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Comcash 2.0

Comcash is a powerful and highly customizable retail ERP system for small and middle businesses.
The system has a lot of functional constituents, including: company hierarchy and different user types; point of sale app, eShop, product base and management, stock locations (warehouses), sales and customer management, CRM, accounting and financial reporting, and an advanced notification system.
Fully cloud-based and completely scalable with one database for both POS and eCommerce components.


IMS TILES is an investigative interviewing planning tool for law enforcements. It is a secure, scalable, and flexible system that has a powerful web application as its front-end. TILES software supports all relevant mobile and desktop platforms and browsers; alongside other tools, it was built with RAD.js – our advanced development toolkit.

"My name is Daren Jay, I'm the director of Interview Management Solutions and the creator of the TILES system of interview management for law enforcements. Previously I made a prototype on the Angular platform. MobiDev were engaged to deliver the TILES system as a SaaS product in the cloud. The software is now available to place on any computer or device in any browser, anytime.

I'm based in Australia and I found MobiDev after a lot of research and due diligence. When I first got in touch with MobiDev, I spoke with the client manager who was quickly able to understand what my project was about. Before committing to any quote for services, my client manager and I were able to map out the scope of the project, and even at that time I remember even my own vision became clearer through MobiDev's advice and support.

I look back now and realize that MobiDev were adding value to my project before I'd even assign them to work. Once we had the proposal laid down, I could see that MobiDev were methodical in their planning and meticulous in their analysis of my requirements. As a result, I was appointed a project manager, and the project was formally commenced.

For the past six months now, MobiDev have delivered value at every stage of my project. Fluent English-speaking staff were always on hand and reliably have solved every issue on time every time. My experience was to quickly forget that you were separated from the team by distance and time. If I had to sum up my whole experience with MobiDev, I'd have to say that it's been incredibly professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MobiDev as a technology partner."

-Daren Jay
Director of Interview Management Solutions

Scibox CRM

Scibox is a comprehensive solution for Customer Relationship Management in the staffing industry. It has a strong set of recruiting features, collaborative cloud-based staffing environment, and high-class quality.
Scibox brings proactivity and convenience within the sales environment. It is used to gain new customers, expand relationships with the existing ones, identify appropriate candidates with the required skills. For contractors it's a place to look for the best promotion and application of their skills and experience.


The meWrap app is a photo-sharing social network designed for iOS and Android, with the latest trends in design and social functionality taken into consideration.
Signup via phone number and email; adding friends from contacts; creating shared albums and posting photos; a system of comments; live chat; a set of photo editing tools; offline work and auto-uploading; push notifications.
This rich set of features was combined in a beautiful and responsive app with polished user interactions.

"I have the pleasure of working closely with MobiDev for the last nine months, and I found their team to be first-rate. I would like to thank everyone at MobiDev for going above and beyond typical support, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. These guys are awesome."

-Calvin So

Secure Chat

Secure Chat is a powerful messaging tool with peer-to-peer connection. It is protected by the Off-The-Record protocol − one of the most effective means of encryption with temporary per-message AES keys, ensuring absolute safety of conversations that are stored directly on participants' devices. Secure Chat is easy to use, compatible with other XMPP-based chats, and has a Push-to-Talk mode for sending voice messages.


NewMoove is an online fitness studio with over 400 training courses with individual training plans and a convenient reminder system. Training programs, videos, latest news about fitness, training tips, favourites – all enfolded in a simple and functional user interface. The app is designed for success, for being a perfect motivator for users to keep fit.

"I am responsible for the product portfolio and business operations at Newmoove.com. I also had the supervision on the project we realized with MobiDev: Bringing our service to Android-Devices with an Smartphone- and Tablet-App. The team of MobiDev is a perfect technology partner for us: working really close to us and our product, understanding our issues, presenting solutions in shortest times and with good quality. Our app-project was delivered in quality, in budget and in time – the team also managed it to hand over the final build for the launch weeks earlier than we planned at the beginning of the project. With the result we are more than happy and we can highly recommend working with MobiDev."

-Ulrich B.
Manager of product portfolio and business operations at NewMoove.com


StayGo is a PhoneGap-based app that helps the user evaluate their romantic relationships and predict their possible future. It consists of 3 major modules:
• Scores – a science-based questionnaire with complex calculation logic based on equations and dynamic variables;
• Tracker – beautiful charts that show ups and downs of relationships on a daily basis;
• Peeps – a questionnaire that gathers anonymous social feedback from the user's contacts.


SwipeShark is a complex system that helps department stores sell food products when their sell-by date comes close. Such products are offered with a discount and managed by the staff with a web application.
On the other hand, there are customers who get location- and tag-based notifications about the offers, and can purchase the products they need via an iPhone app.
SwipeShark was built for the Danish market. It includes a powerful system of notifications and analytics that allows stores to target their offers more effectively.


WhereFortune is an advanced fortunetelling app with beautiful design. It provides 3 types of predictions:
• Horoscope for every day, taken from third-party sources;
• Personalized horoscope, based on name, date and place of birth, current location, date, time, and weather;
• Cosmic Power reading: a PDF report with a detailed astrological forecast according to the personal data, with astrological charts and diagrams.
Users receive predictions via push notifications and email.


MobiDev provided great project management expertise to make sure the coding, design, and timetable of my iPhone app were perfectly met. I was very impressed by their development speed and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn't always give them the entire picture of what I wanted, but they were able to fill in the blanks with ease.

The complete application had two components: a front end (iPhone) and an involved LAMP application on a server. MobiDev took great care to build an extensive test plan and execute on that plan to make sure all components of the software were tested and working properly. My team also had great English skills. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the near future.

Highly recommended!

-Patrick McGovern
VP Marketing at Risk I/O


MDPlayer is the best Android player for all music lovers around the world! It's created by MobiDev as a free product and a beautiful exercise in design and responsiveness. It's created to be one of the most favourite and frequently used apps on a user's smartphone.


Retrotones is a simple and beautiful custom dialer application for iPhone with a nostalgic feel of oldschool dial tones.

"I explained my idea of Retrotones to MobiDev through email and Skype, and we pretty much were on the same page from the beginning. They worked quickly. We got it into the store, and I'm very happy with the product, how it works, and I'm very satisfied with my level of communication and understanding with MobiDev. I would recommend them to anyone, and I do intend to actually go back and use them in the future as I have a couple more ideas, and I look forward to working with them again. Nice job, MobiDev, and thanks for all the hard work!"

-Chris Chiarello
Product Owner


HaikuJAM is a social poetry experience that gathers users around the world to create haiku poetry together.
The 3 main features of HaikuJAM arewriting text haiku, haiku dedicated to a certain event (using an image), and photo stories (3 images with shared subject matter).
Other features include sharing in numerous social networks, invitations to join, campaigns and competitions.

Secure Email

Secure Email is the ultimate in protection of emailing, created for Android, BlackBerry and Web (Outlook Desktop, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions).
Secure Email uses PGP and its combination of hashing, data compression, symmetric-key cryptography, and public-key cryptography for the best protection of mail and attachments. Public and private keys can be changed at any time. Regular mailing supported.


Here's an amazing free game of explaining and guessing words, designed and developed as an internal project of MobiDev.
Owlias corresponds to the highest standards of design and responsiveness in addictive entertainment apps.
The app uses extensive dictionaries for different levels of difficulty, and offers maximum customization and smooth workflow − everything it takes to create a perfect board game app.


Okadabooks is an award-winning bookstore & reader app for Android and Windows Phone.
Designed for the African market, the app allows to choose from over 9,000 books to read − all in the store that's constantly growing. A user only has to create an account (or link a Facebook account). Authors are as well welcome to publish their works here.

"The app speaks for itself. Best Elance experience I have had...very professional and timely in delivery and response. The key with MobiDev is quality quality quality... everything about them is done to the highest quality. Will definitely work with them again. Quite simply one of the most professional Elance merchants. Pleasure working with them and the design so far looks great, can't wait for the finished product."

-Okechukwu Ofili
Lead Project Engineer

Su Chef

Su Chef is a smart and beautiful cookbook designed for iOS, looking especially impressive on the iPad.
Recipes are filtered through ingredients, cuisine from a particular country, type of meal, and cooking time. There are additional filters for dietary preferences and food allergies. There is an in-built barcode scanner and voice search.
Apart from accessing over 200,000 recipes, a user may create an account (via Facebook, Twitter, or email) to get the feature of syncing ingredients and recipes in favorites across devices.


Prommpt is a personal tool for project managers that helps assess and monitor project health. Its simple design and rich functionality makes the app a pleasure to work with.
Multiple projects, cost management/budget planning, assessment and tracking of project aspects and sub-aspects, beautiful visualization of results, reminders, converting project data (chart, dates, and comments) to a PDF file, and sharing via email.

"I had the pleasure to work with MobiDev for the development of an iPad app and I was very satisfied with the services they have provided. In fact, I was astounded by the level of professionalism with which they approached the works. App and software development is completely out of my league and a completely new environment for me. MobiDev have guided me through the development process in a very professional, competent and result-focused manner. From the joint articulation of the scope to supporting the roll-out process. I could call MobiDev with any question or request and they have always provided their view based on their vast experience in the development of software solutions. One thing that stuck out to me it the fact that MobiDev have all required resources like designers, engineers, coders, testers, etc. for various platforms in-house and it seemed to me that there is a proper communication amongst all involved in my project. 

I visited MobiDev in Kharkiv prior to the commencement of our project and I was very impressed with the set-up and scale of the office. All required meetings were arranged when I arrived and the design team had already prepared mood boards to get a feel on the "look" we wanted to have with our app. The programmers then extracted the scope from me in a way I could not have explained without. I was also constantly kept up to date on the progress of our project.

All in all I can highly recommend MobiDev for any software development and we will continue working with MobiDev for our next releases and any new software projects."

-Marco Angermeier

Secure Voice

Secure Voice is a VoIP telephony app designed for users that demand security of voice conversations. The app uses ZRTP, the most advanced cryptographic key-agreement protocol that is not reliant on a server of any kind. As for the user experience, it's a clean and simple phone app, as easy in setup and use as the standard dialer.


Myngle is a beautifully designed location-based social network that helps people find one another at different venues easier than ever.
It includes a registration feature, a map, a database of venues, a live chat, and notifications. Myngle is a complex system with powerful backend and polished interactions.

    eBook Reader

    eBook Reader is an Android application created for the highest convenience of searching, purchasing and reading electronic books on ebooks.com − user-friendly and secure, to prevent infringement of copyright or any other unlawful actions.

    "MobiDev has been a pleasure to work with. They are highly skilled and have produced some excellent work. I am very happy with the work that the MobiDev team produced and I hope to work with them again."

    -Sean McHale


    MedNexus is a high-performance tool for browsing and reading medical literature, designed for healthcare professionals and expert consumers.
    Powered by cutting-edge analytics, the app dynamically updates search results based on crowdsourced data. The end result is delivery of the most relevant content to the user.

      "My name is Kevin and I'm writing as the co-founder/CTO of MedNexus - a semantic search engine for medicine. Our team worked with MobiDev to build our iPhone app over a two-month period. I would highly recommend MobiDev and couldn't be happier with their work. I'd give them an even higher rating if I could. We've had many bad experiences working with contractors in the past, but MobiDev is a shining exception. Their team was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with across all roles: sales, project manager, developer, tester, and account manager. They have a wide and deep range of talent in their company that is brought on to assist if necessary - so rest assured that your technical and design problems will be addressed. In summary, excellent company that we plan to continue working with in the future.

      The version 2.0 of our app was more sophisticated with more nuanced requirements and logic in regards to connecting the mobile app to our REST API, but the team from MobiDev did an excellent job yet again. We continue to be impressed with the quality and professionalism of this company and look forward to being partners going forward. Highly recommended!"



      PreCom is an app for volunteers who are willing to help fire brigades at work. The app allows to plan and share the schedule, form volunteer teams for effective help, and view the calendar.
      This app is cross-platform for the best convenience in use on multiple device types and platforms, based on PhoneGap and our own toolkit RAD.js. This app dispels the myth that high-quality apps can be made only by native means.


      FireScribe is a perfect example of creating a simple but fun entertainment app quickly and easily.
      The app allows users to create and send beautiful animated congratulations via message or e-mail. It features a high level of customization options to give each congratulation a unique look.

      "I was extremely happy with the performance of MobiDev. From Day 1 they exhibited an extremely high level of professionalism and expertise. They work well as a team, and were proactive in finding the best possible solution to my brief. They took the time to really study the brief, and gain an understanding of the outcome required. They created a realistic timeline and budget and were able to keep to it. And along the way they able to react accordingly to the many unforeseen challenges that arose. Their technical and client liaison personnel were outstanding. I would be delighted to recommend them for any project of which they feel they are capable (and there will be many!), and they will definitely be involved in any future projects of mine."

      -James Wadley


      HOELZLE app is a perfect solution for effective and convenient interactions between manufacturers and suppliers.
      It is provided to manufacturers by suppliers, being complementary to online shops. The app allows to scan barcodes, browse through all categories of wares, and order them straight away.

      Secure Group: Website + Custom CMS

      This is an excellent example of a custom website with definitive structure and intuitive navigation, a live chat, a blog, and a custom Content Management System for quick and easy control.

      Just Fit Points

      Here is a branded solution that allows to sign up for a gym workout from a mobile device. The other main feature is scoring points based on user's gym activity; these points can be exchanged for various extras and rewards provided by the gym.
      Convenient scheduling, check-ins, and a system of bonuses − these features aren't limited to sports institutions and can be easily applied for other businesses.


        MyTrialStats is a simple yet effective iOS app for keeping track of court experience, designed for attorneys, judges, law students, court clerks, deputies, and other courtroom professionals.
        Additional features include backups of data on Google Drive or Dropbox, generation of custom PDF reports that can be shared via email, social networks, or printed.

        Closing Cost Calculator

        Closing Cost Calculator is a simple and invaluable assistant by selling and buying real estate property across Florida, USA.
        The app logic concerns the estimations of closing fees and their division between the buyer and the seller − easy for the end user and fully in the offline mode. The estimations are based on user input data, and the results can be shared via email.


        This app is a direct communication tool for dog owners and dogsitters of the Rover.com community.
        We brought the services provided by the website to the mobile: sign-in (email/Facebook), direct chat with taking and sending photos, checking the schedule and availability of dogsitters, the amount of payment, and push notifications.

        Clean Plates

        Clean Plates is a location-based app that helps people look for places to dine out, with emphasis on healthy food.
        Easy search; sorting by distance, cuisine types, and level of healthiness; professional reviews from Clean Plates; automatic updates of relevant information; the latest special offers, news, and articles on healthy food; offline work; sharing via email and Facebook.


        MyShout is a mobile service of ordering drinks for others at various venues.
        The app boasts a handful of features, including creation of an account, transfers of money to the in-app credit balance via PayPal or a credit card, browsing for venues with a map, shouting drinks for phone contacts or Facebook friends, and redeeming them at the venue. The app also has a notification system (Push, email, SMS, or Facebook).

          "Roman did an excellent job with the Android version of MyShout Apps and looking forward for the next new phase of apps to be developed and release in the very near future. We will definitely consider Roman as the one to continue with our development cycle.

          Alexey did a great job overseeing the completion of the second phase of MyShout development. We look forward for the next revision of Apps development very soon. He is an integral part of the design and development of this cool apps. 

          Alexander have done a great job with the MyShout App development and we will consider re-engaging him for the next phase of re-development. 

          Nikolay did a great job with the apps design and provided great feeback and suggestion for futher improvement. 

          We will definitely consider him to continue with our next release of MyShout to be starting soon."

          -TC Yee

          License Administration System

          This is an auxiliary solution for vendors who sell their services to business organizations via subscriptions. It's a flexible tool for purchase and management of multiple users and licenses; it includes a handy billing system that supports various kinds of payment, including credit cards, PayPal, invoices, etc.

          Provade VMS Worker

          A mobile app for workers in contingent labor programs using Provade VMS to enter timesheets and expenses, submit them for approval, and maintain a history of their time and expense entry.

          "I am Craig Sazama with Provade VMS. I had a great time working with MobiDev team, building out our Provade VMS Worker app and Requester app. It was a really nice experience. I want to say special thanks to the people that I had personal contact with. Thanks very much for helping us get out mobile projects off the ground and on the market."

          -Craig Sazama
          Business Analyst at Provade

          Inspiration Quotes

          Inspiration Quotes by MobiDev is a free app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
          This book of wisdom includes inspiring quotes by different authors in five languages (English, Russian, French, German, and Chinese), which are updated daily. Users may share favorite quotes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or via e-mail. The app is ad-free, works offline, and has a nice-looking widget.

          Amazing Ibiza

          Amazing Ibiza is an all-encompassing product that introduces every leisure activity one can get in Ibiza − yachts and boats for rent, restaurants, shops, galleries, apartments, nightclubs, beaches, spas, retreats, and much more.
          Various venues are shown on a map and a user can get detailed information about each one, accompanied by photos and videos that help make an easier choice.
          The app also offers search through a category filter, direct booking of villas and hotel suites, and the latest information about upcoming events and discounts.


            Yumit is a social network for gourmet people built with Titanium in order to encompass iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
            This social network includes: a set of communication features (including sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Flickr) and LBS features (a map with places to visit, descriptions and menus).

              The Vail App

              The Vail App is a powerful search-and-discovery tool that helps to find local hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and other activities and adventures, prizes and coupons across Vail Valley, CO. The app also automatically notifies users of various activities happening nearby.

              Sample TraX

              Sample TraX is an app for the agricultural industry, designed for internal use at Agdia Inc. It replaced a great amount of paperwork, allowing to gather and send info about plant diseases to special test centers.
              Features: taking a photo, filling in the information, taking GPS coordinates, and uploading the sample to the server. A user may also set the required tests for the sample and print a label via a QR code.


                The Boligavisen app is a powerful tool for search for real estate in Norway; its feed is updated on a daily basis.
                Search can be refined by price, location, property type, or keywords. There are photos and detailed description for each item. A broker can be contacted directly via e-mail or phone call; details can be saved to the address book of the smartphone.

                  Hingste 2012

                  Hingste 2012 is an event-dedicated app for the Danish "Hingstekårings 2012" show, for mobility and convenience of guests and participants.
                  Features include news, schedule of the show, results of competitions, and contacts.

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