Software Development Case Studies

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Using React Native

Client and Business goals:

A global company, which serves to help fitness trainers and their clients to build stronger relationships, achieve goals and promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone

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Case Study: Inspection Management Solution For Government Entities

Client & Business Goals: Futurity IT, Inc., US-based product company that needed to finalize a software solution under strict deadlines and set up a non-stop cycle of development and regular delivery

Product: Cloud-based command center that streamlines inspections and revisions, assignments and reporting

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Augmented Reality User Instruction Manual

Delivery of information in an engaging way is one of the most widespread use cases that Augmented Reality companies showcase in their portfolio. And if we speak about user manuals, we need to be practical and add convenience. What can be easier and faster than just pointing your smartphone camera at an electronic device and get immediate information on what it consists of and how it works

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ARKit-based Indoor Navigation Demo

Augmented Reality development companies continuously reveal new potential use cases for practical purposes. Our today's demo is the second one to elaborate on the concept of indoor navigation on campus, this time with the help of Apple's ARKit. First and foremost, this may be of interest to modern companies with large premises and hundreds of employees, who need a convenient tool to find the shortcut to the room where an urgent meeting is about to begin

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How To Make A Smart Mirror With Alexa And AWS IoT

Client & Business Goals: This internal project shows how to create a voice-controlled Internet of Things product for smart home/office

Product: Smart Mirror, information hub with a display that shows various content; it comprises an integrated Alexa application and a number of built-in and 3rd-party services

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Flutter Application Development Case Study

This internal project shows the process of entering the market fast, using the technical capabilities of Flutter to get the required functionality and speed up the development process.

Business goals: Build a customizable cross-platform application with minimum time and effort to test the market

Product: MD Gym, mobile assistant for sportspeople that replaces traditional means of organizing workout and tracking progress

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Augmented Reality For Brand Promotion & Advertising

Augmented Reality technology has become one of the most engaging means of delivering your products and services right to the pockets of your customers. Meaningful application of AR can become a novel way of interacting with your audience and bringing value to them, with improved visual recognition and emotional attachment

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Microsoft HoloLens Demo For Presentation & Interactive Learning

This demo project showcases the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens for product presentation and educational purposes.

Business goals: Engagement and retention of customers via presentation of products in the mixed reality environment

Product: HoloLens application that allows the user to interact with digital 3D models + back end used as to store and send models to the application as Unity bundles

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Mobile App Development For Startup: Case Study

Client: US-based startup that works in the music sphere

Business goals: Attract investors with a working beta for subsequent finalization and deployment of a fully shaped, scalable software product

Product: SoundStorming, mobile platform for musicians that helps to record and share music ideas, as well as collaborate on them; the platform comprises an iOS application supported by a BaaS solution

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Case Study: Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Client: European product company

Business goals: Provision of midsized and large companies with an on-demand solution that leverages workplace wellbeing to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity

Product: PepTalk, a Web + mobile platform that supports corporate employees through mobile gamification, online team challenges and content across activity, healthy nutrition, mindset, and financial wellbeing

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