Software Development Case Studies

Blockchain Demo: Digital Media Transactions And Content Distribution

This demo project showcases the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions

Business goals: Creation of a platform for distribution of various digital assets; this platform could be further monetized by means of subscription

Product: React-based cross-platform mobile application + Hyperledger-based blockchain network

Applied technologies: React, Koa, Caddy, Hyperledger tools (Fabric, Composer, Explorer, Chaincode), CouchDB, IPFS, Docker (Swarm, Compose)

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Microsoft HoloLens Demo For Presentation & Interactive Learning

This demo project showcases the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens for product presentation and educational purposes

Business goals: Engagement and retention of customers via presentation of products in the mixed reality environment

Product: HoloLens application that allows the user to interact with digital 3D models + back end used as to store and send models to the application as Unity bundles

Applied technologies: C#, Unity3D, HoloLens Toolkit libraries, Lua/UniLua, PHP, Yii2, PostgreSQL, AR/MR-specific testing

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Blockchain Demo For Logistics & Transportation

Demo project that showcases the capabilities of blockchain technologies for the spheres of logistics, transportation and delivery

Business goals: Automation of internal operations and collaboration, connection of existing business processes under a single decentralized and transparent system

Product: Blockchain-based platform for autonomous delivery tracking, comprising a back end, an IoT component, mobile and Web applications

Applied technologies: Blockchain (Hyperledger Sawtooth), Proof of Elapsed Time, Flutter, React.js, Node.js, Caddy, IoT (Raspberry Pi + Python), Docker stack (including Swarm and Compose)

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Case Study: Online Workplace For Hail Damage Repair Professionals
Client: Sublink, a product company; it is an independent offshoot of a vehicle repair business with 19 years on the market

Business goals: Creation and deployment of an online platform that would unite all service providers in the niche of hail damage repair as a subscription-based marketplace

Product: The platform comprises Node.js-based back end; Nuxt.js-based front end; native apps for iOS and Android; administration panel, which allows to monitor all activities and coordinate users
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Ruby On Rails Development Case Study: Financial Management & Planning Software

Client: CERS – product company developing managing services for cultural organisations

Business goals: Creation and delivery of a SaaS solution for efficient financial management of EU projects

Product: Ruby-based Web product for budgeting, accounting, and reporting; fully compliant with the Creative Europe programme standards

Applied technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails 4, Trailblazer, Sidekiq, Vue.js, XLS parsing/generation, PostgreSQL, Ansible (automated server deployment), DigitalOcean cloud, SendinBlue (mailing service), Material Design, prototyping, manual testing, Agile management framework

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iOS And Android Augmented Reality App Development Case Study

Client: Multinational corporation with $50+ billion revenue, involved in traveling business

Business goals: Creation of mobile applications with augmented reality features to engage travelers and increase retention

Product: iOS and Android apps that comprise AR-based discovery with extensive use of complex animations and geolocation features

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ERP software development and implementation case study
Client: Comcash: US-based B2B product company with 20 years on the market
Creation of an innovative and reliable ERP software suite and its delivery to retail and restaurant businesses on an ongoing basis
Product: Cloud-based system that comprises ERP, desktop and mobile POS software, accounting and inventory management software, an administration portal, and an eShop
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IoT application development case study in automotive industry


IoT solution for connected cars

Client: Germany-based vehicle electronics manufacturer

Business goal: Launching commercial sales of a new IoT solution with an accent on UI/UX and reliability.

Description: Active Suspension Control, EU-certified Internet of Things product. It comprises a device installed in a car and mobile applications that allow to control wheel suspension with a smartphone.

Applied technologies: Swift 3 for iOS, Java for Android, Bluetooth Low Energy, Agile management framework, prototyping and UI/UX design, hardware/software integration, manual testing.
Case study for IoT application development for connected car
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Restaurant reservations app development case study

9 months of full-cycle software development led us to delivery of a Web-based B2C product for the restaurant industry. It's a platform for dynamic pricing services and reservations at restaurants. The front-end is a responsive website created with Bootstrap. The PHP-based back-end comprises logic with complex calculations

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Moving From Monolithic To Microservice Architecture: A Case Study

There were numerous cases when MobiDev was addressed to promptly augment an in-house team to build a software product together. For some clients, MobiDev evolved standalone software products into a single ecosystem. It was done under a robust technology stack, which offered the simplest solutions to the most challenging technical tasks. Today's case involves both of these situations

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