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Energy 4.0: Digital Transformation In Energy & Utilities Industry

Technology has been increasingly adopted by all major industry sectors over the last several years—and the energy industry is no exception. Tech innovation is no longer associated only with replacement of paperwork with automated electronic systems. The next step is reinvention of the ways that energy and utilities companies do business, engage their customers and interact with them. And let us not forget about Energy 4.0, a buzzword used to denote the digital revolution in this industry

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WebRTC: Real-Time Communication For The Internet Of Things

It's been predicted that the number of Internet of Things devices will reach nearly 21 billion by 2020. Their diversity is rapidly growing as industrial products, wearables, and smart household appliances continue to emerge. Data collection and communication capabilities of IoT products have created new ways for businesses to interact with their customers as well as get new sources of marketing data

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How To Test Augmented Reality Apps: Practical Guide
Augmented reality is no longer a futuristic fantasy. It is here and now, a viable part of the consumer market, available for millions of mobile users. Headsets, however, are a more complicated case, given all the limitations and issues with battery life, performance, and convenience for the user. Despite all that, businesses seize opportunities to build pioneering products and use augmented reality for engagement and retention of customers... more →
IoT Trends To Drive Innovation For Business In 2019-2020

Forget about the hype: by 2020, the Internet of Things is predicted to generate an additional $344B in revenues, as well as to drive $177B in cost reductions. IoT and enhanced reality solutions are already increasing performance metrics of major US-based factories. They are in the hands of your employees, covering routine management issues and boosting their productivity by 40-60%

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Why, When And How To Use Node.js For Backend Development
There are three fundamental things behind the choice of a technology stack for your software product. First, your business priorities and objectives. Second, the specifics of your business domain and market. Third, the specifics of the stack itself. All of these must be properly considered without contradicting each other... more →
Demo: NativeScript App With Custom Animations

Today we have a nice surprise for you – a demo of an app based on NativeScript, which is currently considered one of the most promising technologies for cross-platform development. And it works quite differently from others. Your app will not run in a WebView, like it goes with PhoneGap. Unlike ReactNative, your app will not use plugins to access native features. Basically, NativeScript offers direct access to native functionality via JavaScript without a single line of native code

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8 Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch in 2019-2020

While healthcare has historically been slow to adopt technology, the industry is about to witness significant changes over the next several years. The digital health market is expected to reach $206 billion by 2020. Leading companies are already redefining themselves with digital transformation, applied to their main functional areas with customer-centric approach

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Guide To GDPR Compliant Software Development: Get Your Business Ready

GDPR—EU regulation that protects the personal data and privacy of EU residents on a completely new level—is to be enforced May 25. Fines for non-compliance with this regulation are rather large. If you do business in Europe, you will definitely need to know the following.

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11 App Features, Trends & Innovations In Mobile Development

Modern business reality dictates new rules of mobile application development. Here are 11 key features, trends, and innovations that are used in mobile apps: from simplicity in design to mobile augmented reality and involvement of data science and machine learning to build smarter software products that can learn everything about your customers. We will illustrate these points with lots of comprehensive cases from our own experience

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Augmented Reality in Healthcare: Way to Medicine's Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare disrupts the traditional methods of doing business. It replaces paper-based management with electronic systems and makes the data manipulable and available

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