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It is hard to imagine a modern business without a software product that is either its cornerstone or a tool for increasing sales, productivity, or customer retention. Web development is fundamental to any software product—and it is covered by MobiDev in a full cycle of services: from business analysis and design to deployment and ongoing delivery. All technology needs of our clients are comprehensively covered by our dedicated teams.

Most of business solutions go beyond development of Web interfaces and back end logic. For example, they may include supporting mobile applications, data science and machine learning models, integrated services and the Internet of Things—all this being a part of our expertise. Our clients receive reliable and scalable solutions that facilitate growth of their businesses.

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We elevate your business with standalone Web products and advanced software systems

Business-driven software solutions

Implementation of business solutions often involves mobile development, integration of hardware (e.g. the Internet of Things or Augmented Reality headsets), and effective interactions between all elements of the system.

Cloud infrastructure

Even smaller projects require integration of services, storage and processing of data in the cloud. Web development is inseparable from it. Following your business needs, we build product architecture that fully covers them, allowing for subsequent growth with easy scaling.

Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science makes your software smarter and thus more powerful, gathering valuable and actionable business insights that can be used for a variety of purposes. These include effective targeting, predictions to increase sales, market research, as well as text, voice, and image recognition.

Continuous integration for reliability

Large software products must be reliable in operation 24/7. Its updates require significant efforts, yet they must be invisible for end users. Any risk of error and failure must be mitigated. It is achieved through continuous integration: separation of environments, safe database migration, automated tests and deployment of separate subsystems. In the long run, this speeds up delivery cycles and increases stability while reducing support costs.

Security as an integral part of your product

There is no universal solution for security. However, it is possible to consider and prevent possible threats, incorporating security means at the very beginning of the project. This is especially relevant for products that deal with sensitive personal data protected on the legal level.

Front end Web development

Each Web stack provides tools that allow us to build graphical user interfaces, which help them complete desired actions efficiently. Fluent interactions is what people love about good software.

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