How To Create A Good App: 11 Must-Have Features Of A Successful Mobile Application

July 11, 2016 39435 Views
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11 Key Features Of A Successful Mobile App

Needless to say that every software product owner wants to create and launch a successful app, not the one to be lost in a sea of competition where everyone struggles to be the best. Here are 11 must-have features and characteristics of a successful mobile app, which generally do not depend on the specifics of business domains. Most of these qualities are applicable to every good app, and can be easily facilitated by the dedicated team that creates it.

What is a good app?

The answer is rather simple: it is the one that fully satisfies the end user's needs, and does it quickly and effectively, quite often in a matter of several taps. It might do just one thing, but do it exceptionally well. That said, what makes an app good, or even the best one in its niche? Well, besides a catchy name and visual identity. Let's see...

11 App features to make it better

mobile application development

#1 • Simplicity for the end user

In other words, it means development of a convenient user interface and simple navigation, based on design guidelines for the selected platform. Keep in mind this main quality of any mobile application that ranks among the best. If your app embraces simplicity, users will have no reason to go looking for a similar app. Whatever the functionality is, the simpler it's delivered, the better, and you will not be losing users. That is one of the essential qualities that help popular mobile apps gather and maintain a loyal following. Just make sure you pick a team that knows how to design an app well.

mobile application developmentmobile application development

#2 • Both iOS and Android should be covered

These are two essential platforms to encompass. It's worth noting that modern cross-platform app development frameworks—including PhoneGap, ReactNative and NativeScript—have become the cost-saving solution to proof of concept. Cross-platform development saves startup budgets, allows for early market entry with an MVP, and effectively achieves the following, third characteristic...

mobile application development

#3 • High performance

Your mobile application must launch quickly for the first time and never keep users waiting since that very moment. Keep in mind that your app should be continuously optimized, and high performance will be verified by quality assurance.

mobile application development

#4 • Security

This characteristic is vital to specialized app development in such industries as healthcare and mobile device management, where data confidentiality is protected on the legal level. Provision of data security is one of the most discussed IoT trends. It is one of the primary requirements discussed with your team.

mobile application development#5 • Offline work

Naturally, there are lots of apps that mostly rely on the availability of Internet connection. However, access to features and content in the offline mode is a must-have even in complex corporate systems. Exact features may be so specific that it would be difficult to categorize them.

mobile application development#6 • Regular updates

To get lasting popularity, you need ongoing software product development cycle – regular updates and evolution. Have a team to maintain the server. Ensure that your content is made up of up-to-date, relevant information. Update the app with fixes and new features. Evolve your product, making it more valuable for your users.

mobile application development#7 • Feedback and contact means

Be open to every user. Create means of mutual communication for suggestions, ratings and reviews. Include contact means and click-to-call, if required. Make it all as quick and simple as possible, with a minimum number of taps and minimum text input.

mobile application development#8 • Personalization options

Use it where it's possible. Personalization is undeniably loved by everyone. Flexible settings, fonts, colors and sizes are a winner, when it simply comes to picking an app among similar ones. Let your users make the app look and work the way they want to. Positive emotions can easily tip the scales in your favor.

mobile application development#9 • Search

Create an intuitive system of search and specific filters. Search matters when the app delivers complex content. However, don't forget to make every page and every service easily accessible.

mobile application development#10 • Analytics

Essential as air, this feature allows to track users and get the full information about their behavior. This is how you can measure the success of your app. Нou can see where you can make it better during further development.

mobile application development#11 • Interoperability

Your app can be a part of a bigger ecosystem, such as an integrated Internet of Things product that seamlessly comprises hardware and software. Your team will suggest modern technologies, standards, and protocols to ensure the required interoperability. For a nice example, check our experience with Bluetooth Low Energy connection protocol and a recent IoT case study.

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