Case Study: Scibox CRM

March 10, 2015 279 Views
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Case Study: Scibox CRM

Scibox was designed as a comprehensive solution for Customer Relationship Management in the staffing industry. A strong set of recruiting features, collaborative cloud-based staffing environment, and high-class quality - everything required to make a great product. It's currently offered to businesses as software-as-a-service solution.


Generally it's a product for internal use, which allows to manage business contacts with convenience and efficiently conduct the presales stage (finding contractors for clients and interviewing them). End users are sales people, recruiters/hiring managers, and contractors/candidates.

The whole system is designed to engage all users to be a part of the sales process, and bring them proactivity and convenience within the environment. Scibox is used to get new customers, expand the relationships with the existing ones, identify appropriate candidates with the required skills; for contractors it's a place to look for best promotion and application of their skills and experience. And it doesn't suffer from overcomplexity, contrary to bigger CRM options available on the market.


Our goal was creating iOS and Android client apps for the Scibox CRM. We had to elaborate the workflow from scratch, design and implement it – full cycle up to deployment on the respective stores.


The current supported platform versions are iOS 7.0 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, optimized for iPhone 5), and Android 4.1 ''Jelly Bean'' or later.

Since Scibox is corporate software, any third-party user cannot have access to the app and its services without credentials.

Opportunity. Any kind of business opportunity, be it a new customer to land business with, or expansion of collaboration with an existing customer.

Activity. An action that a user plans to make in relation to an opportunity. For example, meeting a contact from the opportunity.

Newsfeed. RSS feed: news about activities and opportunities.

Pipeline. Establishing business relations. It shows at which stage they are: the contact has just been established, or the project is opened/closed, etc.

Stage. Current status of activities (pipeline, upside, forecast, commit, closed-won, closed-lost).

Passcode. There is no need in logging out every time. There is a 4-digit passcode that secures the access to the account. A very convenient feature that doesn't appear often in such apps.

Add To Calendar. The user can add activities to Google Calendar and manage the notifications.

There could be an additional feature of reading info from business cards, but it was ultimately rejected.

The whole back end, the product concept and its uniqueness were provided from the Client's side.


Scibox for iOS

Language: Objective-C

Frameworks: AFNetworking, TestFightSDK, CoreTelephony, EventKit, MapKit, SystemConfiguration, MessageIU, Foundation, CoreGraphics, UIKit

External libraries: NewRelic iOS Agent, GCDTimer, PECropViewController, EGOTableViewPullRefresh, KeychainItemWrappwer, PageControl, REImagePickerViewController, REMailCompose, RFMailCompose, SSSmsCompose, SVProgressHUD

Scibox for Android

Language: Java

Technologies: Android SDK / Support Libraries, http connection, JSON, Security, Renderscript, cropping images, Android contacts provider, Android calendar provider

Libraries: New Relic, ButterKnife, Universal Image Loader, Retrofit, OkHttp, JodaTime, Circle Image View, GUI Sliding Sidebar, View Pager, Pull To Refresh List


Probably the most predictable issue that appears in software projects is working with third-party API and developing the backend on the Client's side. This was the main cause of short delays, inconsistency of requirements brought by the Client, and our constant requests for clarifications and approvals. Our perfectly elaborated work process and the Client's decisiveness made it possible to overcome these obstacles.

This mobile project went on with enough power to become a winner. Android and iOS versions were deployed to application stores almost simultaneously. Our Client went on promoting it and putting it to use by huge numbers of Scibox users around the world. As for our team, we fully satisfied all the changing demands of the Client and went on supporting and updating it, releasing new versions and improving the overall experience even further.

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