Software Product Development Security Best Practices

Software Development Security Best Practices: MobiDev’s Approach

October 03, 2023

Serge Koba

Serhii Koba, Ruby Group Leader at MobiDev

As software development security is always among the top priorities for product owners, we’ll share how we at MobiDev protect customer products from threats, ensuring a secure software development process. Photo credit ...More >

WebRTC app development: challenges, use cases, and the future

WebRTC App Development: Building Real-time Video/Audio Chats

October 02, 2023

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

Implementing WebRTC requires expertise in building real-time video/audio streaming apps. Which can be a blocker for companies who work in this field, but don’t have appropriate engineering resources. Because it’s quite easy to make mistakes and worsen architecture that negates all the benefits of WebRTC implementation. This guide aims to bridge that experti...More >

Video Streaming-Conferencing App Development Guide

Video Streaming/Conferencing App Development Guide

September 19, 2023

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

A surge in video communication tools has become a catalyst for telemedicine, entertainment, e-learning, fitness, ecommerce, and other online-related businesses. If you want to implement real-time video communication in your product, integrating a ready-to-use solution will be an easy way to follow. However, everything will drastically change if you decide to deve...More >

Software Testing Strategy and Best Practices for Product Owners

Software Product Testing Strategy and Best Practices

September 07, 2023

Anna Tiukova, QA Engineer's Team Leader at MobiDev

Chances are, you know a thing or two about testing and its vital importance to software quality. We assume that you are already aware that testing is an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC), and you know that you can save money by starting it at the early stages of projects. However, many product teams pay less attention to the strategy of ...More >

Building HIPAA-Compliant Zoom-based Telemedicine Software

Guide to Develop a Reliable and HIPAA-Compliant Zoom-based Telemedicine App

August 31, 2023

Kateryna Ivashchenko

Kateryna Ivashchenko, QA Engineer at MobiDev

Telehealth projects may seem an expensive addition to overall digital platforms in healthcare, because there are a lot of restrictions and regulations that imply costly custom development. Although it’s partially true, in some cases we can embrace integration with 3rd party services to implement central functionality like video conferencing. In this article, we’l...More >


Monolith to Microservices Migration Guide: Challenges and Best Practices

August 31, 2023

Eugene Kuzminov

Yevhen Kuzminov, Ruby Team Leader/Solution Architect at MobiDev

Scaling is the logical milestone for each software product. When the monolithic architecture prevents you from enjoying further growth, it’s time to consider migrating to microservices. Let me congratulate you on the fact that you are among these successful companies that are ready to move forward to new heights. Although microservices have significant advantages...More >


API Development Guide: What to Keep in Mind When Building API-Focused Products

August 03, 2023

Maksym Shevchenko, JavaScript Team Leader

Maksym Shevchenko, JavaScript Team Leader at MobiDev

Companies across different verticals use APIs to enable communication between the client and server side of their apps, to integrate with third-party software, and to allow external apps to access their system. Moreover, building and monetizing custom APIs can become an essential part of a business development strategy.  If APIs play a crucial role in your projec...More >

.Net MAUI Mobile App Development: How to BuildCross-Platform Apps or Migrate from Xamarin

.NET MAUI Mobile App Development: How to Build Cross-Platform Apps or Migrate from Xamarin

August 01, 2023

roman prokofiev

Roman Prokofiev, .Net Developer at MobiDev

.NET MAUI is an advanced cross-platform technology that enables business owners to expand their reach within the .NET ecosystem. As the evolutionary next step of Xamarin.Forms, it offers even more possibilities for creating multifunctional and multiplatform solutions that can address a wide range of business needs.  If you have chosen MAUI for your project or are...More >

Best Practices for Node.js Web Application Development in 2023

Best Practices for Node.js Web Application Development in 2023

July 24, 2023

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

It’s hard to go past the Node.js backend development option when looking for a solid server-side basis for a web project. This server environment is mostly on the shortlist when it comes to choosing a tech stack. Let’s discuss which of your IT products Node.js can become vital for. See how we used Node.js in our case studies. Be prepared to go beyond ...More >

Mobile Accessibility Testing Guide for Product Owners

Mobile Accessibility Testing Guide for Product Owners

July 13, 2023

Alina Aksentseva

Alina Aksentseva, QA Engineer at MobiDev

What is important when it comes to creating a mobile app or site? Of course, the idea behind the product. But if your potential customers won’t be able to use the app or the user experience would be unsatisfactory, the product is doomed to failure as well. Product owners should pay attention to mobile accessibility not only to be available for people of all kinds...More >

How To Build AI-Driven Financial Applications

How To Build AI-Driven Financial Applications – A Product Owner’s Guide

July 06, 2023

Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev

Despite the ups and downs of the global economy, fintech startups are still an attractive target for investors. You’re probably here because you`re an expert in the financial domain, and you’ve decided to join the fintech race. Are you looking for the support of tech specialists whose experience and knowledge will contribute to your project’s su...More >

Practical Guide to Modern Web App Development Technologies

Practical Guide to Using TOP Web Development Technologies in 2023

June 27, 2023

Yuriy Luchaninov - Javascript Group Leader at MobiDev

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

You are presumably always abreast of web development trends. However, there is so much information about modern web technologies that it would be well to get expert advice to sort it all out. We have prepared such tips for you. So, you’re in the thick of things in web app development to find the best tech solution that meets your product goals. Whether you`re run...More >

AI Application Development Guide for Business Owners

A Concise AI App Development Guide for Product Owners

June 26, 2023

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Team Leader at MobiDev

If you are here, you probably know about the transformative power of AI for businesses. With the emergence of foundation models like CHAT GPT, Google’s Bert language models, Nvidia neural networks, DALL-E and others, requirements for entering the AI market grow exponentially.  Meanwhile, data remains a by-product of any active business and ignoring its existence ...More >

Legacy Application Modernization: 5 Approaches to Upgrading Outdated Systems

May 31, 2023

Nikolay Semikin

Nikolay Semikin, Chief Technology Officer at MobiDev

Wine gets better with age, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about software. Digital transformation and constantly changing business needs have made it necessary for leaders to find effective ways to modernize legacy systems. The world is changing all the time, so legacy systems are considered a primary factor holding back the business growth and b...More >

PHP 8 Migration Guide for Product Owners

PHP 8 Migration Guide for Product Owners

May 24, 2023

Anton Logvinenko

Anton Lohvynenko, PHP/DevOps Group Leader at MobiDev

If you have a web product built using PHP, then you’ve already appreciated the benefits of this programming language. However, you need to use the latest technology version to get the most out of it. At the same time, PHP 8 became available in 2020, but statistics tell us that over 80% of PHP sites are still running on PHP 7.4 and even older versions. Perha...More >

Implementing Automated Testing of ERP Software

Automated Testing of Cloud-Based ERP: How to Implement and What to Expect?

May 19, 2023

Yevheniia Pashko, QA Engineer at MobiDev

A famous quote by Yogi Berra, a renowned American professional baseball catcher, and coach,  says: “You can observe a lot by just watching.” When it comes to cloud-based ERP applications, we can paraphrase this phrase: “You can achieve a lot by just testing,” and it will be especially true for automated testing.  Cloud-based applications have a great advantage — ...More >

Blazor web app development

Blazing a Trail: Web App Development with Microsoft Blazor in 2023

April 25, 2023

karyna dorosh

Karyna Dorosh, .Net Developer at MobiDev

Blazor is a promising technology that provides significant benefits for product owners who want to build secure, high-performance products on the .Net stack, but to do so as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Even though the technology is not new, finding developers with experience in Blazor can be a challenging task because it’s still a niche market.  So ...More >

augmented reality app development guide

How to Create an Augmented Reality App: Technology Guide 2023

April 24, 2023

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader at MobiDev

The development of AR projects is more difficult than it seems at first glance, especially if you are looking to create not an ordinary AR feature for fun, but a serious multifunctional product. Augmented reality has gone beyond the entertainment industry and is actively used in construction, retail, education, manufacturing, real estate, and more these days. Thi...More >

Software Intellectual Property Rights Protection Strategy

How to Protect Software Intellectual Property Rights When Outsourcing Product Development

April 21, 2023

Andrii Melnyk, Head of Legal at MobiDev

Software intellectual property protection is one of the core things to care about when developing your product. You may not be vocal about your product’s market ambitions. But, let’s face it, everyone who starts a new business deep down hopes for amazing success. You carry out research and brainstorming. Your team continuously generates and tests hypo...More >

Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP Challenges and Approaches

PHP Applications Modernization: Challenges and Approaches in 2023

March 27, 2023

Anton Logvinenko

Anton Lohvynenko, PHP/DevOps Group Leader at MobiDev

The fact that PHP projects can run for many years is one of the most awesome strengths of this technology. But at the same time, outdated versions of PHP with unsupported frameworks and libraries cause a lot of problems for product owners. Your system may still work but have some issues preventing it from adding new features and scaling. Still, the main challenge...More >