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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: May 2018

What do we have for you this May? Let's see: 4 cases of our experience in mobile augmented reality development with ARKit; a new video testimonial; a case study of building and delivering an online marketplace; 8 tech trends in the healthcare industry; and 2 upcoming conferences where we'll be able to meet in person

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Case Study: Online Workplace For Hail Damage Repair Professionals
Client: Sublink, a product company; it is an independent offshoot of a vehicle repair business with 19 years on the market

Business goals: Creation and deployment of an online platform that would unite all service providers in the niche of hail damage repair as a subscription-based marketplace

Product: The platform comprises Node.js-based back end; Nuxt.js-based front end; native apps for iOS and Android; administration panel, which allows to monitor all activities and coordinate users
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8 Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

While healthcare has historically been slow to adopt technology, the industry is about to witness significant changes over the next several years. The digital health market is expected to reach $206 billion by 2020. Leading companies are already redefining themselves with digital transformation, applied to their main functional areas with customer-centric approach

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ARKit Guide: Augmented Reality App Development for iOS

Based on a keynote "ARKit: Creating Non-Standard Augmented Reality Solutions", which was contributed to MobileTechCon 2018 by Andrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development at MobiDev

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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: April 2018

Haven't heard from us in a while? It's time to start our April news with the two nearest conferences that MobiDev will participate in. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Guide To GDPR Compliant Software Development: Get Your Business Ready

GDPR—EU regulation that protects the personal data and privacy of EU residents on a completely new level—is to be enforced May 25. Fines for non-compliance with this regulation are rather large. If you do business in Europe, you will definitely need to know the following.

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Ruby On Rails Development Case Study: Financial Management & Planning Software

Client: CERS – product company developing managing services for cultural organisations

Business goals: Creation and delivery of a SaaS solution for efficient financial management of EU projects

Product: Ruby-based Web product for budgeting, accounting, and reporting; fully compliant with the Creative Europe programme standards

Applied technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails 4, Trailblazer, Sidekiq, Vue.js, XLS parsing/generation, PostgreSQL, Ansible (automated server deployment), DigitalOcean cloud, SendinBlue (mailing service), Material Design, prototyping, manual testing, Agile management framework

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Digital Transformation In Healthcare: A Case Study
Based on the keynote "Digital Transformation Of Your Healthcare System", contributed by Alan Winters, Head of US Business Development at MobiDev, to Innovation Stage at HIMSS18, a conference for tech innovation in healthcare
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11 App Features, Trends & Innovations In Mobile Development

Modern business reality dictates new rules of mobile application development. Here are 11 key features, trends, and innovations that are used in mobile apps: from simplicity in design to mobile Augmented Reality. We will illustrate them with lots of comprehensive cases from our own experience

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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: March 2018

This March is rich with news, and here's the recap: our new page dedicated to Augmented Reality development services; a mobile AR case study; a couple of insights into AR in healthcare and project teamwork organization; and 3 upcoming tech conferences

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