Case Study: WhereFortune

March 20, 2015 316 Views
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Case Study: WhereFortune

WhereFortune began as an idea of a Zodiac-based horoscope that simply draws information from third-party sources and delivers them daily to iOS users. More detailed horoscopes would be available as in-app purchases. Besides that, currently there are two versions of WhereFortune on the market: ''lite'' and ''pro'' (with and without ads respectively).

That was it. We started the work from scratch, and this allowed us to share and develop ideas together. After we sketched the design, the Client decided that it was not enough to catch people's attention effectively, there was a need for a more sophisticated feature set. Then came the idea of making imaginative personalized forecasts. We also had to create the back end for generation of these readings.


Similar apps at the time represented just simple Zodiac readings, so we went on developing ideas to offer something significantly better, more functional and more beautiful.


We took the time to create a complex algorithm of generation of personalized readings, which consider personal data, location (the nearest cities, places, parks etc.), weather, and so on. We utilized over 250 readings with blanks for dynamic personalization. Then we pulled in more data about famous people born on particular days (for coincidences with users' birthdays) and famous places nearby. We applied all of our ideas that concerned content personalization based on geolocation, and unfolded a local database of geographical objects.


In the end we had a rather large system, with approximately 50,000 daily users. This software still remains one of the most frequently visited web projects of MobiDev.

As for design, we paid special attention to details, since it had not only to be intuitive, but also appealing to the target audience – women, who are generally much more interested in fortunetelling and design tricks (the same thing was obvious when almost all people who sent letters to the support team were women).


There are three types of readings included in WhereFortune:

  • • Daily horoscope with predictions gathered from third-party resources, delivered according to the selected Zodiac sign. This is a great way to get the mood for a day – either through push-notifications or email.
  • • Personalized reading that depends on user input data: name, date/place of birth, current date, time, geographical location, and weather conditions.
  • • A detailed PDF report with an extended astrological forecast, again, based on personal data. Advice as for business endeavors and compatibility with a love interest, astrological diagrams and charts – this and much more is offered as in-app purchases, proved popular with dedicated fans of fortunetelling.


  • • Languages: Objective-C
  • • Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, FacebookSDK, Google AdMob, CoreMotion, CoreText, Social, AdSuport, iAd, CoreLocation, MapKit, CFNetwork, MobileCoreServices, ShareKit, CoreImage, Accelerate, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, Twitter, TestFlight, Security, SystemConfiguration, StoreKit, AFNetworking
  • • Additional Technologies/Approaches: Universal application (iPhone/iPad), iCloud, In-App Purchases, Localization, Animations, Parallax, CustomAds
  • • Backend: PHP, MySQL, Redis, and Yii framework


The atmosphere of collaboration was traditionally friendly and proactive all over its long course. The app went its way from the iPhone 3GS and up to full redesigns for iOS 7 and later, and support for the iPhone 6 and the iPads. Over this time WhereFortune acquired numerous users, sending over 150,000 letters and notifications every day.

After the release we conducted works on polishing and server optimization for speeding it up and boosting load capabilities. Probably the most critical issue we faced was when we had to make fixes owing to changes introduced by Apple in iOS 7, such as binding to Device ID. The product faced many releases and earned its great reputation with users.

A closing mention must be made of the beautiful design that has been evolving according to the zeitgeist, but preserved its individuality, only gaining such effects as parallax and beautiful animations, which look particularly great on the iPad screen.

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