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Angular Native - NativeScript with Angular 2

Meet Angular Native – a new platform that allows to create native software using cross-platform technologies. In other words, you get the best of both worlds – native performance and code sharing capabilities.

How is it possible? How does it work? Can it become the perfect budget-saving solution to base your software product on? Read further to see!

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Building Pluto The Robot, Part I: The Chassis

Remember Pluto, our new two-wheeled robot prototype? That's the one who has a camera eye and streams video to a browser. Well, today's the time to start a series of articles that can show you through the process of its creation! I am Sergey Koba, PHP/Ruby Team Leader and Pluto's creator, and I will be your guide

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IoT At MobiDev: Pluto The Robot

Meet Pluto, our two-wheeled robot prototype, a curious venture into the Internet of Things. He can explore the world through his camera eye. This little robot has been recently assembled in MobiDev by our PHP/Ruby Team Leader Sergey Koba

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Choosing JS Framework For Your Software Project

Over the last few years JavaScript has gone the way from a script language, used for mere embellishment of web pages, to an essential tool. It is impossible to imagine modern IT without it. If we talk about web development, we can consider JS not only for the client side, but for the server as well

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3 Types Of Web Application Architecture

In web development, such terms as ''web app'', ''front-end architecture'', ''Web 2.0'', and ''HTML5 apps'' are often used in a misleading context which doesn't consider the full specifics of implementation and usage of web architectures. Today we'll find out more about the web application architecture types in the light of the latest web trends and key issues that matter to software product owners

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RAD.js Trending On GitHub

Another fine day for our RAD.js development toolkit - its AnimateTransition library currently ranks #7 trending on GitHub. What a great opportunity to say thank you to all the developers who put RAD.js into practice, and to our team that constantly updates the toolkit and creates high-performance multiplatform software for our Clients

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Swift: How We Code Your iOS Apps Twice Faster

Swift, Apple's new programming language, is going to define the future of iOS development, regardless of developers' opinions, be they good or bad. All the hype aside, the use of Swift can help a developer save approximately 20-50% of development time, while the number of lines of code can be reduced roughly by half. Swift is highly readable, way more than Objective-C. For developers it means convenience. For software owners it means receiving high-quality apps earlier than they could hope before

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RAD.js 2.0: Major Leap In Creating Multiplatform Software For You

High-quality mobile apps are needed by both mobile-related startups and well-established brands that look for new areas to build presence and awareness on. Naturally startuppers and brand owners wish to expand their presence across more than just one mobile platform. But the problem was in finding budget for building several native apps from scratch

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How To Optimize The Performance Of PhoneGap Apps
Based on a speech contributed by MobiDev at Mobile App Europe 2014 in Berlin.

Despite the increasing processing power of mobile devices, most cross-platform apps cannot fully satisfy the constantly growing demands as for the visual richness combined with good performance. How can we resolve the issue? The most obvious answer lies in understanding the specifics of the platform and the wrapper on which the application code is running (mobile WebView); and the processes that occur during preparation and displaying the page content
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Swift: Developer's First Impressions

On June 2, 2014, Apple has announced the news that no one expected: a new object-oriented programming language - Swift.

What's good about it, how can it attract developers? Is it reasonable to follow all that hype about farewells to Objective-C and 'we need developers with 2-year experience in Swift'

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