Fitness Application Development Guide: Best Practices and Case Studies

Fitness Application Development Guide: Best Practices and Case Studies

April 15, 2024

Roman Markov - Android Ios Expert at MobiDev

Roman Markov, Native/Flutter Team Leader at MobiDev

The first fitness application built by MobiDev dates back to 2015. Since then, we have been involved in developing dozens of fitness-focused apps, maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients averaging five years in length. Based on this experience, we’ve put together a guide for business leaders interested in building fitness software products. If y...More >

How to Use AI in the Sports, Fitness & Wellness Apps

7 Practical Ways to Integrate AI into the Sports, Fitness & Wellness Apps

March 11, 2024

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

As Michael Jordan once said: talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. As you can see from the photo below, the MobiDev team is not a stranger to sports, and sometimes we win at competitions. But more often, it’s a different kind of sports competition we beat through the use of AI (artificial intelligence).   ...More >

Bringing Your POS Software to the Next Level with AI

Bringing Your POS Software to the Next Level with AI

February 22, 2024

Anastasiia Molodoria, AI Team Leader at MobiDev

In 2014, MobiDev became involved in a small modernization project of a Point of Sale system for our US-based client, SmartTab. What started as a simple transfer of code base to a newer platform, grew into a leading POS system with top-notch functionality, ML-based demand forecasting and a recommendation engine. The result of a more than 10-year partnership with a...More >

top fintech trends

Top Fintech Trends for Business Leaders to Trace in 2024

February 13, 2024

Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev

As a fintech market analyst, I spend a lot of time researching financial market trends. Additionally, as a BA Team Lead at MobiDev, which has been developing software products since 2009, I get a clear idea of ​​how this or that trend can meet the real needs of a specific business and become the basis of an effective software solution.  Recognizing the synergy be...More >

Healthcare Technology Trends and Digital Innovations in 2022

The Latest Technology Trends and Innovations in Healthcare in 2024

January 09, 2024

Andrii Sulymka, JavaScript Team Leader at MobiDev

Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has faced numerous challenges arising from worldwide digital transformation, the pandemic, significant demographic shifts, and growing patient demands. As we enter the age of evidence-based medicine, individualized healthcare, and digital customer service, it becomes crucial for healthcare practitioners, startups, an...More >

7 Retail Technology Innovations Reviving the Stores in 2023

7 Retail Technology Trends: Innovations in Retailing in 2024

January 07, 2024

Liam Shotwell

Liam Shotwell, Writer, Technology Enthusiast

The retail sector is experiencing ongoing transformations due to the growing demands of customers and the rapid advancement of new technologies. However, it’s important to discern between trends in retail technology that hold practical value for optimizing business operations and those that may seem more like fiction. Let’s take a look at the retail tech tr...More >

Healthcare App Development Guide: Features, Regulations, Case Studies

Healthcare App Development Guide: Software Ecosystem, Features, Regulations, and Costs

November 17, 2023

Andrii Sulymka, JavaScript Team Leader at MobiDev

With extensive experience in the healthcare domain, I know that developing healthcare applications comes with a number of challenges, both technical and organizational.  As the domain is highly regulated, healthcare app development requires complex functionality and a high level of security during patient data processing. In this guide, I will explain some aspect...More >

AI Visual Inspection For Defect Detection in Manufacturing

Building AI Visual Inspection For Defect Detection in Manufacturing

November 16, 2023

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

The core of AI defect detection systems in production is automated visual inspection based on deep learning (DL) models, which recognize surface defects, deformations, etc. This article is based on the practical experience and research of MobiDev’s AI team, and explains how to implement AI visual inspection for defect detection in manufacturing lines. ...More >

Fintech App Cybersecurity

Fintech App Cybersecurity Guide: Security Strategies and Regulatory Compliance

October 31, 2023

Mirgorod Heorhii

Georgii Myrgorod, PHP Team Leader at MobiDev

In this guide, we’ve collected the primary challenges associated with fintech applications security and regulatory compliance and provided strategies to surmount them. These insights can be seamlessly integrated into your project plan, ensuring that no critical aspect is overlooked. Brief Overview of 5 Fintech App Security Challenges  Huge opportunities and...More >

Ruby on Rails Security Guide: Protecting Your Business and Customer Data

Ruby on Rails Security Guide: Protecting Your Business and Customer Data

July 17, 2023

Derevianko Liubov

Liubov Derevianko, Ruby Team Leader at MobiDev

Resistance to security threats is one of the key features for web projects, especially if your business belongs to one of those industries that has to comply with strict security regulations. When upgrading an existing Ruby on Rails product or planning a new one within this technology stack, it’s natural that you want to understand what security mechanisms ...More >

How to Ensure Healthcare Software HIPAA Compliance in 2021

HIPAA-Compliant Software Development Checklist for 2024

July 11, 2023

Alex Vasilchenko, AI Group Leader at MobiDev

HIPAA is a well-known concept in the context of the improvement of data privacy and data security in the healthcare industry. As HIPAA introduced critical changes to how organizations may store, handle and use sensitive patient information, it covers healthcare providers, health plans, and business associates of HIPAA-covered organizations. Whether you want to ma...More >

AR for Onboarding and Troubleshooting: Wi-Fi Router Diagnostics

AR for Onboarding and Troubleshooting: Wi-Fi Router Diagnostics Demo

July 11, 2023

Mykola Rybalko

Mykola Rybalko, AI Engineer at MobiDev

Modern technologies make it possible to transform customer services by improving the user experience and reducing the burden on the staff at the same time. Virtual user manuals, for instance, can provide users with 3D visual instructions on how to use a product, while AR remote assistance apps allow professionals to provide customer support in real time from mile...More >

How To Build AI-Driven Financial Applications

How To Build AI-Driven Financial Applications – a Product Owner’s Guide

July 06, 2023

Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev

Despite the ups and downs of the global economy, fintech startups are still an attractive target for investors. You’re probably here because you`re an expert in the financial domain, and you’ve decided to join the fintech race. Are you looking for the support of tech specialists whose experience and knowledge will contribute to your project’s su...More >

Augmented Reality For Brand Promotion & Advertising

Augmented Reality Business Cards Demo: Use AR For Brand Promotion & Advertising

July 03, 2023

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader at MobiDev

One of the most engaging ways to deliver authentic and personal experiences to customers has always been through developing augmented reality apps. When users are approached with a unique and immersive experience, they are more likely to remember it. One way that businesses can achieve this is through business cards powered by augmented reality.  To demonstrate t...More >

Blazor web app development

Blazing a Trail: Web App Development with Microsoft Blazor in 2024

April 25, 2023

karyna dorosh

Karyna Dorosh, .Net Developer at MobiDev

Blazor is a promising technology that provides significant benefits for product owners who want to build secure, high-performance products on the .Net stack, but to do so as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Even though the technology is not new, finding developers with experience in Blazor can be a challenging task because it’s still a niche market.  So ...More >

Human resources technology trends

HR Technology Trends in 2024: Digitalization with a Human Touch

January 05, 2023

MobiDev Team, Software engineers & consultants at MobiDev

Streamlining workflows and maximizing the value of teams with innovative technologies is the future of human resources. Some HR directors are motivated to modernize their teams with technology simply out of the fear of being left behind. However, it’s important for CHROs to understand that there’s a lot more to making that step into the future than this. Instead ...More >

Mobile App Development Innovations

Mobile App Development Trends and Innovative Features in 2024

December 15, 2022

Andrew Makarov

Andrew Makarov, Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader at MobiDev

No matter what audience your app is intended for, there’s no denying that innovation is one of the core components of success. A great way to get started is to understand the upcoming mobile app development trends. Let’s talk about them, and as you read, consider how each trend might benefit your business. Key Mobile App Development Market Insights According to ...More >

How to Build a Fintech App: Approach, Architecture, and Scalability

How to Build a Fintech App: Approach, Architecture, and Scalability

December 07, 2022

Yurii Luchaninov, JavaScript Group Leader at MobiDev

When building an extremely complex platform like a fintech app, most of the time you come up with a “wishlist,” including all the “must-haves” you want to have in the product. For a financial app, it contains literally everything, and your list will look something like: 100% security 100% fault tolerance 100% reliability 100% scalability 100% flexibility and so o...More >


Web Accessibility Testing Explained for Product Owners

November 28, 2022

Alina Aksentseva

Alina Aksentseva, QA Engineer at MobiDev

Web accessibility testing aims to ensure that each and any person can use a product without any obstacles. It expands the target audience of applications by making them accessible to people with disabilities — hearing loss, vision problems like a weakening of color perception, physical, cognitive, or other disabilities. However, product owners should discover and...More >

Blockchain Demo: Digital Media Transactions And Content Distribution

Blockchain For Digital Media Transactions And Content Distribution

October 12, 2022

This demo project showcases the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions. Business goals: Creation of a platform for distribution of various digital assets; this platform could be further monetized by means of subscription Product: React-based cross-platform mobile application + Hyperledger-based blockchain network Ap...More >

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