MobiDev PRO 2016: First Ever IT Conference In Mykolaiv City

July 12, 2016 212 Views
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MobiDev PRO: First Ever IT Conference In Mykolaiv City

In the wake of MobiDev Experts Day in Kharkiv we organized another IT event, which became the first ever IT conference in the city of Mykolaiv, where one of our development centers is located. It took place on June 11 and received wide coverage on social media and local TV. Alexander Senkevich, the city mayor of Mykolaiv, attended and delivered a speech which highlighted the importance of the IT sphere and networking for the overall prospects of the city.

MobiDev PRO invited IT specialists of all areas, freelancers and people involved in IT startups. Over 100 attendees were free to share their experience and look for opportunities of professional growth. We were glad to know that there was a rich talent pool in the city, and similar events in the future would be appreciated.

Alexander Senkevich, the city mayor of Mykolaiv

The event was divided into three parallel tracks – Quality Assurance, Development and Project Management. Our experts that held their elaborate keynotes shared on the Experts Day, dedicated to the newest and most promising technologies and methodologies, taken in the problem-solving context. We wanted to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere for all attendees, and we succeeded, according to the positive feedback that we received after the event.

We'd love to share a couple of keynotes with you:

Alexandra Ilinskaya

Alexandra Ilinskaya, Sales & Client Care Group Leader at MobiDev

Once again we decided to support our charity partners and made admission charged. The gathered money was spent on medical supplies for a child health clinic. This, together with the positive response from attendees, made MobiDev PRO an event that we are truly proud of. Stay updated with our news!
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