Xenia Potiakova

Head of Business Development
Art and communication are my two biggest passions. And if through art you can easily feel or reflect the vibe of a specific period, then with the help of communication you can share your knowledge and thoughts. As a Head of Business Development, I've always been full of curiosity and into learning about the world and businesses around me by connecting with different people. Except for finding the most relevant way to achieve the client’s goal with the help of technology, my main goal during the initial communication with the client is to make the first steps of our cooperation as smooth and professional as our usual work routine. Feel free to book a call to discuss how technology can help you achieve your business goals: Calendly.

Xenia took part at the following events

New York, USA (Nov 14-16, 2023)
New York, USA (Oct 16-22, 2023)
Boston, USA (Oct 11-12, 2023)
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