Yurii Luchaninov
Solution Architect

If you ask me what role plays interest in our life, I would say, it’s exactly what fills life with meaning. This is why my hobby is photography – seeing and noticing something new, using high-tech tools and getting inspiring results.

And it is the approach I use in my work – I look for interesting problems, challenges and the most optimal solutions. From my point of view, software product development is like architecture – it should be beautiful, reliable and functional.

To put it less formally: Software Development, just like construction works, requires careful planning, thorough preparations, and meticulous execution. One always needs a great architect to rely on. I’m glad to be such an architect and take part in creating great web and cross-platform software for businesses around the world. I value great ideas that can become apps that users love. I believe that such apps can be made only with the right tools and the right approach.

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