on time and later on effectively evolve it. Our own ongoing collaboration with MobiDev fully confirms their professional reputation on the market.

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Company Founder/CEO

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