Q2/Q3, 2023 Сompany Report

This is a Q2/Q3 report dedicated to key MobiDev updates during the April-September period of 2023. The report is divided into the following sections:

  1. Delivery
  2. International Events
  3. Experience Exchange
  4. MobiDev Life


1. Delivery

The MobiDev team keeps providing stable delivery to the clients and supports their products on various levels. In particular, during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2023, 372 releases were performed for new and existing projects. 

Meanwhile, four new Case Studies were presented in the MobiDev portfolio, showcasing the results of successful project or milestone completions.

  • Sports – BeONE Sports
    BeONE Sports, a US-based sports technology startup, makes specialized training available from any place in the world. Utilizing computer vision to enhance their advanced training methodology, they offer data-driven training programs for athletes and coaches. MobiDev covers the complete iOS app development cycle, including the processing of data from BeONE Sports’ existing ML models, video rendering, and in-app purchases.
  • Fintech – WFCCA
    WFCCA represents the interests of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of floor-covering products in Canada. The software used by the company was running on outdated versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. MobiDev was responsible for updating the legacy code of the WFCCA portal and addressing intricate bug issues.
  • IT Services and IT Consulting – Operaio
    A Swiss company, Operaio creates Microsoft-based corporate solutions for streamlining service management processes. They brought MobiDev on board to assist in devising and executing a testing strategy, as well as carrying out a partial redesign of the Web Portal for the System Center Service Manager, which is among Operaio’s essential software products.
  • Social Media – SpotMy
    The SpotMy platform converts social media content into engaging and interactive games. MobiDev has developed this Flutter app from scratch, starting with business and technical analysis, then moving to UI/UX design followed by the full-cycle development and quality assurance processes.

2. International Events

During Q2/Q3 2023, the MobiDev team attended 23 events covering the following locations:

MobiDev team members, Oleg Lola, Anna Karnaukh, Xenia Potiakova, Tatyana Nizheholtseva, Selma Ghalem, Liubov Zatolokina, Karyna Anisimova, and Iryna Volotska, had a very productive time at these expos and summits.

Liubov Zatolokina

These were four intense days where we were networking non-stop, making new connections, and even meeting some of our clients. Once again we are convinced that we are on the same wavelength with our clients. On the last day of the event, all participants could attend Elon Musk’s talk, but since it would take 3-4 hours to wait in line to get into the auditorium, our team decided to watch it on a monitor screen. However, this didn’t stop us from meeting Emmanuel Macron just a meter away from us.

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Team Lead, on VivaTech Paris

Tatyana Nizheholtseva

I had the privilege of attending the Bits & Pretzels conference in Munich this year, and I can’t express enough how impressed I am with the entire event. The atmosphere was electric! Meeting brilliant minds, engaging in insightful discussions, and learning from some of the brightest innovators in the industry made this event unforgettable.

Tatyana Nizheholtseva, Partnership Development and Sales Manager, on Bits & Pretzels Munich

The MobiDev team is actively getting ready for the Q4 season of events. The current list of events includes the following summits and conferences:


The EU

The UK


MobiDev events Q4

3. Experience Exchange

Speaking at events

As part of the Open IT project conducted by the Kharkiv IT Cluster, Alina Vinnichenko, MobiDev’s PM Group Leader, was a speaker during the meetup, “How to adopt a project?”, sharing her professional experience with junior project managers.

The MobiDev QA Group Leader Serhii Ivanov attended Direction QADay in Lviv as a speaker, where he shared the story of the creation and pilot launch of the team leader training program, offering valuable insights to the audience.

Xenia Potiakova, Head of European Business Development, held a panel discussion, “Innovation & Application of AI in Industry”, at the AI&ML Summit in New York. During the discussion, Cecilia Dones, Sameer Gupt, and Rick Peng discussed their visions on how exactly AI changed fintech, healthcare, and retail industries, and exchanged insights in their domains.

Xenia Potiakova

Xenia Potiakova at the panel discussion “Innovation & Application of AI in Industry”.

MobiDev in Media

As a member of the Forbes Tech Council, MobiDev CEO Oleg Lola consistently contributes insights to the latest tech topics. During Q2/Q3, he authored an article titled, “Capabilities and Challenges of AI-Enabled Fitness Applications”. Additionally, Oleg Lola participated in three Forbes expert panel articles dedicated to:

In these articles, the MobiDev CEO was among other experts who shared their knowledge and recommendations with the audience.

Furthermore, Oleg Lola conducted a detailed interview with U-Today: Breaking Barriers: How MobiDev Pioneers AI Adoption for the Midsize Market. In this interview, he discussed his thoughts on the true potential of utilizing AI within midsize companies and revealed MobiDev’s approach to AI product development.

Meanwhile, MobiDev experts Liubov Zatolokina, Anastasia Molodoria, Anton Lohvynenko, and Yevhen Kuzminov shared their thoughts on OCR for complex engineering drawings, AI in document processing, Web app modernization strategies, and RoR-based app security with platforms Unite.AI, Data Science Central, the European Business Review, and

4. MobiDev Life

Team Activities

MobiDev maintains a steady flow of sharing company updates to keep teammates involved and show the results of their contributions to the company’s results. In addition, MobiDev explores diverse formats to break the monotony of the working routine and support various aspects of personal life, notably mental health. This approach provides a solid foundation for addressing stress and inspires both professional and personal development.

  • Head of Coffee
    The Head of Coffee conference calls format is used for sharing significant updates. One or more MobiDev teammates take the role of a speaker on the pre-announced topic, prepare presentations, and answer questions from the audience. In particular, in Q2/Q3, eight Head of Coffee events were held covering the areas from MobiDev financial system updates to the dynamics of implementing the new corporate strategy in terms of the world economy crisis.
  • Newsletters from the President
    Once a month MobiDev President Oleksii Ostroverkhyi sends a newsletter to all team members outlining key updates of the previous month. Those updates relate to the business areas, new hires volume, insights on the general situation on the market, and particular MobiDev news of the last month.
  • MobiDev Speaking Club
    A 3-month MobiDev Speaking Club was held under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, Father Surge. Each meeting within the club revolved around engaging discussions on different topics, accompanied by supplementary materials for enhancing grammar and vocabulary skills. Within the Speaking Club, MobiDev teammates covered the “Polite Discussion” and “Self-presentation & presentation of ideastopics as well as discussed popular TV series, “Wednesday” and “The Office.”
  • MobiDev Meet
    Within the MobiDev Meet initiative, all the participants were organized into predefined groups that aligned with their interests. Every two weeks, during their coffee breaks, they allocate 20-30 minutes to exchange details about themselves, chat about their hobbies, favorite movies, amusing childhood memories, and more.
  • MobiDev Quizz
    MobiDev Quizz was held biweekly, and during this event, all teammates had a chance to demonstrate their knowledge, not just in areas like coding, project management, and business analysis, but also in some unexpected and diverse subjects. In particular, MobiDev Quizzes were dedicated to modern Ukrainian songs, the best TV shows of all time, Disney fairy tales, plant crops, sports, etc.
  • Mental Health Support
    MobiDev keeps supporting the mental health of the teammates, organizing meetings and workshops with qualified specialists:

    • “Living with Resilience: What to Do When Your Batteries Run Low”, a meetup with Natallia Baykalova, crisis intervention consultant, cognitive behavioral therapy psychologist, and systemic family psychotherapist.
    • “Healthy Sleep”, a lecture by Olga Maslova, a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, co-founder of the science communication initiative Nobilitet, the co-author of the book When I Finally Get Some Sleep and the author of the book Adventures of Cells Inside and Outside the Body.
    • “Redefining Leadership: Crises, Uncertainty, Stabilization”, a workshop by Mariia Yatsukhnenko, a certified psychologist.

Supporting Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, MobiDev has donated over $280,000 to supporting Ukraine and its fight for justice and peace.

In Q2/Q3, MobiDev donated $10,000 for 2 military drones for the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, and $60,000 for the Ukrainian UAV “Leleka” (Stork) for the Special Operations Force. Both fundraisers were initiated by the KOLO fund, MobiDev long-term partner

As part of the “KOLOssus of support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” MobiDev was among the companies that received an award for active participation in the project. The MobiDev team is grateful to the KOLO Foundation for all of the joint projects we’ve completed together!

MobiDev Award

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