IoT App Development for Automotive Hardware and Software Manufacturing

Client and Business Goals:

The story started when the client, a German-based vehicle electronics manufacturer, was looking for a stylish mobile app for his new wheel suspension control hardware. The partnership has since evolved to releasing a series of IoT applications for the automotive industry.

Project Description:

Three EU-certified Internet of Things products:

  • Active Suspension Control (ASC) to control wheel suspension
  • Active Sound Gateway (ASG) to regulate the car’s tailpipe sound
  • Active Valve Control (AVC) to control the tailpipe sound with the help of the exhaust system valves

Applied Technologies:

Swift 4 for iOS, Java, and Kotlin for Android, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Backendless, Agile management framework, prototyping and UI/UX design, hardware/software integration, manual testing.

Active Suspension Control and Active Sound Gateway, EU-certified Internet of Things products.
IoT automotive app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • ASC: 5 weeks to deliver an IoT iOS app
  • ASG: Improving user experience and redesigning the product
  • AVC: Native apps developed with Bluetooth Low Energy connection
Mobile apps allow to control wheel suspension (ASC) and regulate car tailpipe sound (ASG) with a smartphone
Mobile apps allow to control wheel suspension (ASC) and regulate car tailpipe sound (ASG) with a smartphone

ASC: 5 Weeks to Deliver an IoT iOS App

  • The initial application brought by the client was unreliable and connected to the hardware only through WiFi. We implemented fully-fledged native applications for iOS and Android from scratch and moved from WiFi to Bluetooth Low Energy. It allowed us to significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • The main focus was on active analysis and integration of software and hardware. Ensuring the quality and reliability of these types of products requires non-emulated testing on a real car. And within five weeks, we submitted the final iOS product to the App Store.
Mobile apps allow to control wheel suspension (ASC) and regulate car tailpipe sound (ASG) with a smartphone

ASG: Improving the User Experience and Redesigning the Product

  • We rebuilt the functionality of the existing app and applied up-to-date technologies such as Swift 4 for iOS and Kotlin for Android.
  • New features were added to improve the user experience and UI. These included animations, settings for additional speakers, over the air device firmware update, and downloading new sounds for the car.

AVC: Native Apps Developed With a Bluetooth Low Energy Connection

  • Native apps for iOS and Android were developed from scratch, using Bluetooth Low Energy as the optimal connection protocol because of its low energy consumption. The main focus was on UI/UX and integration of both software and hardware. As car enthusiasts, the MobiDev team was extremely passionate to work on this project.
3 products Developed Under The Brand
10,000+ Installs
5 weeks To Deliver An IoT App
The device allows car owners to control wheel suspension via Bluetooth Low Energy connection

Never for a second did I have any doubt about the success of my project. I found their development team very competent and exceedingly motivated in the first place. In the end, everything was fulfilled according to my requirements, and I could proudly present the apps to my clients. I can truly recommend collaboration with MobiDev to anyone who needs a competent and responsive partner in app development. We have three more apps on the list, and we will certainly entrust MobiDev with them.

Alexander Savinykh

Executive Director and Owner, AS-DEV

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