Software Development Case Studies

How To Make Smart Mirror With Alexa And AWS IoT

Client & Business Goals: This internal project shows how to create a voice-controlled Internet of Things product for smart home/office

Product: Smart Mirror, information hub with a display that shows various content; it comprises an integrated Alexa application and a number of built-in and 3rd-party services

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Flutter Application Development Case Study

This internal project shows the process of entering the market fast, using the technical capabilities of Flutter to get the required functionality and speed up the development process.

Business goals: Build a customizable cross-platform application with minimum time and effort to test the market

Product: MD Gym, mobile assistant for sportspeople that replaces traditional means of organizing workout and tracking progress

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Augmented Reality For Marketing & Brand Promotion

Augmented Reality has become one of the most engaging means of delivering your products and services right to the pockets of your customers. Meaningful application of AR can become a novel way of interacting with your audience and bringing value to them, with improved visual recognition and emotional attachment

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Mobile App Development For Startup: Case Study

Client: US-based startup that works in the music sphere

Business goals: Attract investors with a working beta for subsequent finalization and deployment of a fully shaped, scalable software product

Product: SoundStorming, mobile platform for musicians that helps to record and share music ideas, as well as collaborate on them; the platform comprises an iOS application supported by a BaaS solution

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Case Study: Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Client: European product company

Business goals: Provision of midsized and large companies with an on-demand solution that leverages workplace wellbeing to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity

Product: PepTalk, a Web + mobile platform that supports corporate employees through mobile gamification, online team challenges and content across activity, healthy nutrition, mindset, and financial wellbeing

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Complex Solution For Premium Car Subscription Service

Client: South Florida-based startup

Business goals: Provide car enthusiasts with access to a flexible subscription service that offers cars from premium brands; arrange a simple and effective process of internal service management

Product: NativeScript-based mobile application that allows clients to browse and request cars; Web-based admin panel to manage requests and track car availability

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Secure Enterprise Software Development Case Study

Client: Secure Group, international company focused on digital security, founded in 2009

Business goals: Provision of enterprises with a complex secure communication solution

Product: Secure Phone, a device running a customized operating system designed for encrypted communication and storage of data. The device includes specialized software for secure correspondence, internal management tools, and a number of accompanying services

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POS Application Development Case Study

Client: San Francisco-based Point of Sale provider

Business goals: Delivery of a cloud-based venue management & POS solution to high volume bars, restaurants, and nightclubs

Product: SmartTab, an innovative software system that includes touchscreen-based POS terminals, iOS applications for staff and customers, an administration panel, and a system of continuous integration. The SmartTab suite unites a number of operations, including web-based setup, staff management, inventory management, scheduling, admissions, and reporting

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Microsoft Azure & .NET-Based Enterprise Software Development Case Study

Client: itnetX, Microsoft Partner and service provider for modern business and IT solutions for digital transformation

Business goals: Provision of enterprises with a modular SaaS platform for modelling and managing business and IT processes

Product: pocketBricks, microservice-based platform with rich functionality, based on Microsoft technologies (.NET and Azure services)

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Case Study: Advisory Platform For Education & Mentoring

Client: US-based product company that works in the education sphere

Business goals: Creation and deployment of a solution for connecting college applicants with mentoring students for college advice; engagement and growth of the user base

Product: US-targeted platform that comprises microservice-based back end with an admin panel; the front end is represented by a React-based website and an iOS application for end users. A twin platform, targeting the specifics of Asian market, was evolved into a separate software product

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