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How To Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Personalization

Guest post by Clutch

Personalization is a standard for most marketing strategies—and your app should not be different. But what does it actually mean? Personalization is when you address your customers directly, showing them that you understand their pains and needs. Thus, you show them a situation where they can recognize themselves and suggest solutions based on your product or service

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Voice Assistant Technology For Enterprise

Victor Gubochkin, Lead Solution ArchitectBy Viktor Gubochkin,

Lead Solution Architect at MobiDev

Speech has always been the favored mode of communication. A person speaks an average of 15,000 words each day. And in contrast with other forms of communication like writing, speech is simple and easy to use. People feel most comfortable expressing themselves with speech. It removes the need for proper spelling, spellcheck, and any associated issues

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What Influences The Cost Of Software Development Services?

Author: Oleksii Ostroverkhyi, CCO MobiDevBy Oleksii Ostroverkhyi,

Chief Commercial Officer at MobiDev

Provision of software development services is a growing industry that is now worth an estimated $100 billion annually. It's also a flourishing industry that has changed everything about the way enterprises do business. It allows companies to cut down costs and provides a way to significantly reduce time to market and increase flexibility

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ABAC: Flexible Approach To Access Control In Enterprise Software

A basic premise for success of B2B software products is flexibility. You have to tailor your product to the internal processes of businesses that adopt it. Moreover, you'll have to do it continuously, since business, just like technology, never stays still.

In the midst of it all there's an issue that matters to every enterprise in a different way – flexible access to resources and notifications distributed among users, which must additionally provide for data security and strict legal compliance with such acts as GDPR or HIPAA

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Designing Custom Face Detection & Recognition Software

Over the last few months, one of our teams was busy designing a solution that employs biometric identification and works within real-time video camera streaming. The system workflow had to comprise 3 main stages: detection of a face, near-instant recognition, and further action to be taken (e.g. grant access to authorized personnel or send a corresponding alert otherwise)

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MobiDev: Upwork's Best Software Development Agency 2018 In Ukraine

For the third year in a row, our services won the recognition of the world's largest online platform for remote collaboration. Last Tuesday, MobiDev received the award as Upwork's Best Agency 2018 in Ukraine in the spheres of Web, Mobile & Software Development

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Case Study: Inspection Management Solution For Government Entities

Client & Business Goals: Futurity IT, Inc., US-based product company that needed to finalize a software solution under strict deadlines and set up a non-stop cycle of development and regular delivery

Product: Cloud-based command center that streamlines inspections and revisions, assignments and reporting

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Augmented Reality Demo Collection

Augmented Reality repeatedly proves its viability for practical use across a number of areas—from effective customer support in shared AR spaces to indoor navigation to inventive means of raising brand awareness.

Our team, as always, is at the forefront, continuously mastering and applying the latest AR technologies. Here's our take on the practical side of Augmented Reality: all of our video demos gathered for you in a single post. These ideas can be further developed by our team in your own software projects

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Augmented Reality User Instruction Manual

Delivery of information in an engaging way is one of the most widespread use cases for mobile Augmented Reality. And if we speak about user manuals, we need to be practical and add convenience. What can be easier and faster than just pointing your smartphone camera at an electronic device and get immediate information on what it consists of and how it works

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IoT Application Development With The AWS IoT Platform

With a sphere as disparate as the Internet of Things—and with products ranging from simple beacons to complex industrial equipment and smart home systems—the advent of platforms to streamline development was only a question of time

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