Software Development Case Studies

Mobile App Development For Startup: Case Study

Client: US-based startup that works in the music sphere

Business goals: Attract investors with a working beta for subsequent finalization and deployment of a fully shaped, scalable software product

Product: SoundStorming, mobile platform for musicians that helps to record and share music ideas, as well as collaborate on them; the platform comprises an iOS application supported by a BaaS solution

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Case Study: Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Client: European product company

Business goals: Provision of midsized and large companies with an on-demand solution that leverages workplace wellbeing to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity

Product: PepTalk, a Web + mobile platform that supports corporate employees through mobile gamification, online team challenges and content across activity, healthy nutrition, mindset, and financial wellbeing

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Complex Solution For Premium Car Subscription Service

Client: South Florida-based startup

Business goals: Provide car enthusiasts with access to a flexible subscription service that offers cars from premium brands; arrange a simple and effective process of internal service management

Product: NativeScript-based mobile application that allows clients to browse and request cars; Web-based admin panel to manage requests and track car availability

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Secure Enterprise Software Development Case Study

Client: Secure Group, international company focused on digital security, founded in 2009

Business goals: Provision of enterprises with a complex secure communication solution

Product: Secure Phone, a device running a customized operating system designed for encrypted communication and storage of data. The device includes specialized software for secure correspondence, internal management tools, and a number of accompanying services

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POS Application Development Case Study

Client: San Francisco-based Point of Sale provider

Business goals: Delivery of a cloud-based venue management & POS solution to high volume bars, restaurants, and nightclubs

Product: SmartTab, an innovative software system that includes touchscreen-based POS terminals, iOS applications for staff and customers, an administration panel, and a system of continuous integration. The SmartTab suite unites a number of operations, including web-based setup, staff management, inventory management, scheduling, admissions, and reporting

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Microsoft Azure & .NET-Based Enterprise Software Development Case Study

Client: itnetX, Microsoft Partner and service provider for modern business and IT solutions for digital transformation

Business goals: Provision of enterprises with a modular SaaS platform for modelling and managing business and IT processes

Product: pocketBricks, microservice-based platform with rich functionality, based on Microsoft technologies (.NET and Azure services)

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Case Study: Advisory Platform For Education & Mentoring

Client: US-based product company that works in the education sphere

Business goals: Creation and deployment of a solution for connecting college applicants with mentoring students for college advice; engagement and growth of the user base

Product: US-targeted platform that comprises microservice-based back end with an admin panel; the front end is represented by a React-based website and an iOS application for end users. A twin platform, targeting the specifics of Asian market, was evolved into a separate software product

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Case Study: Face & Voice Recognition Via Machine Learning

Client: US-based company that offers software products and services for enterprises

Business goals: Provision of enterprises with a verification-as-a-service solution for secure access to sensitive data

Product: Microservice-based Web software that enables biometric authentication with facial capture and voice recognition; API is available for integration with 3rd-party software

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Microsoft Azure Enterprise Application Development Case Study

Client: Quality Bridge, Inc., a company that provides quality improvement consulting, since 1995, targeting regulated mid-sized and large enterprises

Business goals: Delivery of a program for enabling improvements in employee engagement which can promote cost-reduction, happier employees, and accelerated innovation

Product: Cross-platform mobile application for corporate employees; Web-based admin panel; the back end is based on Microsoft Azure

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Blockchain Demo: Digital Media Transactions And Content Distribution

This demo project showcases the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions.

Business goals: Creation of a platform for distribution of various digital assets; this platform could be further monetized by means of subscription

Product: React-based cross-platform mobile application + Hyperledger-based blockchain network

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