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MedNexus is a high-performance tool for browsing and reading medical literature, designed for healthcare professionals and expert consumers.
Powered by cutting-edge analytics, the app dynamically updates search results based on crowdsourced data. The end result is delivery of the most relevant content to the user.


FireScribe is a perfect example of creating a simple but fun entertainment app quickly and easily.
The app allows users to create and send beautiful animated congratulations via message or e-mail. It features a high level of customization options to give each congratulation a unique look.

"I was extremely happy with the performance of MobiDev. From Day 1 they exhibited an extremely high level of professionalism and expertise. They work well as a team, and were proactive in finding the best possible solution to my brief. They took the time to really study the brief, and gain an understanding of the outcome required. They created a realistic timeline and budget and were able to keep to it. And along the way they able to react accordingly to the many unforeseen challenges that arose. Their technical and client liaison personnel were outstanding. I would be delighted to recommend them for any project of which they feel they are capable (and there will be many!), and they will definitely be involved in any future projects of mine."

-James Wadley


HOELZLE app is a perfect solution for effective and convenient interactions between manufacturers and suppliers.
It is provided to manufacturers by suppliers, being complementary to online shops. The app allows to scan barcodes, browse through all categories of wares, and order them straight away.


Here's an amazing free game of explaining and guessing words, designed and developed as an internal project of MobiDev.
Owlias sets the highest standards of impeccable design and responsiveness in addictive entertainment apps.
The app uses extensive dictionaries for different levels of difficulty, and offers maximum customization and smooth workflow − everything it takes to create a perfect board game app.

Just Fit Points

Here is a branded solution that allows to sign up for a gym workout from a mobile device. The other main feature is scoring points based on user's gym activity; these points can be exchanged for various extras and rewards provided by the gym.
Convenient scheduling, check-ins, and a system of bonuses − these features aren't limited to sports institutions and can be easily applied for other businesses.

Scibox CRM

Scibox is a comprehensive solution for Customer Relationship Management in the staffing industry. It has a strong set of recruiting features, collaborative cloud-based staffing environment, and high-class quality.
Scibox brings proactivity and convenience within the sales environment. It is used to gain new customers, expand relationships with the existing ones, identify appropriate candidates with the required skills. For contractors it's a place to look for the best promotion and application of their skills and experience.


Myngle is a beautifully designed location-based social network that helps people find one another at different venues easier than ever.
It includes a registration feature, a map, a database of venues, a live chat, and notifications. Myngle is a complex system with powerful backend and polished interactions.

    Comcash 2.0

    Comcash is an extremely powerful and highly customizable cloud-based retail ERP system for small and middle businesses.
    The system has a lot of functional constituents, including: company hierarchy and different user types; point of sale app, eShop, product base and management, stock locations (warehouses), sales and customer management, CRM, accounting and financial reporting, and an advanced notification system.


    WrapLive is a photo-sharing social network designed for iOS and Android, with the latest trends in design and social functionality taken into consideration.
    Signup via phone number and email; adding friends from contacts; creating shared albums and posting photos; a system of comments; live chat; a set of photo editing tools; offline work and auto-uploading; push notifications.
    This rich set of features was combined in a beautiful and responsive apps with polished user interactions.

    "I have the pleasure of working closely with MobiDev for the last nine months, and I found their team to be first-rate. I would like to thank everyone at MobiDev for going above and beyond typical support, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. These guys are awesome."

    -Calvin So


    PreCom is an app for volunteers who are willing to help fire brigades at work. The app allows to plan and share the schedule, form volunteer teams for effective help, and view the calendar.
    This app is cross-platform for the best convenience in use on multiple device types and platforms, based on PhoneGap and our own toolkit RAD.js. This app dispels the myth that high-quality apps can be made only by native means.


    MyTrialStats is a simple yet effective iOS app for keeping track of court experience, designed for attorneys, judges, law students, court clerks, deputies, and other courtroom professionals.
    Additional features include backups of data on Google Drive or Dropbox, generation of custom PDF reports that can be shared via email, social networks, or printed.

    Closing Cost Calculator

    Closing Cost Calculator is a simple and invaluable assistant by selling and buying real estate property across Florida, USA.
    The app logic concerns the estimations of closing fees and their division between the buyer and the seller − easy for the end user and fully in the offline mode. The estimations are based on user input data, and the results can be shared via email.


    • Direct communication between dog owners and dogsitters on the go;
    • Push notifications;
    • Viewing photos from current location;
    • Ability to check-in when the sitter and your dog come back home or go to the park.


    • Shout drinks for your friends at venues in Sydney, and redeem the drinks shouted for you;
    • Create a MyShout account via e-mail or Facebook;
    • Transfer money to your credit balance via PayPal or a credit card;
    • Send money from your credit balance to another MyShout user;
    • Browse for venues and view details/menus;
    • Receive notifications via Push, e-mail, SMS or Facebook.

      "Roman did an excellent job with the Android version of MyShout Apps and looking forward for the next new phase of apps to be developed and release in the very near future. We will definitely consider Roman as the one to continue with our development cycle.

      Alexey did a great job overseeing the completion of the second phase of MyShout development. We look forward for the next revision of Apps development very soon. He is an integral part of the design and development of this cool apps. 

      Alexander have done a great job with the MyShout App development and we will consider re-engaging him for the next phase of re-development. 

      Nikolay did a great job with the apps design and provided great feeback and suggestion for futher improvement. 

      We will definitely consider him to continue with our next release of MyShout to be starting soon."

      -TC Yee


      Prommpt is a personal tool for project managers, that helps them assess the plan and monitor the health of larger projects, such as building and construction works.
      This iPad app allows to keep an eye on a project by evaluating the health percentage according to the following aspects: scope, time, cost, quality, HR, communication, risk, procurement, project management, and general.

      "I had the pleasure to work with MobiDev for the development of an iPad app and I was very satisfied with the services they have provided. In fact, I was astounded by the level of professionalism with which they approached the works. App and software development is completely out of my league and a completely new environment for me. MobiDev have guided me through the development process in a very professional, competent and result-focused manner. From the joint articulation of the scope to supporting the roll-out process. I could call MobiDev with any question or request and they have always provided their view based on their vast experience in the development of software solutions. One thing that stuck out to me it the fact that MobiDev have all required resources like designers, engineers, coders, testers, etc. for various platforms in-house and it seemed to me that there is a proper communication amongst all involved in my project. 

      I visited MobiDev in Kharkiv prior to the commencement of our project and I was very impressed with the set-up and scale of the office. All required meetings were arranged when I arrived and the design team had already prepared mood boards to get a feel on the "look" we wanted to have with our app. The programmers then extracted the scope from me in a way I could not have explained without. I was also constantly kept up to date on the progress of our project.

      All in all I can highly recommend MobiDev for any software development and we will continue working with MobiDev for our next releases and any new software projects."

      -Marco Angermeier

      Provade VMS Worker

      A mobile app for workers in contingent labor programs using Provade VMS to enter timesheets and expenses, submit them for approval, and maintain a history of their time and expense entry.

      "I am Craig Sazamae with ProvadeVMS. I had a great time working with MobiDev team, building out our ProvadeVMS Worker app and Requester app. It was a really nice experience. I want to say special thanks to the people that I had personal contact with. Thanks very much for helping us get out mobile projects off the ground and on the market."

      -Craig Sazamae


      • Join thousands on the Okadabooks ride... the fast, simple and fun way to read books without leaving the couch;
      • Install the app, choose a book, download and start reading - as easy as riding an okada. It's book reading reinvented;
      • 90% of our books are free and others cost less than $1.00;
      • Pick from over 7500 books in ever growing library;
      • Become an author and publish your own books and share with others;
      • Interact with published and unpublished authors across Africa;
      • Get access to past JAMB and WAEC questions and turn your phone into a powerful educational resource.

      "The app speaks for itself. Best elance experience I have had...very professional and timely in delivery and response. The key with mobidev is quality quality quality...everything about them is done to the highest quality. Will definitely work with them again. Quite simply one of the most professional elance merchants. Pleasure working with them and the design so far looks great, can't wait for the finished product."

      -Okechukwu Ofili
      Lead Project Engineer


      • Horoscope for every day, sent via Push or e-mail;
      • Personalized horoscope, based on name, date and place of birth, current location, date, time, and weather;
      • Cosmic Power reading - helps identify and make the most of the positive qualities, emotional and work life. Each document of up to 8 pages contains the user's personal birth chart and describes in detail the positive characteristics they were born with.

      "Oleg provided great project management expertise to make sure the coding, design, and timetable of my iphone app were perfectly met. He was the interface between other members of his team to create a best-of-breed iphone application which is now being sold in the iPhone App Store. His English skills are excellent and he is a joy to work with. I hope to continue to work with him, on other mobile projects, in the future. 

      Eugene is a great PHP developer. He built a rich / complex LAMP-stack application on my server for my new iphone app to communicate with. I was very impressed by his development speed and his understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn't always give Eugene the entire picture of what I wanted, but he was able to fill in the blanks with ease. He has great English skills. I look forward to working with him on other projects in the near future. 

      Dmitriy, did a great job with Objective C to build a best-of-breed iphone Application for my company that now is being sold in the Apple App Store. Dmitriy took our initial flow chart and design and added his own creativity and development skills to make the App shine. The application he worked on included all aspects of a modern iOS 4.x application...including: communication to server, In-App purchasing, animation, local notifications, error detection, PDF display and with iOS 4.2 - printing. His English, both written and verbal, is quite good. He met all the deadlines we agreed on. Dmitriy is great at what he does. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. 

      Tanya is a great QA engineer. I worked with her and team to build a fairly complex application for the iphone. The complete application had two components: a front end (iphone) and an involved LAMP application on a server. Tanya took great care to build an extensive test plan and execute on that plan to make sure all components of the software were tested and working properly. She was able to find and report the bugs to the engineers with great skill. Her hard work is a key reason the iPhone App, now in the app store, works as well as it does. I look forward to working with Tanya again on future projects. 

      Alex is a terrific PHP/MYSQL engineer. I needed a new module added to my iphone app that would talk to our backend server (LAMP). Alex, worked closely with the iphone developer and designed and coded the backend in record time. I was very impressed. The new module is now live, and it's one of the most popular features in our product. I look forward to working with Alex again on future projects. Eugene is a great developer. PHP / backend development for our project. 

      Highly recommended!"

      -Patrick McGovern
      VP Marketing at Risk I/O

      Su Chef

      • Search recipes by special diet or food allergy: Paleo, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Low Calorie, Gluten-Free, Healthy, Diabetic, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free recipes and more.
      • Search over 200,000 recipes by main ingredient, course, cooking time, and special diets.
      • Stop wasting food: Just speak, type or scan your ingredients at home to find something you can make now.
      • Save time and money planning for everyday meals.
      • Grocery shop with ease.

      Inspiration Quotes

      • A book of wisdom is always in your pocket!
      • Read lots of great inspiring quotes by different authors in five languages (English, Russian, French, German, and Chinese);
      • Share the best quotes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via e-mail;
      • Works offline and has a nice-looking widget;
      • Daily updates;
      • No ads;
      • Free to use;
      • Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

      Amazing Ibiza

      Amazing Ibiza introduces every leisure activity one can get in Ibiza - yachts and boats for rent, restaurants, shops, galleries, apartments, nightclubs, beaches, spas, and much more.

      • Showing photos and videos of certain locations, the app helps make a preferable choice.
      • Search is conducted through a category filter. The map of Ibiza is added for convenience;
      • Direct booking of villas and hotel suites;
      • Other services, such as restaurants, beach clubs, nightclubs, spas and retreats, shops and galleries;
      • VIP services: escort, jet-flight and yachts;
      • The latest information on current events and discounts.

        eBook Reader

        • Android application for reading electronic books;
        • Users can sort books by alphabet or by author;
        • Allow customers to purchase books via their devices as easy as possible;
        • The solution must be secure to prevent the infringement of copyright or any other unlawful actions.

        "MobiDev has been a pleasure to work with. Their team is highly skilled and have produced some excellent work. I am very happy with the work that Andrew produced and I hope to work with him again."

        -Sean McHale


        • Yumit is a social network about gastronomy, giving food lovers and prescriptors an opportunity to share impressions from tasted dishes;
        • Users can share photos and add comments within the application, and on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr;
        • Yumit allows to see cafes and restaurants on the map, so users can choose the best places to visit.

          Clean Plates

          • Clean Plates allows to quickly and easily find the healthiest restaurant nearby;
          • Search results may be sorted by distance and the level of healthiness;
          • Full professional reviews from Clean Plates;
          • Simple searching and sorting works offline;
          • Automatic updates show recently reviewed restaurants in 'What's New';
          • Sharing on e-mail and Facebook.

          The Vail App

          • Discover local hotels, restaurants, nightlife, activities and adventures;
          • Discover games in Vail and take advantage of all prizes;
          • Receive automatic notifications as you walk through Vail Village and Lionshead;
          • Check out Premium Listings and save them to favorites list.

          Backup Call Phone Service

          • You can call anyone you want and record the entire conversation;
          • The recording is saved in Backup Calls cloud storage and can be accessed from mobile phones with the Internet;
          • BackupCall is preloaded with 10 minutes calling time.

          Adlibrium Merchants

          • Spread targeted advertisements;
          • Ad shares revenue of showing the ads with viewers who get information;
          • Manage the process of ads distribution;
          • Check the statistics (graphs, numerical data, map diagrams).

            Magic Reminder

            • Create short titles for reminders;
            • Write details in the Notes field;
            • Choose how often you want to receive reminders (each day, week, or month);
            • Set up sleep time for reminders that come throughout the day;
            • Share your reminders with friends via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, or Twitter.

            "MobiDev team is responsible, is always online, helps to solve any unexpected issues and meets all my deadlines. Happy to work with you guys."

            -Bulat Yulgushev


            • The app combines camera, GPS, and mobile network;
            • Geographical data is stored online on the GIS4Mobile Cloud servers;
            • Offline mode;
            • Connect private dataspace to you;
            • Data can be syncronized with your local (GIS) database.

            Sample TraX

            • Application for internal use at Agdia Inc., which replaced a great amount of paperwork;
            • It allows gathering and sending information about plant diseases to special test centers;
            • Create a new sample: take a photo, fill in the info, take the GPS coordinates, and upload the sample to the server;
            • Set the required tests (up to 5);
            • Print a label (a QR code with the aforementioned information).


              • Snap a photo and pick a favorite from your collection;
              • Stick one of four custom styles of talk bubbles into the photo;
              • Type into the bubble 'What Your Face Said';
              • Squeeze, spread, reshape, move the bubble all around the photo;
              • Sending via e-mail, text, Twitter, or post it right onto your Facebook wall.

                BB Uploader

                • The app allows to upload images and videos from a mobile device to the server. Modules of the app do the following:
                • Color Factory - adds info from descriptions to the metadata of images/videos;
                • IndexManager - indexes each image/video;
                • Fotoweb - uploads images/videos to the server.

                  "Excellent!!! thank you!!! Fantastic and very quick! A++ as usually."

                  -Tom Kawka
                  Expert on Fotoware digital asset management systems


                  • EiendomsMegler 1's app allows to search for new and existing real estate properties throughout Norway;
                  • Search for new and existing properties for sale;
                  • Refine the search by price, location, property type or keyword search;
                  • Get quick results;
                  • View property photos and detailed descriptions;
                  • Easily contact the broker directly via e-mail or phone;
                  • Save the broker's contact details directly to your address book;
                  • Property feed is updated on a daily basis.

                    Captio Expenses

                    • Automatically extract the data from receipts;
                    • Generate expense claims;
                    • Record expenses manually;
                    • Organise the data using expense category or payment method.


                    • SuperFly lockscreen notifications are icon and text, as they are by default on iOS 5 and Android;
                    • Support of missed calls, SMS messages, and email previews.

                      Hingste 2012

                      • The Danish 'Hingstekårings 2012' show had its own application for mobility and convenience. The features of Hingste2012 include the following:
                      • News;
                      • Schedule of the show;
                      • Results of competitions;
                      • Contacts.
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