Cross-Platform Flutter-Based Social Media & Gaming Platform

Business Goals:

Games and social media platforms have become ubiquitous in our daily lives today, taking up a significant portion of users’ free time and smartphone storage. The core idea of the platform SpotMy covers both these areas by transforming social media content into captivating and interactive games. MobiDev played a pivotal role in the project, first handling business & technical analysis along with UI/UX design, and then undertaking app development from the ground up.

Product Description:

SpotMy is a mobile platform that combines the interactive elements of social media and gaming, allowing users to create and share their own ‘spot the differences’ games while also engaging in games created by others. Alongside the leaderboard, users’ competitive spirit is fueled by enticing rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

In addition to delivering entertainment, the platform serves a strategic marketing purpose. Companies can leverage SpotMy as a promotional channel by designing games that showcase their latest addition. New products can serve as rewards, attracting the attention of a wide audience.

Applied Technologies:

Flutter, NodeJS, ReactJS, Strapi, Firebase, AWS S3 Bucket, Ant Design, manual testing, UI/UX Design

Project Highlights:

  • Chose Flutter for its development timeline, stability, and high performance
  • Utilized Strapi & Node.js for backend
  • Applied a randomizing algorithm against cheating
  • Built a custom admin panel with extended functionality

Chose Flutter for its development timeline, stability, and high performance

For most cross-platform projects launched on iOS and Android simultaneously, Flutter is an optimal solution since the single codebase can be deployed on both platforms,  requiring less maintenance budget in the future. Along with saving time and resources, it also ensures high responsiveness by reacting smoothly to user inputs, such as taps, swipes, and gestures. This aspect is particularly crucial for SpotMy, given its gaming nature. Furthermore, Flutter’s range of design elements and libraries gave us extra benefits in terms of timeline optimization.

Utilized Strapi & Node.js for backend

Based on our prior experience, we were convinced that Node.js exhibits reliable compatibility with Flutter, facilitating smooth integration of Strapi. Leveraging the robustness of Node.js, Strapi effectively incorporates essential server-side functionalities, including seamless database interaction, efficient content management, and handling of API requests, specifically pertaining to email service and file uploads. To implement photo storage, we have upgraded Strapi’s default integration code for AWS S3 Bucket. Additionally, push notifications have been implemented using Firebase. This tech stack has resulted in a stable, highly scalable and high-performance solution.

Applied a randomizing algorithm against cheating

In the realm of gaming apps, one of the primary challenges lies in mitigating cheating. To address this concern for our project, we have implemented an algorithm that introduces randomized sequencing of image versions for each level and for each user, taking into account the total number of versions available per level. This empowers the system to combat cheating effectively by introducing variability and unpredictability, ensuring a fair and challenging gaming experience.

Built a custom admin panel with extended functionality

Although Strapi has an out-of-the-box admin panel, it couldn’t fully cover SpotMy project requirements. Thus we have developed a custom Ant Design-based admin panel which, in particular, gives admins access to manage end-to-end process of game creation, publishing and monitoring.

Flutter for high responsiveness and single codebase
Strapi & Node.js for high scalability & performance
Ant Design for extended custom admin panel

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