AI Biometric Authentication for Enterprise Security

September 24, 2021

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD at MobiDev

Biometric authentication technology has been an important industry trend for years, especially in 2021 due to the latest AI innovations available on the market. According to IBM, 20% of breaches are caused by compromised credentials. Worse, it can take an average of 287 days to identify and respond to a data breach. AI based security is increasing in usage and wi...More >

Small Dataset-Based Object Detection: How Much Data is Enough?

September 10, 2021

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

Getting started with any machine learning project often starts with the question: “How much data is enough?”. The response depends on a number of factors like the diversity of production data, the availability of open-source datasets, the expected performance of the system, and the list can go on for quite a while. In this article, I’d like to debunk a popular my...More >

GPU for Deep Learning: Benefits & Drawbacks of On-Premises vs Cloud

September 02, 2021

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD at MobiDev

As technology advances and more organizations are implementing machine learning operations (MLOps), people are looking for ways to speed up processes. This is especially true for organizations working with deep learning (DL) processes which can be incredibly lengthy to run. You can speed up this process by using graphical processing units (GPUs) on-premises or in...More >

Machine Learning Trends To Impact Business in 2021-2022

August 27, 2021

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD at MobiDev

Like many other revolutionary technologies of the modern day, machine learning was once science fiction. However, its applications in real world industries are only limited by our imagination. In 2021, recent innovations in machine learning have made a great deal of tasks more feasible, efficient, and precise than ever before. Powered by data science, machine lea...More >

AI Visual Inspection For Defect Detection

August 26, 2021

Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect, PhD at MobiDev

“Why should I care about a cool new technology until it’s solving any of my problems?”—This was the exact conversation I had with the executive of a water purification plant over a warm cup of coffee.  What started as idle chit chat ended up evolving into an insightful and meaningful discussion about  AI technologies for defect detection and quality control. This...More >

Few-shot Learning Explained: Examples, Applications, Research

August 16, 2021

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

Data powers machine learning solutions. Quality datasets enable training models with the needed detection and classification accuracy, though sometimes the accumulation of sufficient training data that should be fed into the model is a complex challenge. For instance, to create data-intensive apps, human annotators are required to label a huge number of samples w...More >

Artificial Intelligence Technology: AI Trends That Matter for Business

August 02, 2021

Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Innovation Officer at MobiDev

According to 2020’s McKinsey Global Survey on artificial intelligence (AI), in 2020 more than 50% of companies have adopted AI in at least one business unit or function, so we witness the emergence of new AI trends. Organizations apply AI tools to generate more value, increase revenue and customer loyalty. AI leading companies invest at least 20% of their earning...More >

Exploring Deep Learning Image Captioning

July 07, 2021

Diana Malyk, AI engineer at MobiDev

Technologies applied to turning the sequence of pixels depicted on the image into words with Artificial Intelligence aren’t as raw as five or more years ago. Better performance, accuracy, and reliability make smooth and efficient image captioning possible in different areas – from social media to e-commerce. The automatic creation of tags corresponds with a...More >

How To Apply Machine Learning To Demand Forecasting

July 07, 2021

Liudmyla Taranenko, Data Scientist at MobiDev

Businesses during COVID-19 are operating in uncharted territory and are being forced to depend on human behavior causing rapid shifts. Human behavior can depend on satisfaction related to new experiences as well as pandemic restrictions. In this article, I want to show how machine learning approaches can help with demand forecasting and future sales predictions. ...More >

GAN Image Generation With StyleGan2

May 26, 2021

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

Summary: We wondered whether it was possible to apply a generative model for a problem of content synthesis in order to automate the work of graphic designers. So we focused on logotype synthesis and checked this hypothesis. Our aim was to find out the possibilities and limitations of the technology, as well as the prospects of its application for the generation...More >

GAN Technology: Use Cases for Business Application

May 25, 2021

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

Summary: Can a machine attempt to approach the task of creating unique content that would be indistinguishable from human-produced artefacts? Is it possible to do this with the help of generative adversarial networks (GANs) — by learning the structure of the complex real-world data examples and generating similar synthetic examples that are bound by the same str...More >

7 Technology Trends To Reshape The Future of Retail Industry in 2021

March 22, 2021

Liam Shotwell, Writer, Technology Enthusiast

Transformation in the digital space has completely reshaped shopping, online experiences, and even customer expectations in physical stores. The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption has turned the industry upside down, bringing with it unparalleled technological innovations.  It’s important to consider where these innovations are taking us next by identifying the techn...More >

Deep Learning-based Background Removal And Blur In A Real-Time Video

February 22, 2021

Liubov Zatolokina, AI Engineer at MobiDev

Background removal and blur in a real-time video are in high demand in 2021. Their implementation can be comparable with the snowball effect. This avalanche will eventually sweep all platforms for video meetings. This fact is confirmed by the experience of market leaders that have already implemented such tools. For instance, Google has added Mobile Real-Time Vid...More >

AI Assisted Real-time Video Processing

January 19, 2021

Serhii Maksymenko, Data Science Solution Architect

This article was written based on our research and expertise of building real-time video processing products, together with creating pipelines for applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. When it comes to real time video processing, the data pipeline becomes more complex to handle. And we are striving to minimize latency in streaming video. On the othe...More >

5 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms For Business Applications

September 30, 2020

Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Innovation Officer at MobiDev

Machine learning is a field of research aimed at teaching machines to perform cognitive activity, similar to the human mind. While they are typically much more limited in cognitive ability than the average human, they are able to process vast amounts of information quickly and derive useful business insights.  ...More >

6 Ways AI And Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing Marketing And Sales

September 11, 2020

Julia Ramyalg, Senior Marketing and Technology Analyst at MobiDev at MobiDev

Reviewed by Maksym Tatariants, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being used in marketing and sales for all sorts of processes from personalized shopping to warehouse logistics. Let’s explore how companies can leverage innovations and what algorithms work under the hood. 6 Ways AI And Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing Ma...More >

Virtual Fitting Room Development Using AR & AI Technologies

September 03, 2020

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

I hate shopping in brick and mortar stores. However, my interest in virtual shopping is not limited to the buyer experience only. With the MobiDev DataScience department, I’ve gained experience in working on AI technologies for virtual fitting. The goal of this article is to describe how these systems work from the inside. AR & AI Technologies for Virtual Fit...More >

Improve Data Quality With Unsupervised Machine Learning

August 10, 2020

Liudmyla Taranenko, Data Scientist at MobiDev

There won’t be any business insights if the data quality is poor. When preparing data, I often go through many different approaches to reach a level of quality of data that can provide accurate results. In this article, I describe how unsupervised Machine Learning can improve data quality in machine learning projects and how it helps to get more accurate bu...More >

Human Pose Estimation Technology 2021 Guide

July 16, 2020

Maksym Tatariants, PhD, AI Solution Architect at MobiDev

“Is it possible for a technology solution to replace fitness coaches? Well, someone still has to motivate you saying “Come On, even my grandma can do better!” But from a technology point of view, this high-level requirement led us to 3D human pose estimation technology.  In this article, I will describe our own experience of how 3D human pose estimation can be de...More >

How Deep Learning Can Modernize Face Recognition Software

June 09, 2020

Serhii Maksymenko, Data Science Solution Architect

Face recognition technology appears in a different light today. Use cases include broad application from crime detection to the identification of genetic diseases.  While governments across the world have been investing in facial recognition systems, some US cities like Oakland, Somerville, and Portland, have banned it due to civil rights and privacy concerns. Wh...More >